Release: New Exploit Games For Firmwares 3.01 and 3.10

The Jay Doctor

I'm a guy who is really interested in hacking of all consoles, especially the PlayStation Vita. I am a blogger here on

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  1. Haroon says:

    Wow amazing job!

  2. Sony says:

    so we can download game frome psn stor ?

  3. Paden says:

    is there going to be a 3.10 exploit for the U.S. ?

  4. Sebastian says:

    Pirates of the caribbean and World Of Pool aren´t in the store yet.

  5. YamiJustin says:

    So can I download that Japanese 3.10 game, use OpenCMA to transfer to my already exploited 3.01 Vita, upgrade to 3.10, and still have access to my exploit?

  6. LD RECHARGED says:

    I did not find in Mexican PlayStation Store the game pirates of the caribbean

    Numblast downloading on my ps3 when it updated my PSvita.

  7. FreeMyvita says:

    Great Job!Thanks To all the Devs!
    Hopefully there will be more compatibility with the other exploits in the future

  8. Albatar says:

    I bough a psp cause tired of all this…
    The best is to have 2 vita, one TN-V and one on latest firmware.

    • gunblade says:

      I trying to get like 4 psvita so I can mod one have one with an exploit one that I play with normal firware and keep updated and one that on firm 1.60

  9. Jubin says:

    Update 3.12 is on the way. I guess Sony is on the case big time.

    • gunblade says:

      Probably. think they need to update the ps4… probly a vita tv update to. Since Sony the updated the contenmanger psn and add Google I thik Sony going to upgrade the rest of the apps like near.

    • gunblade says:

      Well Sony sometimes have two realise two update after each outher two sucsefuly update the patch they first made like have to have two updates that realy one update sony also lock any changes to the last update. There three file the pre one opean the firmware the second one installs the new file sand update the firmware the third one finalizes the installs and locks it again… Making having to make a custume ps vita firm Perry hard or would take sum times..

  10. Lolmirkowitz says:

    Would the Numblast Demo also work? c:

  11. jonnypanic says:

    No Arcade Darts? I believe it had the same exploit as the other arcade games.

  12. heleius says:

    For the record, I did NOT release Numblast. I simply reported it FTW! :)

    • this_is_a_throwaway_account says:

      In any case, thank you so much! I managed to get it on my PS Vita just today. Really looking forward to playing all the old PSP titles I missed so much after selling my PSP… and of course, looking forward to new Vita titles as well. I want to support the Vita by buying Vita-only games… lol.

      • jake says:

        Probably going to stop buying multiplatform games for a bit and just buy exclusives for a while (idk) for my consoles (sony and/or otherwise)

  13. Hazer7 says:

    Please release one last time for 3.12fw thats $3 or under!

  14. andre104623 says:

    If you have the 3.10 game is tn-v still working? Or is vhbl the only way to load homebrew?

  15. Evil_Dooms says:

    is any of the above games still on the psn with exploits on them to buy?
    my last exploit was uno and my vita is still on 1.81 firmware.

    im quite interested in Arcade Airhockey & Bowling since it can do tn-v and vhbl

    i would like to update to 3.01 firmware since its been a while.

    • The Jay Doctor says:

      Yes. You have to use either the PS3 MA trick, or the Charles/SKFU proxy trick.

    • franz says:

      If update now it will certainly update u to 3.10 which is latest.. And only jap game above is doable on 3.10 im stuck with playing games offline now im still on 3.01 with tn-vx

  16. PspJunkie says:

    Does the connect to open cma then turn on wifi on Vita trick work to get on psn anymore? It used to long ago. Pre 1.81 I think. Only works for short time if it works at all. Like Charles proxy..

  17. ego says:

    a buenas horas

  18. KIraak Pashaa says:

    i am already on 3.01 and have world of pool installed…. now that i see its been re-Exploited can i update my vita and can use the same old world of pool? or do i have to download again?

  19. asmith906 says:

    is Qruton still on the store? I don’t see it.

