Fan-made PS Vita UI concept. What do you think of it?

The Jay Doctor

I'm a guy who is really interested in hacking of all consoles, especially the PlayStation Vita. I am a blogger here on

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60 Responses

  1. aerinas says:

    I never understood why people prefer having everything tucked away in menus. I like the way everything is just laid out in one screen. The first xbox360 dashboard for example was perfect, where the most used options were available in a single screen.

    • Yojimbo says:

      Well it’s messy vs organized. A lot of people like myself, are OCD and can’t stand everything being spread out all over the place. Putting them in menus gives us a sense of control, and organization. People who have designer personalities tend to like it too.

    • drd7of14 says:

      When you have 20 applications, sure no problem. Having it all out in front of you is fine. Like in the real world, this method works. You have 20 books around you, not necessarily the neatest form, but it works and you probably find what you are looking for farely quickly. Modify that amount to 200, and you have a problem. Menu’s keep things organized by subject, genre, developer, publisher, interest, multiplayer, single player, beaten, not beaten…All of these options allow personalized customization to better organize. To put the 200 books into comparison, that’s why we have bookshelves. For papers, we have filing cabinets. For movies, we at least try to alphabetize it.

      This is the main reason I wish the Start Menu still existed. The default application format of iOS/Android/Window/OS X system is only good if you have a short list. And to be fair, it is simpler to always have a short list with folder organization, but it is definitely better. I put everything in folders on all of my devices to categorize them, and put the categories in alphabetical order, cause that is the best option these platforms give me. For my 250~ games on PS3, I use genre. For Steam I use publisher/developer(in some cases) or specific classification like Star Wars.

      In short, options are always nice. And don’t have to throw it in that way. But I’d prefer my PS1/PSVITA/MINI/MOBILE/PLUS(PSP)/PLUS(VITA)/PLUS(MINI)/APPS all separated in a specific way rather than plopped all over the screen. But that is just my preference of course. I tend to have a lot games, cause I do. :)

  2. Sky Yuki says:

    It won’t be just a concept if we got PS Vita hacked
    Anyway that concept is great
    I would totally use it
    It’s sleek and stylish not colorful as old one
    The wave to make it colorful is missing (Still battery saving)
    And i love that pinch to see more app
    Totally needed in original live area
    The app bubble is now flat interest of 3d bubble
    Battery saving! less ram used for live area more ram for game!
    That mean more graphic for game if we use this live area
    But that would make problem for old live area lover

  3. marcotizer says:

    Looks beautiful.

  4. jake says:

    Beauty but i’d go with a PS3 type theme (but with vita waves to make it look more original on its own merit). Go away, bubbles.

  5. Weezer says:

    Where’s the download link?

    • xPreatorianx says:

      There isn’t one you idiot. How the heck would he make a download for it? Unless of course you want to use a non-functional UI on your computer through an app or something? The PS Vita side is not exploitable in any useable way atm. So until we have full kernel access, this will only remain a concept.

  6. CycloneFox says:

    The desing is really nice and all and I have respect for all the effort.

    But I hate how he badmouthes the Vitas UI. IMO, there is no console UI or even smartphone UI as good as the one on PS Vita.
    Because of the following reasons:

    You can clearly see, which applications are running and can easily close them. You have thumbnail images of the running applications (which is cut out in the upper UI), there is no separation between games and other applications. If you want to, you can put it into folders, but you don’t have to be pushed into any imposed order. It runs very smooth and fast, no stuttering, the navigation is fast and logical, swiping feels natural and not as stiff as in the UI concept.

    • aerinas says:

      Exactly! The Vita menu makes me think of iOS, but without all the enforced stuff (like new apps always going to the second screen) and without that ugly bar at the bottom of the screen that you never use.

    • Jackattack says:

      Get a 64GB card and then tell me having ONLY bubbles is a good option. Most don’t mind the side pages and how the UI works, they just HATE the bubbles being the ONLY option. Once you start loading the games up, it’s a pain in the *** to organize.

