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  1. bruno says:

    I need a way to make a backup of my account cuz $ony banned my Ps3 and account… Se need a real hack… This is only a kidding (PSP backup games on vita). I van run it on my Android mobile….

    • bruno says:

      Just my tropphies…

      • Dmaskell92 says:

        Backup? There’s now ay to transfer data from one account to another, and there’s no way to unban an account for that matter. Same thing happened to me, I lost purchases, the whole 9 yards. Suck it up and make a new PSN account.

      • Shaitan says:

        You can recover you’re trophies with rebug fw’s but again there’s a ban risk, should be all right if you don’t do anything stupid like unlocking the platinum trophy without all the others. There’s absolutely no way to recover vita trophies though.

  2. leagueOFdraven says:

    I have never been able to buy an exploited game in time, so I would give a try if there’s a new release in a near future :)

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      God, if you missed all the previous releases, that where highly anticipated what makes you think you will get the next release? I mean people talked about TN-V4 for an entire year. (faceplam)

  3. RPRezo says:

    I do want to play FF Type-0 when it is patched, and some other psp-titles unavailable for Europe… But other than that, emulation is the primary thing I need exploits for. So yeah, VHBL is needed.

  4. Lurker says:

    I think that you’re better off waiting a little longer.

      • warlord698 says:

        There is supposed to be a big(ish) PS4 patch in the near future, and that usually leads to vita being patched very shortly after, best not to waste an exploit in that way (which has the possibility of eventually turned into a kernel exploit if we’re lucky)

  5. cruorsitis says:

    I’m in the nice position of having a vita for cfw and one for psn again which is nice. I understand that’s probably a waste of money for most people (I still have my psp’s too but I like stick over nub and plural over singular…pretty screen is icing,) so yes please release more exploits gradually for people who like a bit of wagic and some emulation. maybe drop one every 2-3 months?

  6. blaax says:

    I dont understand why you all are still searching for a vhbl or epsp bug to find a useless PSP bug concentrate you money and effort for a cfw for the vita not for the epsp

    Like the 1000dollar for the egg hunt put the money for a bounty for the vita hack and there will be a lot of more hackers not just this script kiddy’s like the z or else

    Sry but katzu and jifan are the only hackers right now the rest is useless ***

    • jake says:

      then go find one. Seriously, the Native Vita scene hasn’t really gone anywhere. Katsu just made a mod (wonderful, but unrelated to the Vita Hacking Scene) and Yifan dumped his NAND (could be useful, but again, going nowhere).

      Heck, why are you complaining? Not your site, nor exploits. If you wanna give $1000 to Yifan and Katsu, donate it. But this is for the people right now, and people are donating enough to katsu and yifan anyway.

      Hacks don’t grow on money. Only reason they come about is because everyone has the console, not one guy having 500. That’s why DAX was just some random Spanish dude and Geohot a no name man.

      • tvt says:

        I wish it was like old times where devs did stuff because they wanted to stick kit up to the big guy. Now its like a lot of talented devs/modders micro managing their finds/exploits based on their derived sense of morality. Things like whether a platform will survive piracy if a exploit is published is very new age thinking. Old school would have just published the hack and let the users worry about morality. This is true freedom. So in short Geohot had more *** than any of the new kids. so let it lie…

        • Yifan Lu says:

          And he got sued. Back in the day, companies didn’t try to bankrupt or jail hackers by dragging them though a broken judicial system.

        • Acid_Snake says:

          You also seem to miss a small yet big point: where’s the need for homebrews? With everyone having a smartphone or tablet with much better homebrew capabilities and freedom, the only thing that a console hack (specially portable) could provide that users don’t already have is piracy. Just look at the PS3 scene, how many homebrews are there? barely none, how many emulators? as much as the FREAKING PS2! How many backup managers does it have? a shitton.

          • P2 says:

            Yeah, I have a smart phone that has more utility that my old psp now. It isn’t even the latest and greatest phone, but the utility of the LEGAL and FREE applications made for it is pretty awesome.

            Now, my psp is used to play my old cartridge games that have bad save batteries and PS1 games that I admittedly never got the chance to buy(too young, no $$ when I was a lad).