  20. Chrysolite says:

    Can I get the exploit on PC PSN and load it to my 3.01 Vita?

  21. Rob says:

    Can someone post a vid of update manually I have v2.12 and I am so confused how to update manually , I’m new to this and have old fw, and would love if someone had a walk through vid. Thanks in advance

  22. JZ says:

    TNV Loader – Numblast (AS Version) – FW 3.01 and below’s link was dead, pls restoration it

  23. bringerzl says:

    So I got Qruton and all the exploit files set up on my vita, but even though I’m holding down R it still doesn’t bring up the recovery menu and continues with the normal game.

  24. Damoon Jehani says:

    I don’t understand. First of I am currently on firmware 3.01 and I would like to download Numblast, how can I if I can’t access the PSN store?

  25. Verequies says:

    Copied the 660.PBP with the exploit for AA&B to my Vita (AUS) and the save game loads but not sure how to activate the exploit. Can anyone help with this?

  26. mangosteam says:

    damn i thought the private pro pool xploit is still working in 3.10 , so no private xploits work anymore aswell?

  27. Orion says:

    For arcade darts or jewel keepers?

  28. SK says:

    Numblast – AS Version link is dead. Pls help!! Many thanks!!

  29. salvador34 says: must see this if you want an exploit if your in the FW 3.01

  30. Massker says:

    I LOVE YOU! *-* Downloaded now Numblast.

  31. Utmostmick0 says:

    Can anyone tell me if any of these exploits work with the AU psn store, plz thanks in advance

  32. maialinku76 says:

    Sorry for the stupid question, I’m a newby, is the same thing to buy a PSV version or the PSP version? If I want to exploit my PSV I have to download one particular version or are both the same? Thanks in advance.

  33. Grazz says:

    I live in Ukraine and i have a ukrainian PSN Store. Will it work if i download the EU version of the exploit?

  34. WW says:

    How is this not WORSE than piracy? small devs out of income because some lamers wanted to play psp homebrew…

    • chris says:

      really?and i am short of money cause i must buy what i own on psp and psone again ,devs are victims of their company cause their salary is always the same even and if they release the best game of the year their salary is the same,get your facts and stop venoming forums ,or better get away of the site …

    • franz says:

      Dude u need to buy this exploits is it still piracy , 101 megamix became #1 lastyear in psn due to the exploit seems legit buyer are the one who doesnt buy games lol… I also have killzone legit, mk using tn-v isng piracy alone heck i cant even play birth by sleep without ps3 when its not using tnv.. U play ur device in its 100% potential

  35. Niqim says:

    Hi this is awesome i have numblast but opencma doesn’t work for me,, it shows me that i have to uptade the vita firm,, i nees help i have the game downloaded on my ps3

  36. NakedFaerie says:

    AWESOME! About time I found a game that 1 is available in the store and 2, a low price and low size.

    FINALLY I have TN-V on one of my Vitas. 😀


  37. sk says:

    hi all.

    i’m on 3.01. i downloaded the latest CMA, patched it with open CMA r5 (run set.dll first as admin then run.bat as admin), turned off pc wifim, but when i connect my vita to pc, vita still prompts for firmware update…any idea why?

  38. Dark GOD says:

    Thanks guys!

  39. ebb says:

    do u think its possible work numblast in 3.10 an 3.12 in future?
    its better buy it or not?
    im in 3.10

  40. iApiqh says:

    I finally installed TN-V8 with the Numblast (EU) Version.
    Worked with PS VITA 3.01.
    Good Job!

  41. Charles Fasano says:

    Still rocking Arcade Darts on a 2.10 Vita. R.I.P. Uno.

  42. Steve says:

    I am on 3.01 and when I try to connect to PSN with the PS Vita, it wants me to update. How can I get a game from the PSN without updating, as I am not interested in their latest firmware (it is buggy they say).

    Can it be downloaded to my wallet by connecting to PSN via a computer. Buy the game(s). How will the PS Vita know to download these when I start it up (ie. see this: ) Would that work?

