How-to and Review: iAmGhost’s VitaUpdateBlocker


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  1. icyheart says:

    OMG that’s Awesome

  2. shijugi says:

    Is it possible for me to change PSN ID using this method?
    I don’t want to lose exploit TN-V, but i need download dlc form Japan PSN ~_~ project diva 2nd F…… so is it possible to factory restore and use another memory card and do this again to go back to us account when done?

  3. Anubis406 says:

    Works like a charm. I was FINALLY able to install TN-V via Numblast.

  4. ajom khan says:

    there is a problem …this file do not download properly it is 99% or 78% download then off what i do?

    here …..


  5. RGM says:

    Hmmm. It worked on the 31st… was able to access PSN…

    Now, April 1st, it doesn’t work. (Not april’s fool, it really doesn’t work for me anymore on my 3.01 Vita.

  6. NukeTheWhales says:

    It doesn’t work for me.

    I’m on 3.01

    I run the exe

    Get the a screen

    it says
    your ip is bla bla bla
    your vita version is 03.010.000
    latest version is 03.120.000
    spoofed latest version to 03.010.000
    you can disable your proxy now

    it says my version is spoofed yet my vita keeps asking me to update…

    I’m am doing anything wrong?

  7. DougFunny says:

    I have the same problem as RGM and NukeTheWales.

    it was working just the other day just fine and now bubkis, nadda.
    Maybe sony changed something.
    And FYI I’m running the windows version 1.2.

  8. Kokumotsu says:

    im here with the other two. its not working as of 4/1/2014 9:48 pm
    uising 1.2 version of the unblocker
    get asked to update now

  9. Omgosh says:

    This isn’t working and noobie with Charles Proxy says my vita system is updated to latest when I check update tab in vita settings but, going into PSN it asks to put 3.1.2 on?

  10. VitaFan47 says:

    Thought it was only me, you guys are right it was working fine yesterday but today nothing. I wonder what happened.

  11. brian says:

    on v1.1 it says “Vita’s real version is: 03.010.000” how to fix this ?

  12. CymraegAce420 says:

    Argghhh. I can’t get this to work, neither does the adding games to download queue for them to be pushed to my vita. FFS. v3.0.1

  13. ogogo says:

    since yesterday it doesnt work anymore for me T.T

  14. mistery says:

    ver. 1.1 worked good on my PS Vita (OFW 3.01) but this morning stopped working 🙁

  15. CymraegAce says:

    So… Is there any way WITHOUT a PS3 to get games down from PSN onto my VITA.? I litrally bought Fez and Steamworld Dig this morning thinking I could use this proxy trick, grr..

    • Gonzilla says:

      You can enter to the $ony entertainmet store on PC and add the download to your ps vita, that is what i use right now, and for online play i use a bug that i discovered

  16. kaz says:

    v.1.2 don.t work anymore

  17. ccc says:

    hopefully iamghost will be able to find another loophole on sony’s patch ….

  18. Anubis406 says:

    It still works. I tested it on my 3 vitas with 3 different routers. It’s not so easy to fix as you might think.

    • arcthelad says:

      Then why most of us can’t use it anymore? It was working perfectly fine a day before…

      • Anubis406 says:

        Perhaps, it’s your router ports prpblem. I suggest you forwarding 8080 port on your router. And please note that it can’t work on 3G or USB modems

  19. ccc says:

    when signing in psn network it loads then sign in again then it says update vita firmware….v 1.2 user here…

  20. Kokumotsu says:

    guys were not going to be able to get on PSN using this until he comes up with a 1.3 version. Due to SONY making 3.12.

  21. Lawgend says:

    I think is disable now since I open the vita blocker it said Blocking non-related traffic is DISABLE =))

  22. V13 says:

    Tested on 3.18 with Portable ver on Windows 7(which works perfectly). However, just tested on Windows 8.1(run as Admin) and found out that it can’t spoof to the latest version (which is 3.30). Still checking where went wrong.

  23. nitro530 says:

    Hey , i just get the sign on / login page where it asks for the psn userid & password.when i select ok to login it then says to update the thevita update blocker i see it detects the latest version of 3.35 but as soon as i select login , it changes back to 3.15 on the vita updater.any ways to change the updater to spoof it right ?

  24. nitro530 says:

    using windows 7 , the vita updateblocker does get the correct new firmware version , but it goes back to the original version of the psv , it allows to see the login / password page , as soon as you select to login , i see the vitaupdateblocker , goes back to the firmware thats on the psv and says its the latest..any progress on changes.why does it do this ? any help is appreciated.Thanks.

  25. Xyrem says:

    Still working, just used this trick on my 3.36 vita

  26. ridge says:

    its letting me in psn but am trying to do system activation but it gives me (NW-8942-3)

    • Aditya says:

      Hi, I am due to receive my new vita slim in 1-2 days and hopefully it will not be running the latest firmware. Can anyone please tell how I would activate it now that vita update blocker has stopped working? Please somebody tell as I don’t want to update the firmware. I read somewhere that using “–block-traffics” option with vita update blocker does not lead to some files getting update on the vita and that the update blocker keeps working,

  27. Pesse says:

    It’s not working for 3.50 🙁

  28. lafrog says:

    Not working for me.

  29. lollypop says:

    works like a charm xD.
    ubuntu wine and pstv 3.20 openstore adapt to fw close store
    open cma open patapon and save change from ps3 for activating via vita game transfer
    change to pc opencma for save again
    store first says can find update please … just ignore and continue retrying steps.

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