            Imo, keep hacking the VITA for full access to it’s hardware to get an even better SNES emulator for it. The PSP SNES ones are cool, but have slowdown/lag for many of it’s games. I would be so down to play the SNES version of Chrono Trigger on the go with no/significantly less lag and delay. Additionally, maybe even better oldschool emulators, like the Dreamcast.

          • P2 says:


            I also wanted to mention to all of the Devs and people who helped discover, test, and release exploits and everyone who coded a solid oldschool emulator for the PSP/ECFW…

            Thank you very much for your hard work. I hope to be as good of a coder as you dudes someday. You seriously made me enjoy the PSP so much more than I would have. Thank you very much guys, seriously, keep up the good work if you still have the desire to tinker with the Vita.

          • warlord698 says:

            You can get good emulators for your smartphone, and gamepads for them are relatively cheap as well

          • tvt says:

            exactly the derived sense of morality.

        • fate6 says:

          Geohot? that loud mouth show off? Sorry but graf_chokolo is the guy you are looking for

          He is the DaX of the PS3 and then some

          • David says:

            Whatever you guys think, the man’s still a very smart person.

            Just this year at Pwn2Own George Hotz (Geo Hot) independently exploited a backdoor in Mozilla Firefox and won $50,000

            And in 2013 he ESCAPED THE SANDBOX of adobe reader (humongous vulnerability) and netted himself $70,000

            Of course these are well documented things.. not the Vita.
            I’m just Saiyan…

  7. monte carlo says:

    I think it should wait considering the new games on the way but I am sure it won’t. People had many opportunities to get an exploit by now and to use up a finite resource of exploitable games is not good for the future.

  8. Sky Yuki says:

    Hmmm i have no idea
    But i think it would be fun to release new exploit instantly after firmware patched the previous release exploit
    Then when exploit is patched again release another one and just keep it go on and on

    ………..Just to troll regular people with no interest in VHBL,TN-V,hax
    So they rage at sony (WHAT WITH “improve system stability,”)
    Well i don’t know what the heck could we gain from that
    But it would be pretty fun…..”generic evil laugh”

  9. M says:

    I think we should stop exploiting psp emulater and start hacking ps vita for homebrew cuz ps vita has a lot of potential than making psvhbl would be better than vhbl and it has been 2 years since the vita has been released but most of the scene members are still trying to exploit psp emulator and it is slowing the hacking progress of vita.So it would be better if devs stop hacking psp emulater and start hacking ps vita to make a usermode exploit.

  10. FanW says:

    In my opinion you should go psp scene now long dead and the focus should be to get a usermode exploit so as to take advantage of all the features of life

    DarkAlex where are you? only you can save us ..

  11. Oguri says:

    As long as I can run some homebrews and emulators I’m happy. I buy my psp/psone games from the psn store so I don’t really see what I would benefit from eCFW.

  12. Gauban says:

    I do not think it it worth more VHBL releases. If people don’t have the exploit by now they didn’t want it. We should work on native hacks that Sony can not stop.

    • nero says:

      “We should work on native hacks that Sony can not stop.” Are you serious? Sony created the vita, and if a native exploit comes out, they can and will stop it.

  13. mixedfish says:

    Some people might see the benefit, but I’ve done the exploit 3 times and now see no reason for it anymore.

    If anyone has followed the exploit trail this long, I think investing in a cheap PSP or buying a BT controller for an android phone is a much better solution. No more jumping through the hoops.

  14. Frank says:

    Personnaly, I don’t need anymore VHBL or Userexploit. There is an awesome PSP emulator for PC where I can play many games and homebrews named PPSSPP that runs very smooth on my laptop in HD. I hook up a PS2 controller in USB adapter and play my games I used to play on a kernel epxloit. I also have old craked PSP 1000 in super good working conditions but I don’t like the controls.

    I wont take a exploit anymore until it’s a native epxloit.

    • lolwut says:

      not surprised, many people only think about emulation and run pirated copy when talking about console hacking. sigh… sigh… sigh..

  15. dboyz says:

    hmm, judging from all of the comments, it sounds like people is getting tired of VHBL/eCFW but IMO releasing those exploits in the future doesn’t do any harm, those who are still actknowledging them can gain benefitd as well as Sony itself.

