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“The Last of Us” is Coming to PS4


Technology is cool

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  1. anonanon says:

    I just hope we’ll see smarter AI’s. I remember an interview where they were talking about the PS3’s limitations and working around them, AI’s were a major issue they had to work around, Hopefully with the upgraded hardware of the PS4, we’ll see more intelligent AI’s in this remaster! 😀

  2. Oh, they can put it on the PS4, but not on the Vita…. Nobody wants to ******** REMOTE PLAY!! LIKE OMFG!

  3. AbuNazeir says:

    Utter bull how sony always happens to lie to its customers about something especially when they are flat out caught in a lie.
    No wonder why George Clooney wants his money invested with sony back after finding out he was being lied to.

  4. jake says:

    I hope this gets the same Vita treatment as second son.
    Make the buttons near the four corners instead of making them four quarters >:(

  5. jake says:

    Also release date is 31 December 2014. So yeah, basically 2015 🙁

  6. Terumi says:

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  7. Vitality says:

    I really wish it would be in 60 FPS because it makes the game look quite better and has that ‘realism’ feeling.

  8. BahamutBBob says:

    Personally, I don’t really care if it comes to PS4. I didn’t buy it on PS3 for a few reasons, the most important being that the demo wasn’t fun.

  9. Trunk208 says:

    Why not the movie first before the game -_-

  10. i prayer for this illusion says:

    please Naughty Dogs, remaster this game for PSVITA

    • jake says:

      Naughty dog hasn’t done a vita game. I won’t expect it to be any good at all.
      It’d run probz 3fps with 240p upscaled res…

      Considering how big the game is (and how many movies there are) that’ll happen.

  11. Breaking News says:

    This just in: PS3 will be coming to the PS4! Get all the features and games from your PS3 in your newly purchased PS4 with one simple modification! Instructions: 1.) open your PS4 console, 2.) remove all expensive components, 3.) Place PS3 inside your PS4, and your done! But wait, if you prefer a one-step method simply take your hard earned money you’ve been saving for a next-gen console and throw it directly into the garbage, it’s that easy!

    • jake says:

      wut? A lot of PS4 users came from XBOX 360 you realize right? Not everyone had a PS3 dude… sheesh man..

      • really? says:

        Do YOU realize this has been a horrible console transition and as a result many developers are backpedaling, trying to figure out their next (and most cost-effective) move. Which means avoiding the costs of developing new games by re-heating leftovers from the last console and getting idiots to buy last-gen games for their newly purchased console. But hey, whatever you gotta tell yourself.

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