The 3.01 exploit games have returned to the PSN!

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  1. Alex

    awesome! I’m just bummed I happened upon the vita scene when the ninja release for FIFA was going on since I messed up and bought 2012, and in my haste thought 2012 wouldn’t work so I bought 2011 as well..ended up spending around 60$ for an exploit I wanna at least get justification out of spending that much on a game so I don’t wanna buy another..although I would love to have Numblast considering it’s the fastest exploit game for 3.01…

  2. root

    Sony to beat piracy, with the move to rilascire emulator psp, and drive us crazy behind this. So you do not work on the root

  3. dmaskell92

    Futile effort from Sony. I wonder how much time and resources they waste fixing these silly PSP exploits. Its their fault for making a PSP emulator in the first place. PSP was their first handheld, it had mostly exclusive titles. Now on Vita we have more PSP ports than exclusive Ps Vita titles. Developers are probably scared of the Vita because of how open the PSP was. Either way I look at it, this Vita is a glorified PSP. With only a few titles Im interested in. One being a PS2 remake (ffx). I want to like my vita, but without TN it would sit on a shelf.

    • Yifan Lu

      They make no effort at all compared to all the efforts people spend exploiting PSP emu 😉

      • mixedfish

        Yep people dumped their 100% hackable PSPs to go and hack a Vita just to do whatever they were doing before.

        I’d say Sony finds it amusing.

        • aces

          So would you say it makes more sense carrying 2 portable consoles around with you everywhere, or just the one with the most capabilities?
          Think about it.

          • P2

            I mean, I’d only carry one at a time. I play one game at a time usually(mostly RPGs). Good reason to keep your PSP: PSX emulation WITH sound. Vita does not have this yet…

        • franzkbpogi

          Well nothing better than having online access and psp games using 2 analog stick with oled screen without ghosting on screen like the psp before the update my vita was perfect thats why we should have more exploit like this

  4. zindhel

    i bought new ps vita firmware 3.01 i transfer numblast and exploit using open cma and everytime i start numblast my vita says go to home screen and select settings psn system activation and then activate your ps vita system.. i cant activate my vita because its push me to update the firmware what can i do to activate my vita without updating the firmware? thanks

    • James

      To activate without internet, download any vita game from psn to your ps3, then copy it over to your vita and run it. It will activate your psn account on your vita so you can play all your games. If your vita asks you to update it’s firmware while connecting to your ps3, simply reboot the vita, plug it to your pc with opencma, and if you can successfully connect it with connection manager, unplug the cable then plug it to your ps3 and it should be able to connect so you can transfer the downloaded games.


  5. zindhel

    thanks james 1 more question my ps3 is jailbroken 4.55 rogero it is okay to buy the games on my ps3

  6. Teka

    My vita fw is 3.12. I really want to play N64 games on it, but I don’t want to waste money, so here it goes:
    Will I be able to emulate N64 games if I buy one of these games and install HBL?
    Assuming this will work, is there any chance the emulator will stop working if sony banishes the game or something?
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Propanolol

    Sigh, I’ve been trying to find a way to download FFX-2 without having to update my Vita. It looks like all workarounds for bypassing PSN have been blocked, except the PS3/Open-CMA trick. It’s too bad that won’t work for downloading FFX-2…. 🙁

    Guess I’ll wait for some genius to figure something else out.

    It’s good to hear the exploit titles are back up though!

    • Chris.Beanz

      I just transferred FFx-2 to my Vita earlier today. I already had FFX on my Vita so I needed to delete that download but after FFX-2 finished downloading I made sure I had the download bubble on the PS3. Then I used the Open CMA trick to connect my Vita to my PS3. Then I just transferred like normal 😉

      • Propanolol

        For some reason, I assumed that I wouldn’t be able to do that. Thanks so much for the heads up – I’m in the process of doing that right now.

        Cheers! 😀

  8. cdewtr

    i don’t get why sony cares so much about the exploits, i mean they only let you play psp games…unless using those exploit games are just a step away from hacking the actual Vita Os

  9. PlaGeRaN

    Will be cool if someone figured a way to tranfer from PS4 console. I still want to get me one. Don’t have a PS3.


    wololo ….it true ,,

    wlololo you can hacks iPhone or ANDROID ….. FOR PLAY GAME IN PSVITA

  11. jake

    “The PSN”. Not just PSN. Cos it’s that special for us TNV/VHBLers

  12. ivo

    and can be repuchased redownloaded and reinstalled …
    does this mean they can be rexploited ?.?

  13. Vita is PSP2

    So this means if I ever accidentally lose my KoP I’ll be able to get it back using the PS3 method?

  14. rediskazlo

    Numblast on 3.01 still best )))

  15. Pat

    Just to double check on this PS3 OpenCMA thing.
    1. Connect to PC(or attempt to)
    2. Unplug USB, and put it in the PS3
    3. Continue as normal and transfer the file?

