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$1000 in PSN Codes to win in Wololo’s 2014 Giant Easter Egg Hunt. Round 2!


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47 Responses

  1. MightyZ says:


  2. L2SSnake says:

    Ready for the hunt xD

  3. JerwinBroas says:


  4. Epoke says:

    Yihaaa. !!

  5. tono says:

    can i found it using PS Vita browser? because i need this PSN code so much to buy at least exploit game later. i never have any moneys to buy PSN voucher. or anybody who got this egg more than once, would you give one to me, please?

    • wololo says:

      Honestly a PC will help you. There are a few tricks involved and the Vita does not have the best user interface to find the eggs

      • tono says:

        ow, damn. i have no PC that connect to internet, i even don’t have a PC. it’s mean impossible for me to get even one egg. T_T

  6. Obito says:

    You should remove the found ones xd.

  7. Obito says:

    BTW, the one in this article is aleady taken >.<

  8. salvador34 says:

    Wingdings hu? wololo? 🙂

  9. Gilbo says:

    Just for sake of curiosity (I know it’s already taken)… how to decode the one in the article?


  10. ChrisHighwind says:

    I’d join in, but knowing my luck, I’d find all the eggs everyone else got first.

  11. jbailey says:

    4blq9cn452gc was one of the PSN codes? (if yes already reclaimed)

  12. Help Wololo says:

    hi, i still not got. i don’t speak english, so it is kind of hard to understand. can someone give an example of how to find these “easter eggs”. (google tradutor detect) xD hellp plis. i need psn code to buy the exploit game.

  13. Gonzilla says:

    I just founded a easter eggs that just has icons and faces on it. What do i have to do?

  14. SifJar says:

    Just out of curiosity (the two I’ve found so far have both been claimed by the looks of the comments), do these codes work outside the US (i.e. with a non-US PSN account, I know you can have a US account elsewhere). I’m in the UK, with a UK account, and I don’t want to waste TOO much time looking for codes that are useless to me…

  15. Mosi says:

    Impossible! Decoding get some time! I did it fast! Who got it b4 me!? We supposed to say if we got eggs! Don’t tell me it’s still a joke!

    • tintin says:

      Do you even read Wololo’s articles? Wololo has already stated this giveaway is legit just as his previous giveaways. You’re simply too slow.

  16. tintin says:

    No, he should not remove the found easter eggs. They make this egg hunt much more interesting.

    • Nonlinl says:

      In an Easter egg hunt, found eggs are removed. SO I say they should remove found eggs.

      • tintin says:

        Removing the used easter eggs would make things much simpler and suck out all the fun. Wololo should definitely keep the used easter eggs.

  17. Charles Fasano says:

    Found one that I believe is:

    but it appears to be used.

    I wish that when we submit the code it would just tell us the code was used/consumed so we know we got the right one.

  18. Obito says:

    The /talk forum has been down all the day, btw xD.
    Right now, it’s the only place where I could find some eggs.

  19. Abraham says:

    Hu? Anybody find the amazon one? I did, but don’t understand…

  20. booler says:

    Found one near bookr

  1. April 12, 2014

    […] Easter Game is a Lua-coded homebrew game, where the player’s objective is to catch the falling eggs being laid by the chickens onscreen. In all honesty, I think this one got some attention this month mostly because of our ongoing Easter Egg Hunt. […]

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