      It doesn’t enhance the experience but mitigates it then, and what sense is there in not wanting to buy more games because you’re going to have to have more clutter nonsense to cut through?

      And downloading from PSN is a major hassle too due to the idiotic way they sort their content in your download list, that is to say THEY DON’T.

      If you’re a power use, the UI on the Vita is idiotic. Cute, but stupid.

  7. Ahmed says:

    WooW, I would totally pay $$ for this! Impressive :)
    I feel the current Vita UI is all over the place.

  8. fate6 says:

    I really like this UI and hope SCE takes a look at it and either hires him to make it official or takes inspiration from it

  9. 110706 says:

    It looks cool, but useless project if we dont have CFW. imagine the amount of UI modifications if Vita was unlocked.

  10. Vita is PSP2 says:

    Just make it look like the PS4’s.

  11. deathblade200 says:

    I must be the only person in existence who finds menu after menu after menu like this new UI annoying as heck I prefer the current UI

  12. csaraiva says:

    Very very cool indeed

  13. jm8080 says:

    Much much better, neat and clean, and the presentation is nice.

  14. Nazar_Ops says:

    How did he mod the UI? I bet you need a lot of knowledge and I think this guy got some tools from Sony, so that he can mess around with the Vita. Because I don’t think it is possible to mod the UI without some kind of hack.

  15. Mcallbosco says:

    If they added a way to see open games /apps (like a dedicated section on the home screen) i would like it. the only thing is is that i like having my own backgrounds and organizing my apps the way they are now. It doesn’t just put them into a big games If i want to play a games i have not played in awhile i would need to look for that game in a big clutter of games.They could make it so that you can press a button and display games starting with a letter. Also here is a suggestion Sony. Let us change the background of a games live area screen. it annoys me when i play minis or ps1 games and the background is a o.

  16. spoonie says:

    Very nice!

  17. Miley says:

    Or they could just make an update to have the ui look like the ps4

  18. kav says:

    wow that’s soooooo nice i’d totally pay for this

  19. L0stC1ty says:

    ja esta na hora de invadir o sistema vita para personalizar e criar xmb com estilo

  20. Ajom says:

    The Vita menu Looks beautiful.

    wololo …we are waiting VITA hacks ….. we did not need TNV we need VITA HACKS PLAY GAME

    • nero says:

      Calm down impatient one. Hacking isn’t as easy as you think it is. Sony really put the lock down on the vita.

    • lolwut says:

      *** pirate

    • dmaskell92 says:

      You need to go post somewhere else, Wololo isn’t a magical wizard who can grant your wishes. He’s a regular human like yourself who has things to do. Sick of TNV? Fine, go complain to a wall, because that is what you’re doing here. Nobody asked you if you needed TNV, and don’t speak for everybody by using “we”. I love TN-V8, and you are a whiny little complainer. I don’t need to pirate Ps Vita games like YOU.

  21. Dorothy says:

    I guess anything is better than current dump-like UI with dump-like folders.
    Vita really needs some sexy menus, category screens and bars.
    Also, wanted to mention, that we hold vita with two hands, usually using touchscreen for navigation, where scrolling up and down is more
    comfortable than from left to right. I mean that ps3-4 stuff is not the
    best idea. We can do even better)

  22. Zer01neDev says:

    WoooW O__O

  23. BahamutBBob says:

    It really, really bugs me when people put a Vita frame around their video. Just show us the damn video, we know it’s supposed to be on a Vita!

    I can’t watch that video because of this, it bothers me that much when people do that. So I can’t comment on if the UI is good or bad.

  24. ok says:

    I’m kind of sick of people mocking up new UIs that reduce that forcibly organize the icons and push backgrounds aside in favor for some sleek ***. My favorite part about the bubbles UI is the fact that it feels so customizable with the wallpapers being a primary visual element and being able to move bubbles freely.

