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PS4 sales drop. Outsold by PS Vita in Japan.


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  1. lololow says:

    PS4 selling less than PSVita… Is it possible to sell less than 0?

  2. riddle43 says:

    See people like to play on the go. now if we the USA could just get some better games maybe this would be the trend here?

  3. aces says:

    “The ps4 has a slight lead”
    Um, pardon.
    So over 50% ahead is just a slight lead?
    4.2 million versus 6.9 million.
    (60.8% lead is the exact number for anyone who cares)

    • aces says:

      Numbers are from http://www.vgchartz.com by the way

    • GodLikeClarens says:

      it is a slight lead if even a lead at all since ps4 is available in over 30 markets while X1 is in only 9 and yet ps4 is only in the lead by like 2 million so its hardly a lead
      I see people saying ps4 is crushing the X1 makes me laugh both consoles are selling very well and im surprised the X1 is keeping up so close despite being available in way less territories

      • jaek says:

        Plus, XBOX ONE is selling with Kinect (which no one wants).

        So, I guess it’s kind of amazing that it’s even close to PS4 at this moment.

        Will buy xb1 when price drop or drop kinect or both lol 😀

        • sathriel says:

          The thing is, USA and UK are X-Box’s biggest markets. Most people outside of US don’t give a flying toss about NFL and other silliness attached to X-Box so Microsoft might not gain so much sales as you expect.

          And as was pointed by CycloneFox Sony’s consoles have decent sales even later in the generation while X-Box’s are petering out. Most of X-Bone “exclusives” are/will be available for PC anyway.

      • CycloneFox says:

        That might be true, but the big problem about the Xboxes in general is, that they only sell well at the beginning of a generation and as soon as Microsoft stops delivering games (what is the nature of things, as Microsoft doesn’t have as much first party studios to begin with and mostly publishes third party stuff), people stop buying Xboxes and switch to PlayStation, which by then stops the support for the last gen and concentrates on the current gen and gets a heck lot of games.
        It was mostly due to the high prices of PS2 and PS3 that they were struggling so much, each at the beginning of their generation and pretty amazing that the Xbox One is even getting as “near”, this time, as it is.

        If you pay attention, you might notice, that Microsoft stops support of a console pretty soon before the next gen comes out to have a decent next-gen lineup at all, while Sony still brings out a lot of current/last gen stuff. You needn’t be a fan of Sony, but they are the only multi-media company who are big enough and concentrate on games enough to support three gaming platforms simultaneously.

  4. k3nn says:

    i’d like to think it was because of the eCFW 😛

    • Sky Yuki says:

      No not really
      Check out JP Vita games collection
      It’s thousand time better than EU one
      And i would definitely buy JP vita games………
      …………..Only if i can read JP

      • Eddie says:

        I agree, I’ve, so far, bought 8 games from the PSN. my remaining 12 have been imports.. So many good games that no one in the across seas market wants to buy because all they want is frickin’ Battle Field and FIFA -_-

  5. Darke says:

    Japanese aren’t buying PS4 because there’s even less reason to buy a PS4 in Japan then in western countries.

    If you eliminate any games that are cross platform ps3/ps4/vita, of the 34 games there (which includes two versions of FFXIV) you’re left with I believe four f2p MMOs, the western launch trio of Resogun/Contrast/Knack, what looks to be a mahjong dating sim, and a sudoku game… though that actually turns out to be a port from the vita version by the look of things. >.<

    It's possible sales will pick up this week now that FF XIV was launched yesterday, but who knows really. 😕

  6. Super Peach says:

    Obviously it’s selling less… there are no new games out for it that people over there are interested in yet -_- come on don’t make this sound surprising.

  7. reprep says:

    Don’t handhelds sell more than consoles in Japan? so i assume it is just normal.


    Please this is the reason for why sony needs to release
    the software unlock for the other gaming systems like Ps ps2 ps3 and the ps vita. Things need to be clear about the psn store as well. For example all the games can play on the ps4 with ease.Sony has marketing schemes almost all the time and the abuse the *** out of it. I hope people all over the world wake up one day and grow a pair and stand up against being controlled because fact is were in control.

  9. carnby77 says:

    I think the best would be for game makers to look back at those snes era, where the games were full of quality..nowadays, the rpg is a total let down…

    Make the right games, and dont rush it just to make the market deadline….

    We need more japanese like games…..that will eventually sell most of the consoles….look at 3ds…it has the japanese element in it…hence the success of the console…believe me!

  10. mixedfish says:

    Gosh Vita out selling PS4 in Japan !?!

    – Cheaper by 20,000yen (~$200)
    – Launched redesign with attractive colours and lower price
    – Vita getting hot Japanese games now
    – 2 years older means 2 yrs worth of games
    – Japanese like portables
    – The most attractive games on vita are coop hunting games = multiple sales.

    Why the surprise?

  11. seifer69er says:

    PSVITA has only outsold PS4 due to recent release of FFX/X2…..who wouldnt want to play it on the go??? 😀

    • mario mario says:

      FFX-FFX/2 have nothing to do with the current standing of Vita today. FFX/FFX-2 released way back Dec of 2013.

      Well thats the norm when a new console was released in Japan, like what Vita was done last time it was released in Japan, couple of months after its release it vita sales go down

    • franzkbpogi says:

      Maybe borderlands 2 hype and soul sacrifice delta, freedom wars, legend of heroes, tales of hearts r are coming

  12. PSPcfwDUDE says:

    Meh, I’ll continue playing my PS2 / PSP — they still work fine.

  13. muriavacho says:

    ps4 is very expensive still

  14. J says:

    Whoever wrote this either needs to take an English class or learn how to proofread before posting.

  15. chiE says:

    the power of otome-game and Otomate releasing all of their new game to vita :v :v

  16. jkoiou says:

    There’s no games for the PS4 in Japan that mean anything toentice people to buy it. Anyone who plays FFXIV in Japan probably wont jump to PS4 until the price goes down or a new game comes out that they can then do a free upgrade for. if prices on the PS3 are dropping, and the amount of games still to be released there rises, then of course it will sell…. PSV is in a similar state where there are a LOT of games coming out that appeal to the JAP audience… wait for FFXV and KH to release in the next year or two and we’ll see what that does for console sales over there.

  17. BahamutBBob says:

    “bothing against Nintendo”


    “Ha, Vita TV beat up Xbox 360”

    Vita TV is doing about as well as it has been for months, and 360 is doing about as well as it has been for years. Neither of these numbers are a surprise.

    The PS4 numbers have dropped sharply, but I was confused why people were saying the PS4 was doing so well in Japan with 300k sales the first week. When (supposedly) all of the worldwide production of the PS4 was (supposedly) being used on Japanese PS4s. If this is true, then it’s not a matter of there not being enough stock in Japan, it’s a matter of not enough games that Japanese gamers want. There are (supposedly) millions of PS4s just sitting in warehouses in Japan.

  18. Baka Hito says:

    This is nol, handhelds alwways ells ore than consoles.
    Plus this week vita got some great games these lt weeks (J-stars victory, super robot taisen, project diva) it is normal it made wel thhis week.

    And this trend will continue because handhelds need to sell more. for example: both me and my sister have a 3ds and vita while we ly have one wii u and one ps4

  19. Bronson says:

    Great job sony, wanna make any games for vita now or nah?

  20. Wickedproxy says:

    There are lots of games. They may or may not be what you want to play but saying “there are no games” is getting ridiculous at this point. They have been and will continue to make games for the PS Vita. sigh

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