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Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? Sony Goes Crazy With Layoffs, A Quick Review Of FF X HD, and The Last Of Us PS4?


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. 1st and does that mean no more killzone?

    • Minimur12

      I’m not sure about killzone’s future as an IP, but there are 2 studios with the Guerilla name, one that’s in Amsterdam, the one that made Shadowfall, and also the one that made Mercenary, who are guerilla Cambridge which had the layoffs.

      So it’s up to guerilla to make a new killzone if they want to, but there will be another guerilla game, that’s for sure 🙂

  2. Kay Leon

    only 8.5 I guess you were affected by the exp you had 1 year ago with the game so the freshness is gone…I think FFX should get at least 9 and the X-2 will come close to 8…now 50h in and I still want to play more ^^

    • Chris.Beanz

      Yes I agree, I just replayed FFX after almost 5 years and I also think it should definitely be a 9+. The story along with all of the remastered scenes and FMVs has been thoroughly enjoyable. I just watched the scene after Mi’ihen Highroad(don’t wanna give away any spoilers) and I must say it looks absolutely amazing on the OLED Vita screen. Let’s keep the ps2 remakes coming!(maybe a Shadow Hearts or FFXII next?)

    • Minimur12

      Yeah, possibly. I’m about 20 hours in now and have had problems on the worm guardian boss.

      I’m sure glad I got it though!

      If you want the Al bhed alphabet, lemme know and I’ll PM it to you 🙂

  3. jake

    Driveclub been waiting for that since release arghh

    Do you guys think it will be a bit rallyish since its evolution (motorstorm and stuff)

  4. Hazer7

    Is it possible to connect to PSN with a ps3 on 4.46.1 cfw? LINK PLEASE

    • enemy

      Is it possible to use Google n not spam the comments? Anyway…. I’m looking forward to get FFXHD. I want to beat 9 before I do. I finally beat 8, well beat it without holy wars. Lol

  5. DS_Marine

    Wololoers D:D

  6. kupomogli

    I’m purchasing FF10 HD Collection for FF10-2 also. FF10 in my opinion was the first poor Final Fantasy in my opinion, although playing RPGs last gen I now know FF10 is better than my initial opinion of it, and that initial opinion was two playthroughs(mostly because I wanted to play Blitzball again but starting over.)

    Despite the terrible storyline. The gameplay on FF10-2 is amazing. Most video game storylines aren’t as great as everyone makes them out to be though, and while FF10-2 has a poor story, atleast the voice acting delivery was decent even if it is girlish and such.

    Anyways. I’ve wanted to play FF10-2 again, and the HD version comes with the international version content so that’s a plus. I’d get both the PS3 and Vita version, but because 10-2 is my main interest and it’s a digital download on Vita rather than on a card, I’m going to get the PS3 version only. Maybe get the Vita one if it ever goes below $10.

  7. k3nn

    the david bowie bit took me by surprise! i was like this :O

    nice one

  8. kaotik-snake

    I got the platinum for ffx in 44 hours on a speed run so I didn’t enjoy it as much so I’m now replaying is slower to enjoy it . As for x2 I just can’t seem to play it for more then 20 min at a time just don’t give me the ff feel to it like the others did 9.5 for x and a 7 for x2

  9. Frando

    I’ve never played any of the FF games (gasp, I know). I was never a PS player until PS3 and PSP. I’m trying to catch up and these look like good ones to start with.

  10. Bronson

    what about tlou?

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