$1000 in PSN Codes to win in Wololo’s 2014 Giant Easter Egg Hunt. Round 3!


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23 Responses

  1. omnipotent says:

    Are they ready now?

  2. qaisar rehman says:

    Let the Hunt Begin!!!!

  3. andy says:

    gut Jp psn 🙁

  4. Ben Mitchinson says:

    Wololo can you confirm that someone got the facebook and twitter eggs

  5. Félix D.Lapointe says:

    Is it ok if I have a canadian psn ?

    • SsJVasto says:

      There isn’t a “Canadian PSN”, there’s the “American PSN”, which is “North-America”.

  6. Dafuq? says:

    20 minutes or so with this event, almost every egg has been already found!!!

  7. ivo says:

    what about an exploit egg event ? for win/mac/linux psp/vita
    and all of the above !

  8. ivo says:

    and the clue is its running tnv9 with 1XX+271+660 firmware custom or original
    like a hellcat pandora but only for any device
    and ofc eggsploits from the libtiff exploit directory
    happy egg hunting !

  9. Cryonix says:

    Found one on your article “Do you need a new exploit release?”
    Was too late 🙁

  10. PlaGeRaN says:

    Easter egg found in downloads, psp/vita, ubuntu shell. First come, first served. I shared a screenshot of facebook aswell. I have a EU account so enjoy boys and girls

  11. Anon says:

    I just found two but they’ve already been taken. :'( Also, they probably wouldn’t work on EU PSN, right?

  12. Anon says:

    Edit: Gonna make a US PSN account anyway.

  13. grief3r says:

    i know this is probably already taken but if you inspect element on the ninja release you can clearly see what appears to be a psn code

  14. Zed says:

    Are all the eggs already “placed” or is wololo putting the as of now?

    • wololo says:

      I’ve put them all already, except 2 that I will give away to a random winner on twitter and facebook

  15. PSLoad says:

    I’ve found like 15 of them and they all are used -.-

  16. ivo says:

    so found ur egg, dunno if its taken
    lost my us account long ago
    so is there anything being released
    as an eastern-vacation-end egg ?

    or is currently back to vhbl only ?.?
    with all the leaving the sceen

    i thought u guys where a holidays release group lol
    anyhow thanks for the hard works
    ashame i had to take pictures with my xploited vita
    and had to loose the ploitz for cma opencma or qcma to work via network
    i had to loose the ploitz cuz i needed an update in order for photo cma to work !

    so my question is … Is the content manager forks gonna get better and better ? alongside content provision ? and ofc compatibility with media
    thanks for the headz up wololo 😀

    ps. can u do another article about psn codes and the facebook code generator ?.?