  16. awalsh053 says:

    Iv had the last 4 exploits but I allways update when new fw comes so yes I would like another exploit…..keep up the good ork guys love the site…..

  17. Ajom says:

    we need only psvita hacks play vita game it long time more exploit game release…now hacks give us vita hacks…

  18. Dockotis says:

    Honestly, the scene should wait before another exploit… Honestly, I STRONGLY believe (because of a few things I witnessed) That there is already a native Vita exploit, however I must emphasis BELIEVE so there won’t be any *** about proof, because frankly I didn’t find any native exploits, so even if I did have proof, it is not mine to show, nor tell… Regardless, the scene should wait because at the rate it’s going, there won’t be anymore possible exploits unless some people find a way to exploit games NOT associated with a simple (kinda) buffer overflow… Give it some time before releasing again… Honestly, if there are a more releases, or if there are none, we cannot control it… The only way to possibly control it is to make our own exploits… From what I see, some people just are ungrateful as *** and legitimately only care about what they want, and *** talk about everything else… Less complaining and more supporting…

  19. imurlwn says:

    A BIG YES…

  20. slcfr says:

    vhbl is pretty cool , but i understand eveyone that would love to see a vita exploit

  21. Aranci says:

    Exploit for 3.12 in europe would be great.

  22. Chrysolite says:

    I have Qruton w/ TN-V on 3.01, but would like a new one for 3.12 or else another way to access PSN since Update Blocker has been patched. Would be nice if we could patch their patches. 😀

  23. reprep says:

    so it means, you have already got your hands on a working 3.12 VHBL for a game other than that jap exclusive.

    i would say just release it, if the possibility of a kernel exploit for above 3.10 is low. if not, just wait.

  24. tony says:

    Would love to play patched type-0 on my vita and other psp games… so I just wait for the next eCFW

  25. mikey says:

    WAIT UNTIL THERE IS A BIG UPDATE even if that takes months

  26. ShineAqua says:

    Kernel mode exploits should be held back until after or just around the holidays, makes it easier for them to get into the hands of new users.

  27. Swing says:

    As much as I would like to see the VITA get it’s very own CFW, I think that’s a good few years if any in the making just because of improved stability/ security. I like playing VC3, FF-0, etc on my VITA but I miss playing dragon’s crown on multiplayer and I like the fact that I just need to bring my VITA when I go travel instead of my vita and a PSP or 2.

    I say either keep releasing the usermode exploits, or find a way for us with lower FW to access PSN/ play multiplayer/ upload to cloud…

  28. asd says:


  29. Sh4rkoon says:

    It’s not worth it, so wait with your releas(es), please. It’s not a bad thing to be patient, isn’t it?

  30. hg says:

    Yes, I still want one on 3.12 a lot :) . I still get the thrill from playing psp games on my gorgeous OLED screen. And homebrews on TN-V make impossible things happen, like pdf reader on vita. Oh right, i can use touch screen to play emu & psp game too. There’s no reason for us not to love TN-V via ninja exploit, i think.

  31. L2SSnake says:

    Wololo guys yous should w8 a little bit, sony is tying to counter attack this community, you should make future exploits in tactical time, like when vita is not getting any game, or when you have like 3-4 exploits and when someone finds a way to have a acc to psn. So am for it, i like that u guys are putting such a big effort in this and ty in my name

  32. Dreamcast says:

    May I suggest for those who want a costest dreamcast emulator on psvita, maybe you could make donations so that the funds should be invested in research, it would be a good idea

  33. nand says:

    Yfalu it seems to me that you have too much fear, and why I do not write anything, someone must sacrifice!

    Yfalu you’re just a coward!

    You’ve taken dirty money from sony to shut up, you have sold yourself!

    When the title sony goes down magically someone working here there is’ something behind group !

  34. dimy says:

    as simple a that-no

  35. Dragonsmithing says:

    I don’t see why sony just doesn’t enable homebrews themselves…
    I know they could make it so you couldn’t run backups even if they did enable homebrew support…
    It would mean a lot less work for them and make the community happy as well.