    Just look at the video, the background image might as well not even be there and the icons are just in a straight line (a couple more if you pinch). It’s a sleek design, but it’s just so *** boring and standardized.

  25. anonanon says:

    I hate both to be honest. Really this design is just using the old design as a base, I hated the old design so why would this new, redesigned but still the same *** design be any different?

  26. Thibault1171 says:

    I like the official UI, but this one is SO MUCH BETTER.
    Why does $ONY don’t let us chose between different UI like this one?

  27. BlackFire27 says:

    Honestly just about any UI is more use friendly than LiveArea.

  28. jd20dog says:

    sony didn’t give out the xmb customization on the psp till it was about 2 years old if i remember right, though it was always limited to 2 or 3 menu variations without the system and game boot screens other then a few sony themes that had extra settings

  29. kILLswitchSoldier says:

    I agree with this concept and sony should consider it or when there are better ways of hacking the vita it should be added as 1of lets say 3 ways of having a ps vita ui. The importance of this ui is that it would probably avoid a memory card crash due to slowing down for having all those stupid bubbles all over the place like a messy room. Also note that the majority of vita owners which are children tend to no care about closing applications which causes os problems when you have a app or game open x2 and causes instability such as memory card crashing ui slowdown or other forms of problems. This could ui save a lot of vita owners headaches due to the issues mentioned just saying.

    • dmaskell92 says:

      Uhhg, you can’t open something twice. If you try to it just restarts the app. Also if the OS predicts it wont have enough ram to play videos while a game is in the background, it asks you to quit the game.

  30. birdyhands says:

    I have to say…this PS Vita UI, although it is very astonishing, it’s just a remodel, if you will, of the one that the Sony Playstation developers created (In my opinion, Sony’s was better). Take for example, the notifications. Rafal just moved it down from the upper-right hand corner to the lower-right hand corner and gave it a design. Let me see, ah yes, what about the fact that all the other icons (excluding the games) look exactly alike with just a little different color here and a file folder instead of a camera on a tiny ps vita there, all this just seems like bogus to me. If you wanted to create a new PS Vita UI, then create something innovative, something that THE PEOPLE want, not just a baby brother identical to his older sibling. Overall Rafal, nice try and you have some good skills, but really, try a little harder next time, or you might as well just go work at Sony Playstation instead of just wasting our time here at Wololo dot net where people come to see and use new and unique materials, software and hardware. Good day.

  31. Pirate Cat says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only person that thinks games need to be condensed in some way or another.

  32. wololo says:

    Bloggers on this site cannot delete anyone’s comment, only I can do that, but I rarely do it. Most likely though, given your level of language, your comment got caught by our automated spam filter.

  33. TonyBinladin says:

    I like the science behind this. I know this can be something if the vita gets fully cracked. Sony won’t buy the idea because they have too much pride behind their lame geeky employees working on out dated projects for example the ps vita. I wish I could buy ps vita dev system.

  34. Vitality says:

    When the bubble icons are aligned straight and then spread up, they really look a lot like the icons placement on 3DS Home Menu, except that the icons are rounded and 3DS icons are squared.

  35. DeathOfChaos says:

    I like the original UI better. It seems like in this modified one, there are more screens you have to navigate, and that’s just more of a time consuming process for everything…

  36. Dilute says:

    I don’t mind the current one, really. In fact, I prefer the current one over the redesigned one.

  37. razor says:

    One thing I know for sure is whoever designed the Vita UI is a dumb amateur and inexperienced designer. It’s the most awful UI I’ve ever seen, the icons, menus, font..all suck!
    Even the PSP UI looks miles better!

  38. Skaty says:

    We need something for invitation system, it is very difficult to invite someone to game and play. Need some apple fingers for this…

  39. SsJVasto says:

    I like the Live Area, but this concept is brilliant. Given the choice I’d go with this new UI.

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