  43. ivo says:

    steve just update to 3.10 or use proxy
    once on the psn download the game for the fw u want
    happy ploitz

    • Steve says:

      Not sure what you mean. I have 3.01 – to connect to PSN it asks you to upgrade. By upgrading you are going to 3.10. I would like to stay on 3.01 but also play the purchased game. Is that possible?

  44. ebb says:

    do u think its possible work numblast in 3.10 an 3.12 in future?its better buy it or not?im in 3.10
    please answer me

  45. Herman says:

    I have 3.01 on my vita, if i try to connect, on my vita it reads” You must update software for PS Vita system” Help Please !!!

    • Or says:

      try turning off your computer and ps vita wifi or turn off your vita and turn it back on in airplane mode.

    • Fuji77 says:

      You dont “connect” to anything on your vita. You use the ps3 store to transfer the game and you use a pc to transfer the savedata exploit. If it says you must update software while trying to connect to the PC, then you arent using Open CMA like you were supposed to.

  46. CC says:

    When I try to extract Open CMA to my CMA folder, it says “Access is denied.” Did Sony patch a workaround to keep Open CMA out?

  47. How do you get a game off the psn with outdated firmware? I’m running 3.01 atm.

    I assume pc to vita?

  48. Mrhollywood says:


  49. chosen105 says:

    I have 3.01 and I cant get open cma to work, followed the steps correctly but its keeps prompting me to update my vita. I already have Arcade Airhockey & Bowling ready on my ps3 and this is the only method i know, can some one assist me please?

    • Darth_Vexen says:

      The same goes for me, it’s forcing me to update and I’m running open CMAv5. I’m not able to load PSP games to my PSVita because of this, have Tn-v5, FW 3.01 and 101-in-1 Megamix. Please, help.

  50. Arberto says:

    Sorry, but this list is useless. To get to PSN you have to upgrade from 3.01 to 3.10 – once on 3.10, you cannot use these games since are already over the required 3.01, thus, you are wasting your time and it does NOT work.

    This would work if there was a 3.10 exploited game RIGHT NOW.

    • Charles Fasano says:

      You can also use the Web Proxy method with a PS3. My Vita is on 2.10 and I have no issues transferring Vita games from my PS3 to my Vita.

      • Wes says:


        Have you a tuto?
        I am in 3.01 and i need to re activate my vita but no acces without update!!Thank you for your help

      • Lisa says:

        Hi there psvita girl here, I am not the best with this I have a psvita 2.12 fw, and can’t seem to understand how to upgrade without updating fw can someone do a simple YouTube vid tutorial I would be really grateful guys 😉
        Thanks in advance Lisa from Sydney Australia

    • wololo says:

      No, you can use a proxy to stay on 3.01, this is detailed in jd8531’s guide, as we explain in the article. Read again and pay more attention.

  51. Nega says:

    Hey guys, I downloaded Numblast US and put all the required files into the NPUG80320KEXPLOIT folder before transferring it to my vita. For some reason though, the game tells me that there are no save files. However if I transfer the NPUG80320SAVEDATA folder I get a c1-2858-3 error. Could I get some help?

  52. Devany says:

    Absolutely worked like a charm! Thank you SO much! 😀

  53. William says:

    Is this gonna work for the ver. 3.12?

  54. Fuji77 says:

    Pool Hall Pro exploit does not work.

  55. taps says:

    Numblast/Qruton & Arcade Airhockey & Bowling not work in 3.10

  56. taps says:

    Sorry my update firmware is 3.12

  57. Epoke says:

    Merci @qwikrazor87 J’ai enfin réussi à avoir un jeux affordable pour le firmware FW 3.01.

    Thanks @qwikrazor87 I Finaly have an affordable game for the FW 3.01.

  58. MAX says:

    WHY THE heck didn’t you release the list before there was a new firmware update. this is so stupid. what kind of community is that? or am i wrong?

