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100 Title PS4 Game List For 2014

The Jay Doctor

I'm a guy who is really interested in hacking of all consoles, especially the PlayStation Vita. I am a blogger here on wololo.net

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16 Responses

  1. CrimeaRussia says:

    first haha

    100 sounds much

    nut the only “real” Nextgen Games are:

    -inFAMOUS: Second Son
    -Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
    – Evolve
    -The Crew

    6 Games that is not much…

    boring first year …

    • link652 says:

      So WatchDogs, Wolfenstein,, Dragon Age, Sniper Elite 3, The Crew, PlanetSide 2, Middle-Earth, and Alien Isolation aren’t “Real” Next-gen games? Considering FF-XIV is a MMO that has been worked on to have a higher graphic fidelity and resolution compared to the ps3 version, it’s basically the same thing. (I love it so much regardless though) :)

      • Arash Andalib says:

        I swear no one is noticing how sony is lying with this 100 games bull *** !! yes 100 games are coming to ps4 but not all 100 are exclusives !!!! the same are also coming on xbox one !!! there are only 3 exclusives coming out this year worth mentioning, Infamous : Second Son, Drive Club, and Final Fantasy !!!

      • Norml says:

        A whole bunch of games announced for current gen but are now also coming out for next gen way after them being announced in the first place. A big difference from being announced for next gen long after the system has been out and can only support next gen, but that’s going to be the case for a while until more people buy into next gun consoles and/or the companies involved stop supporting.

  2. CrimeaRussia says:


  3. Sukunda says:

    You aren’t in the possible answers for the biggest ***?

  4. lol says:

    On the other hand…
    “3 New titles coming to vita this 2014 [UPDATE: Maybe 4]”

  5. vitaninja says:

    man i cant waite for the new naruto to come out

  6. jake says:

    So how many of these are
    a) PS4 1st Party
    b) Next-gen only?

    :'( Got a ps4 and only ps4 exclusive i have is infamous

  7. CrimeaRussia says:

    link652 on April 9, 2014 at 6:50 am

    So WatchDogs, Wolfenstein,, Dragon Age, Sniper Elite 3, The Crew, PlanetSide 2, Middle-Earth, and Alien Isolation aren’t “Real” Next-gen games? …

    no you can play them on Ps3,xbox360,

    OH ok I forgot planetside 2 its nextgen too…

  8. kada says:


    As an electronics engineer it sounds interesting. I remembered in early years of PS3 there is a game called ” resistance”. Now “transistor” Whats next? For first year of PS5 maybe “Capasitor”…

  9. jayturns says:

    Only 1 exclusive I care about so far and I still need to finish the previous one.
    I want some sly, jak, and ratchet!

  10. reaper527 says:

    the list is incomplete. it’s missing natural doctrine (which came out in japan this month and is supposed to come out in the us this fall)

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