Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? PAX East, Naughty Dog Anniversary Announcements And EA/Ubi E3 Conference Times!


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. BahamutBBob says:

    Minimur, you are wrong.

    It’s handegg, not football or eggball 😛

    I guess I’ll have to stream all of the press conferences this year, with G4 being gone. Unless Spike (lol) has them. They’ll probably have the MS conference at least.

  2. Hareese says:

    Hey Guys, I Have Just Bought A New Ps Vita, and would like to know if all exploits (tn-v) work on the new model 2000 vita

  3. Zik says:

    O_o Minimur, why are you video link doesn’t have anything to do with what you wrote? like you talk about SE’s game, yet link to a different game call Evil Within?

    but yeah, there are some i’m looking forward to.

    and Hareese, don’t believe Vita is PSP2. it depend on what firmware you’re on and what exploitable game is currently out.

    • Minimur12 says:

      Hey Zik, REALLY sorry about this. For the past few days I’ve been doing mega hours (14 hoyr shifts)and I guess its taken its toll on me. I’ll pm Wololo and request him to change it when I get home.

      So. Tired.

  4. jm8080 says:

    You forgot to mention the three newly announced PSVita game for localization (Freedom Wars,Soul Sacrifice Delta and I forgot the name of the last one but it looks pretty good too) 😉

    Personally, I’m pretty exited for Freedom Wars

  5. Cnn says:

    So has anyone heard about the korean dad that killed his baby son because of playing video games for days straight how crazy is that!

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