  36. moha says:

    please i need exploit for 3.12
    i want to play my favorites classic games i want more freedom on my vita

  37. Leires says:

    Honestly, we should be waiting regardless at -least- two months per VHBL, and at -least- six months, possibly more, for any ksploits. (Sony patching them stealthily aside, then obviously release them while they’re useful) The reason for this is because while, sure, there’s likely still -hordes- of VHBL ‘sploits and maybe still a handful of ksploits left, that number doesn’t grow very quickly, to what i understand. Especially with sony starting to go out of their way to fix things (i.e. the exploits that weren’t released or known about got inadvertently patched).

    I know everryyybooody wants a ksploit, but if we drink our water supply too quickly, it’s going to run out. It’s going to be a -very- long time before vita is hacked to the point where it doesn’t need ksploits, if it even happens. We gotta make them last, even if people disagree or whine that there’s no ‘sploits.

    Obviously there’s no way to schedule such a thing, nor would you want to, as that would make it easier for people to just watch at certain times of the year for exploits, verses growing as a community while also enjoying the added bonus of possible ninja releases, but i really do think that patience is more important than quantity.

  38. APRON-MAN says:

    just wait it out wololo, may be worth it to release them later. 😉

  39. cavinrocks says:

    I have a Vita on 3.12, bought used. With no HBL on it. But I would like to wait if the results are better.

  40. Eddie says:

    I don’t think it is worth it. Most emulators that people want are either on iOS, Android and Windows/Mac. Sure its fun to have them more mobile than on a computer but still.
    I think we should try and spend more time Vita hacking rather than PSP emulator hacking…

    Still, I’m not smart enough or generous enough to spend time in something that’s going to get leaked ahead of time… So yeah.
    If people are willing to buy a exploitable game each firmware update, you can sure as heck go and buy a 2nd hand console or music/video/what ever device to play the media with :p

    Appreciate the effort and all the time that goes into these but, to me, it’s not worth it in this community when the majority just want to pirate.

  41. mma_jedi says:

    I’d totally update to 3.12 now if I could get a usermode exploit to then run VHBL bc mainly I use bookr anyways, starting to buy Vita games too, so I play ecfw games less.

  42. mangosteam says:

    too early for me can u wait for ps now or new cool update feature for vita,, or wait for xmass or redworld one piece atleast or if its just vhbl go on but if kxploit hhold on

  43. ivo says:

    yes sure we need exploits…
    we need exploits for somewhat any linux/windows/mac app
    and we need exploits for windows linux and mac .
    ofc we need exploits !

  44. Hellishere says:

    Since *** Sony patched this now i cant even use CMA without recive the damm message “Update your system”.

  45. Good night,And some of you are going to respond to my question???

  46. PspFan says:

    Станислав, юзайте голову, а не гугл переводчик! Во-первых, играют не ради графики на handheld консолях. Да ПСП конечно не фонтан со своими 300 МГц но есть до сих пор играбельные проекты. Касательно хака самой виты – все далеко не просто как вам кажется. Как пишет сам wololo даже дамп с карточки геморно сделать, не говоря уже чтоб ее расшифровать. Сони сделали все в Вите чтоб не повторить ошибок с ПСП. Если офк вы кул программист, как на аппаратом так и программным уровне, го делайте дамп оперативки ВИты, покупайте дев кит, ебитесь с ним, а мы вас подождем и покритикуем.
    Спасибо за понимание.

  47. roswell108 says:

    It seems rational to assume nobody with an exploit puts releasing it to a vote, so when one exists, that will make a much better story.

  48. PspFan says:

    Станислав, потому что перевод на английский был говно (или это промт первой версии?) С дев китом да, проблемы – Сони хочет чтоб ты в америке жил иначе не продает (ну и офк запары с регистрацией лицензии разработчика).
    Не намекаю, я прямо говорю. “Никогда” это слишком долго, но в целом да, не предвидится в целом. Слишком Сони хорошо забаррикадировались и слишком низкие продажи виты не мотивирующие хакеров на что-либо.
    Плюс стоит понимать взлом нативной прошивки может стать гробом в крышку виту: и так мало игр покупают, так вообще 0 прибыли будет. Вот ты был бы разрабом, ты бы стал делать игру зная что почти все пиратят на консоли? Думаю нет.
    Так что проблема по чесноку не в пиратстве, а в том, что нет достойных игр по достойной цене.

  49. trey says:

    It seems as though you have been coaxed into a snafu.

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