Proxies and Bypasses fixed – Firmware 3.01 can not access the PSN services anymore!

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  1. chibiimagi says:

    Guess it’s wait for tn-v for 3.12 or just suck it up and update :/

    • STAticKY says:

      No more Total_Noob in the scene means no more TN-V. Period

      Doesn’t take an idiot to figure out the TN in TN-V stands for Tolal_Noob

      • Acid_Snake says:

        yeah but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Total_Noob is not the only dev with a kxploit.

        • chibiimagi says:

          Thank you Snake. I was using Tn in place of exploit for familliarities sake. No need to be rude, it’s easy to be a jerk through the internet. Even easier to be nice though 🙂

          • STAticKY says:

            Sorry wasnt meaning to be rude, probaby a bit blunt tho. Sorry.

            Yes of cource there is always the possibility or more things to come, but with Total_Noob gone, i doubt it would be/be called TN-V.

        • dboyz says:

          are you still selling “your” kxploit?? =P

        • gunblade says:

          So I was think of getting two ps3 and puthing them together. I tought I got in trouble cuz I had mess up wen I was trying an exploit. I fine though.

      • mart says:

        you can easily correct someone without being rude. lots of *** mouths this days

  2. anonanon says:

    If we have a ps3 with the latest ofw, we can still use that to transfer games, right?

    • STAticKY says:

      Depending on the game and region, Yes, as long as you use the OpenCMA trick.

      • gunblade says:

        So was thinking about making a ps3 comp hybrid cheap hardware I would think then I could jus have the games on the ps3 hard drive and jus transfers the game from the computer to the ps vita would think be able to host ps3 games from the ps3 with xlink kai. Would think I jus need an emulated on the computer so the computer can read the ps3 hard drive.

        • gunblade says:

          Hardware should be cheap…

        • gunblade says:

          $199.99 x2 $400 Two ps3
          $300-$700 computer icore5 or amd mini pci two more pci WiFi bluetooth
          $20-$100 Hd input two ports
          $20-$120 Pci hd solid state drive
          $20-$250 Two port Ethernet
          $400-$1500 graphics card if u wana try push the ps3 graphics to like 4k

          • gunblade says:

            About $2500

          • JeoWay says:

            As of now, PS3 emulation on PC isnt really a thing.
            Windows / Linux for PC doesnt read PS3’s FAT32 configured HDD.
            PS3 doesn’t use anywhere near a $400 or $1500 GPU. My Radeon 7950 in my PC costed $270 and it has over twice as much power as a PS4.

            Unless you know how to change video settings of console games, you’re stuck at 720p/1080p

      • Deerek says:

        How would I do this?

    • Shaitan says:

      Yep us ps3 owners are lucky, as long as OpenCMA works and the ps3 can access psn then the opencma trick will work, the only real issue is with newer games because obviously we wont be able to run games that require 3.10 and higher.

  3. ponxpunks says:

    this is true but the worst things is my account in psn is suspended 2 weeks ago..i cannot login anymore using pc..but i can access tnv 8 using VitaUpdateBlocker and open CMA trick..

  4. Dmaskell92 says:

    To heck with PSN lol.

  5. SKFU says:

    ill take a look later the day… 🙂

  6. jak says:

    easter eggs!!!!!!

  7. gunblade says:

    But bumers I jus got a psvita on 3.01

  8. BarnabeFI says:

    Well I guess I need to update tonight

  9. jake says:

    Do PSone games look any different in TNV?

  10. tokia says:

    i willing to update my 3.01 to latest its ok??

    • Sky Yuki says:

      You can update and lose all access to TN-V
      And wait one year for another kexploit (maybe not that long)

  11. Reiki says:

    This is why I just bought a second PS Vita. I will never have to worry about this again.

  12. Naix says:

    I’m so damn unlucky. I just bought a $20 psn card(7/11 didn’t have $10 card) to buy the Numblast game. And when I get home, I see this. Lol
    Good thing is, I left Numblast at the cart. So I currently have 22.02 dollars to spend. :3

    Guess I’m stuck with persona 2. :3

  13. Cameron says:

    ***, my 64gb is arriving tomorrow, I have all my games downloaded on my PS3, but every time I try to do the open CMA exploit it tells me to update my firmware on my vita, should I just give up or is there something I’m missing?
    (I already installed the custom bin files and such)

    • aces says:

      Easier is ps3 has custom firmware im guessing

      • mlc says:

        assuming you want to get your PSN account banned and all your purchases stolen by Sony…

        The OpenCMA trick is very easy if you follow the steps, and use the right version of OpenCMA. I would guess that it’s some minor error.

        Also I didn’t realize that recent PS3 CFW’s even actually worked with Vita, haha. (but since you can’t do it anyway due to the internet requirement and therefore possible ban, that doesn’t really matter)

  14. Albatar says:

    Put your vita in airplane mode for the ps3 trick to work you’re welcome <3

  15. xoa says:

    Is it really worth me unsubscribing from PS+ and not buying PSP games for all of this $ony? If I really had to have PSP games, I’d stick with my original PSP.

    Given the choices they’ve presented, I’d obviously take a Vita with the Vita *** I got on it including the ENTIRE PSP collection over just a Vita with nogaems and limited PSP selection.

  16. mlc says:

    Dude, your article title scared me until I realized that it’s just the same change as usual. I was initially concerned that you were suggesting that the proxy trick and OpenCMA in general had been patched, rather than just the normal proxy change that Sony eventually does with every older firmware.

  17. mikel angel says:

    if u upgrade to the next exploit, would i be able to keep the savefiles from my roms and isos?

  18. MIKE says:

    if u upgrade to the next exploit, would i be able to keep the savefiles from my roms and isos?

  19. franzkbpogi says:

    It sucks will i update or what i mean borderlands 2 is coming i cant play my kz merc online 🙁 then fftype0 english patch almost done.. Monster hunter tri psp english is almost playable all the way thru kingdom hearts bbs, manhunt lol tn-v vs psn for me im still on 3.01

  20. MIKE says:

    hey guys is there any bypass for pc, tnx 😀

  21. marcotizer says:

    Q: I’m on OFW 3.01 and I can’t access the CMA even if it’s the “hacked” one. I wanted to place more PSP games onto my Vita but it’s now making me updated and can no longer connect unless I update. Did I do something wrong, or is this how it’s going to be?

    • tony says:

      If u currently have a tn exploit u can still ftp PSP games to ur vita with filezilla or any other ftp client

  22. Separatist says:

    Someone help me figure this out, if possible!

    I have OFW 3.01, I have the latest TN-V, and within that an FTP client. I also own a second Vita updated with the latest OFW and no CFW.

    Is there a way (please god) to get TN-X to run on the 3.01 vita? I want to buy XS Moto, which I can do on the fully updated Vita using my PSN account, but not on the 3.01 model.

    So I guess the plan is to get XS Moto onto the 3.01 Vita, but I’ve got no idea how to do it. I haven’t got OpenCMA installed yet (is it still possible to get this working on 3.01?) and will it help at all or can games only re-downloaded via the PSN store?