    • ChaosedLolo says:

      It is to avoid further leaks that has happened. We have a big game and Sony had patched it because inconsiderate folks have informed Sony. We are a community but, Admins have placed restrictions on whose is to know about exploits or who isn’t. Simply put.

      • Tony says:

        so then the leakage is one of the trusted people because the update came at the same time this list came out. That, or SONY is really quick, impressively quick at finding the exploit also.

  59. Maxim says:

    arcade pool & snooker and arcade air hoockey & bowling exploits don’t work for me

  60. Maxim says:

    can anyone tell me why it deosn’t work?

  61. ErnieBall says:

    @ MAX Yes you are wrong. If you want to get a eCFW on your Vita, the last thing you should do is installing brandnew Vita firmware.

  62. voddy says:

    arcade pool & snooker does not work for me either
    numblast does work for me

  63. Chrysolite says:

    I don’t see Qruton OR Numblast on the JP store. Where the heck?!

  64. Gino says:

    Hi All, I am having this problem. I just bought the game Numblast from my PC logging on my PSN profile. When I turn on the PS Vita FW 3.01 and I try to sign in, it doesn’t let me sign in as it asks for a System Update (I guess the 3.10) How can I do to download the game on my PS Vita?

  65. Fuji77 says:

    Like i said before, the pool hall pro exploit does not work. I have 3.01, the game, and the exploit and did it exactly as followed. Stop deleting my comments.

  66. Gino says:

    Hi All, I am having this problem. I just bought the game Numblast from my PC logging on my PSN profile. When I turn on the PS Vita FW 3.01 and I try to sign in, it doesn’t let me sign in as it asks for a System Update (I guess the 3.10) How can I do to download the game on my PS Vita?

  67. Fuji77 says:

    can we get a fix for pool hall pro? It wont load the tn-v loader.

  68. Gino says:

    Thanks Fuji77 but I don’t have a PS3 ((

    Is there another workaround? ((((

  69. 2mfo2 says:

    guys, I bought the pool hall pro american, downloaded and did everything contained in the tutorial, but nothing happens in the game. Has anyone used this game to install 6.60? If so, how did that to run TN V-8 and install it? grateful

  70. Chaoswanderer says:

    To everyone asking how to get games without upgrading read the tutorial. I am new to the scene I read that tutorial and viola 3.01 with Numblast.

  71. Gino says:

    Chaoswanderer, Where is this tutorial?

  72. Gino says:

    The only tutorial that I found is not working for me.
    If I download a game from the PSN through my PC and I then push it to be downloaded to my PS Vita and I restarted my Vita but the game is not going to be downloaded. I am in South Africa at the moment and I have seen that the PSN store from here is not accessible. Could be it the reason? (I am using a proxy on my pc).

  73. Or says:

    after doing all this can i turn on my wifi and surf the web on the vita? thanks.

  74. jers says:

    is this available in firmwre 3.12

  75. cmp says:

    I tried to install tnv8 on Pool Hall Pro but it doesn’t work.
    After following all the steps, I enter the game and load the savedata, but it doesn’t open the recovery menu and after a while it returns an error and exit the game.
    Does anyone found a solution or some other working game for the exploit?

  76. XepherjAeZ says:

    Numblast is SGD15.99 on SG store >_<
    still worth to buy ? i'm scare it will not work …

  77. Mrsnps says:

    What are the steps to trigger the exploit using Arcade Pool & Snooker on FW 3.01?

  78. Kevin says:

    here this guy made a very nice step by step tutorial for NUMBLAST.
    from A to Z. it helped me getin it downloaded and installed.

  79. Chrysolite says:

    For Qruton, you might want to add the katakana name to this article: クルトン. You will have a heck of a time trying to find it if you type it in English. Found it in a second when typing it in Japanese! Also, on iPhone or PC it kept giving me an error when trying to purchase it, but had no problems when purchasing it on my PSP! If you have a PS3, you might try that, too. BTW, Qruton is 1,000 yen on the JP PSN. That’s $10 compared to the US PSN price of $2.99… But I’d rather keep my card as is, so I’m sticking to my JP account.

