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Hack ‘N Slash; Learning how to hack

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  1. Acid_Snake says:

    It is an interesting concept, but quite frankly if anyone wants to learn serious programming, learning it by means of learning how to hack is the worst thing they can do, it leads to bad programming practices, lack of knowledge of important things like code structuring, well defined data containers, readable code, and much more. My advise to anyone wanting to learn programming is to not do it by means of hacking.

    • italkgame says:

      I appreciate your on input about the relevance of Hack ‘N Slash for learning serious programming but I am even more interested in your thoughts about how the gameplay works.

    • Valkyrie says:

      I don’t think the point of this game is to teach players about hacking; it is more of a game mechanic than a tutorial. Though, I do agree with you on the point that learning to hack in order to learn serious programming is a bad idea.

      I am interested to see how this game would play.

      • Acid_Snake says:

        well there’s a big “Learning how to hack with Hack ‘n Slash.” title in this article, so it makes it seem less like a game mechanic and more like an actual hacking tutorial.

  2. daymn! says:

    Yo!! me First xD

  3. Edgar says:

    is this made for noobies with absolutely no knowledge of programing?
    because I want to learn some programming but not for hacking


    • nospam says:

      By the looks of things yes, I don’t think it will teach you how but it should certainly introduce you to the many concepts hackers use. If it can’t do that then it will have failed in its purpose.

  4. anonymous says:

    please Sony, Metal Gear Solid 5 ground zeroes the phantom pain for psvita

  5. Tyler says:

    You guys should check out Hack ‘n Slash’s main page. There’s a teaser puzzle. I won’t spoil it for you guys though.

  6. wmehanna says:

    I’m almost done with my Bachelors degree in software ing. and I still don’t know how to hack & find exploits on games. This thing might help me.

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