    Something isn’t clicking with me. It’s still telling me to update the firmware. I’ve tried uninstalling CMA completely and reinstalling OpenCMA with no results. Am I doing something wrong?

    • vj

      You have to be logged into PSN on your PS3…

      • Pat

        Oh, of course. I probably should have mentioned that. I’m all signed in and everything. Still asks for an update, though. I think I might be boned, anyway. As of now, it seems like my Vita isn’t registered with CMA since I tried un/reinstalling it. Still trying to figure this out.

        • Pat

          Yep. Sorry to double post, but it’s not working. Everything is registered, and everything is online. I still can’t get past the update screen. Won’t let me connect. Again, I’ve tried reinstalling everything to no avail.

          • Rushfk

            Did you figure this out? I can not get past the update screen on my vita either. Tried everything.

  16. tokia

    still waiting play psx game with sound on vita.

  17. karl.w

    So is it possible to buy these games at PSN-store now and “hack” my vita with 3.01 FW? i missed the ninja releases before btw.

    Anyone knows?

  18. ReplyOrReply

    A stupid question maybe, you can hack games using a mega account is each of us buy games is to have an account then opened to all, who is from 1 euro can enter? It would be a Social Hacking idea .. a curious aspect of the hands of experts, who only 1 euro gift will become part of this account

  19. LinuxPSP

    wololo saw that you wrote VHBL would be possible to exploit the machine to run Android in PSP?

  20. moha

    for those how update to 3.12
    is it good to buy these games and wait
    or just no hope for exploit on 3.12

  21. MattBlacK85

    Anybody getting the same error i have if i want to put 101-in-1 Megamix in the basket at PSN with the ps3…

    I can’t buy it, even that i did that already in december. Also it isn’t in my downloadlist.

  22. PspFan

    Would someone please clarify what is exactly the difference between so-called the “kernel” and “user” modes? I mean all hack utilities (for example, TN-V) work only within the internal PS Vita’s PSP emulator, so there cannot be any “kernel” mode by defenition.

  23. evilcore2

    can i transfer a ”101 in 1 megamix” exploit game to my vita from my friend’s ps3, that he hasn’t installed (still in a bubble)?

  24. Keenan Green


    I knew there was a reason I held off updating and this is it!
    I finally have a hacked Vita…I’m so happy!

    • evilcore2

      so keenan….
      would you mind sharing ideas and possibly resources towards hacking a vita?
      even i have waited for long hoping that one day i would hack my vita but to no avail. so help me please.

  25. Roland

    In the US ToS for PSN it basically says you buy the right to play the game but it is revokable at anytime for any/no reason. (Or at least it did like a year ago)
    I believe that makes it legal for them to pull from download lists.
    I try to avoid digital because of it. (Though sometimes you have no choice)

  26. Galford


  27. Don Li

    I have just purchased a brand new PS Vita – with 1.81 purchased Persona 2- innocent sins, have CMA set up and copied over the files I need but however cannot seem to see Personal 2 when connected to the PS3 via the Ps3 I can only see all the other games I have purchased for transfer. How can I copy Persona over to the new system?

  28. kotipelto

    I’m in the same position as Don Li. It seems that Persona 2 has been blacklisted on the European (or UK at least) PSN. I can see all the other games except that one on the list when using the OpenCMA -> PS3 trick. After waiting so long for the game to come back on the store, I think this last obstacle has finally defeated me. Time to update to 3.12 and give up the dream of OLED Castlevania goodness 🙁

    • don li

      Hey I’ve given up on Persona 2 and also monster hunter as they both did not work. However if you are on 1.81 try getting Urbanix as I’ve finally got exploit working with this game. I hope this helps also yes I am on the Eu Psn store. GOOD LUCK!

  29. zindhel

    dont lose hope i managed to update my vita to 3.01 and transfer numblast using open cma and ps3 update lower firmware to 3.01 you need to have a physical game like final fantasy xx-2 to me i have a final fantasy xx-2 if you have that game run it to your lower firmware vita and it update your vita to 3.01

  30. Alastor

    Does both your ps3 and PS Vita have to be on the same account so you can transfer a game over? Cause my brother has numblast and I wanna transfer it to mine. Thanks in advance for answer

  31. zindhel

    yeah same account…as for now you cannot transfer exploited games to ps3 but if your brother has a numblast games then copy it to pc using open cma then transfer it to your vita using open cma (note: you need to link your brothers psn id to your vita) but if you run numblast to your vita you need to activate it first to play.. to acivate use open cma ps3 trick sign in your brother psn id to ps3 then download any free games to psn then transfer to your vita and your vita is activate now you can play numblast

  32. Rushfk

    Tried the above tutorial. No luck can’t get past the update screen on my vita. Any help?? Or should I give up. Been waiting on 3.01 forever!

  33. Arief

    Hi, I tried the opencma PS3 tricks but it does not work. the game does not show up in my Vita when i connect to my ps3 after disconnected from my PC, it keeps give me message “there is no content”. i have bought NUMBLAST and download it to my PS3.

    please help