  80. voltezo5 says:

    Hi guys, I’ve downloaded pool hall pro and tn-v loader on this site. When loaded and tried to alter player, the game just freezes and nothing happens. I’ve already have the 660.pbp and put the necessary files at savegame data using cma trick. Please help I’m on 3.01. Thank you.

  81. twiggy says:

    hi i have got two of the exploited games on my psn store downloads list and even on my ps 3 but can i heck get one of them on my vita without updating…..ive tried the tutorial above but dont get any rotating stars it just doesnt show up. i tried the plane mode trick nd still no luck. tried copying them from my ps3 by cm and ps3 remote just not happening keep on getting the update message.if anyone has any ideas of a way to get one of the games on to my vita without updating id be a happy chappy

  82. voltezo5 says:

    Hey guys, I’ve downloaded Pool Hall Pro US Version and put the necessary files via CMA trick. But when I load the loader via alter player the game just freezes. Am I Missing something? or the exploit does not work?

  83. Alex says:

    Hi can someone please tell me how to do this for numblast i been trying so much and its not working for me. What am i doing wrong :(. I get two folders the exploit and the save data. I put the core files into the exploit along with the 660.pbp and it wont show up in content manager. Can someone give me a detailed step 2 step on what 2 do :). Thanks

  84. PanchoLoco says:

    THANKS!!! I bought NumBlast for 3 bucks. And now I have eCFW!! heck YES!!!

  85. Blazer says:

    How much does NumBlast cost on UK PSN?

  86. Bombaclaut says:

    Question i used the numblast exploit on my vits got everything to work hacked and everything but i cant play games on my ps vuta because they require an updatr..question is if i update my ps vita with the exploit will i lose it?

  87. Just tried “numblast” exploit and finally I am on TN-8. Playing NFS prostreet and WRC – no bugs.
    Was waiting for it almost 2 years can’t catch exploit game.
    I can tell its working. I am on 3.01
    Thx to all)))

  88. FrankP05 says:

    Having a really hard time transferring Homebrews/Emulators over to my Vita. On firmware 3.01 using Numblast. I got the exploit working and it boots fine but when i make my INSTALL.ZIP file and compress it and put it in the kexploit folder to transfer it over it still doesnt show up. It only shows up in the save data utility and not on the Memory Stick!!! I’ve already made sure that im naming everything right and i stuck it in the following file tree: INSTALL.ZIP/PSP/GAME/SNES9X/EBOOT.PBP. I really dont know what im doing wrong here. Ive seen other people with the same problem but they dont have any solutions to the problem either. Thanks

    • bombaclaut says:

      Did you put the zip file in the save data folder and not the exploit folder because i had the same problem untill i placed it in the save data folder that doesnt have 660.bp inside

  89. Lisa says:

    Hi there psvita girl here, I am not the best with this I have a psvita 2.12 fw, and can’t seem to understand how to upgrade without updating fw can someone do a simple YouTube vid tutorial I would be really grateful guys
    Thanks in advance Lisa from Sydney Australia

  90. ccc says:

    TNV Loader – Numblast (AS Version) – FW 3.01 and below Download from (direct link)

    the link is not working re-upload pls….

  91. ccc says:

    Error 404 – Not Found

    The document you are looking for may have been removed or re-named. Please contact the web site owner for further assistance.

    this is what it says…..

  92. Bobthefool says:


  93. bobby says:

    c1-2858-3 error *** i am in australia and downloaded AS version andits not working help please guys?

  94. iwaslate says:

    so.. i was late 4 days but still manage to get numblast.

  95. phil87700 says:

    :-( missing my Vita

  96. dontxthestreams says:

    Will any work on 3.12? Like Numblast … etc..

  97. saj says:

    Hi i updated my psvita to 3.12 and i can see the numblast game in psn store can i buy it so i can get use the exploit..

  98. Max7731 says:

    @ SAJ The exploie Numblast not work in 3.12.

  99. Gino says:


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