Acid_Snake: “I’m sorry…”


I like beer.

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  1. jm8080 says:

    So all the people from that thread is in to this?
    Damn! you got me there pretty good 😀

  2. Vitality says:

    I’m expecting this year’s April Fool would be an announcement of true native Vita hack. Imagine playing NDS emulator on Vita touchscreen.

  3. aaaaand...... says:

    nobody gives a fu**…

  4. roswell108 says:

    So is the ban a joke? Is the letter a joke? Is this post the joke? Is anything not a download link posted on this site a joke? It’s funny, but I’m probably laughing for the wrong reasons. Oh well, back to real tech news…

  5. kingknuts says:

    Snake? snake?? SNAKE???!!!