New mandatory Playstation Vita Firmware 3.10 released – Blocks TN-V kernel mode exploit and various exploit titles!

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91 Responses

  1. mohsen says:

    bye bye, PSN

  2. Rocklima2 says:

    Damn Ps Vita update never show news function or more game compatibility ps one game.

  3. chris says:

    does any 3.01 exploit game return on psn i am itching to set up my ps vita to kernel exploit :)

  4. frank-jaeger says:

    well psn was fun while it lasted…

  5. takotako says:

    They moved Parental Control out from Settings app.

    They made PS4 Link and PS3 Remote Play two separate apps while they should merge into one.

    They still can’t make PS4 Link working on Vita TV.

    and now…

    They moved Application Data Management out from Settings app, change its UI’s color, and threw it into Content Manager.
    Still can’t backup and delete Vita game’s savedata alone without backup/delete the game itself.
    (Ok, PS Plus can do that, but SCEJA quietly removed the “55+ free games a year” promise from Japanese PS Plus’s description)

    What’s the point?

    $ONY make.***

    • mixedfish says:

      What’s the point? You can now have 500 applications on the screen, so who gives a flying f***, put the *** in folders you don’t want.

      • jake says:

        I’m 100% sure (okay 99%) that Sony said Vita TV wouldn’t be compatable with PS4 at launch.

        Now remember what sony does when sony says “it will”. It usually will take forever, or not arrive at all (although changers of latter are low)

    • DeathOfChaos says:

      Sooo… why make the Vita TV compatible with PS4 Link? Just play your PS4 on the TV using your PS4…

    • gunblade says:

      Well in early firmware could delete the game from content manager on the vita think they jus moved it to make more room in the setting app. crazy if someone was making a custum firmware. They have to add the prosess of moving the sub app if they was adding update 3.10

  6. LennyVita says:

    Still not worth the update. i will keep the greatness of TN-V.

  7. R says:

    can I buy games from PSN on the PS3 and transfer them to the Vita if I stay on 3.01 ???

  8. Anas says:

    Yes ofc you can through OCMA trick with the ps3

  9. Skia says:

    But without any exploited games to use the TN-V it doesn’t really matter that they patched the exploit for the games that were already patched individually?

    Or am i missing something?

  10. Sky Yuki says:

    The real new application is : Calendar
    Other than that bug fix bug fix more customize to old app
    Not worth it
    I think there’s psp calendar homebrew

    • gunblade says:

      It’s Google calender probly connected to gmail and Google + would be usefull if sony dident upgrade the Browser app trick there gmail offline I think not sure lol…

  11. weezer says:

    does anyone know how to acess content manager without updating?

  12. Kokumotsu says:

    So with this update I’m not even considering it. So my question is. I’m a PS+ member. Since I’m not updating my vita. Is there a way I can still get the free games through ps3 since it uses the same store and transfer it using ocma?
    I saw a post a few days ago but didn’t get to read it

  13. Galford says:

    COME BACK TOTAL_NOOB..!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jaime says:

    aaaand… this is why I just bought a 2nd hand PSPGo – Which cost about the same as an exploit game from PSN.
    Now I have a PSP for emulators and a Vita for multiplayer gaming.
    No more hassle.

  15. reprep says:

    here is my question. i have a psn plus still going on and i am on 3.01. i will not update to 3.10.

    i know i can still get to psn via charles proxy but does anyone have an estimate about how long it will last from past experiences? if it lasts for about a month, i will renew my psn plus for one month as it is about to expire.

    i do not have a ps3 with me now, or another vita.

    • DarkenLX says:

      Short Answer: Charles if your lucky youll get at max 5 days it really depends how fast sony works.
      I’m trying to see if i can find another method it will prolly be something combined with charles but atm im getting as much data on this issue as i possibly can before i make any solid claims.

  16. mma_jedi says:

    I always turn my Vita off at bedtime, last night I forgot to. Woke up this morning and when hitting the home button it had a mssg that said “Update has been downloaded”..I was like “please no!!!please don’t have auto-updated”…luckily it just dl’ed it instead of installing. So I went to the dl bubble and hit cancel and it deleted the 3.10 update from my Vita. Thank the Maker!

    TN-V8 FTW!!!

  17. megav says:

    Okay, let me make sure of something. I’m on 3.01 or whatever and I have the King of Pool exploit. And if I update, I assume I won’t be able to use this exploit anymore, right? Sorry, I’m dumb, I dunno how these things work 😛

  18. madruss94 says:

    lol, thank god i just got Final Fantasy X / X-2 before the store went down, phew!!!

  19. zsld0423 says:

    Glad I at least got FF X-2 off the store before this happened

  20. dragonsdogma says:

    I might as well update, I missed every single exploit

  21. solidsnake says:

    Why are they always adding some sort of social networking feature that no one wants! The Psvita is not a phone or pad. Its for playing games with your friends not texting or voicing your friends! I could think of a billion little improvements besides social media. Are we as a species so easily controllable?

  22. HunterX says:

    I have 3.01 and I download the monster hunter united USA. wanted to know if I can use TN-V with my ps vita fw3.01 with MHU?

  23. Freezer says:

    Damn.., I knew it. With Borderlands 2 ps vita coming up & the massive 1.2 Terraria update slowly rolling out, not to mention FEZ, Minecraft & Isaac rebirth, Sony just had to screw up SOMETHING again. 😀 unfortunately one can not have everything, now to update or not to update, thats the question.. Plus I don’t think I’ll survive long without Killzone having multiplayer.. My brain is gonna explodeee

    • franz says:

      Yah mee too killzone merc online just blows every psp games away best fps shooter vs free psp games guys could tell u u could buy a psp but how about the second analog plus some psp games arent on psn birth by sleep, crisis core etc while terrible psp games are their ***?

  24. decookaaron says:

    Today my vita was acting weird my update wasnt mandatory. I didnt update and was still able to go to the PSN Store and tue norm. But this tuime i chose to update it since i dont use any exploits since i still have my PSP 1001 with dual joustick mod. But i did find it weird it didnt self update or forced it self on my vita when i was connected. Anyone else seen this on their vita?

  25. Anton says:

    If I have king of pool, would VHBL or another non TN-V loader work on 3.10?

  26. Monty says:

    Do persona exploit still work on updated firmware

  27. Tyler Tizard says:

    Well, still no sight of Minecraft Vita so it looks like I’ll be staying on 3.01 with TN-V! I’m excited to see future exploits on this new Firmware.

  28. veelk says:

    Does it add a UMD drive on the back?
    Does it allow Video output through the charger port or mystery port?
    Does it allow lower brightness than minimum?
    Does it allow less saturated colors so I don’t go insane playing old games on OLED cause they look painfully colorful?
    Any limited time FREE downloads to whoever updates?

  29. CyKo says:

    Can anybody post a link for the tutorial to buy games in PSN, without updating the vita?

  30. Alex says:

    It’s for that I have now 2 Ps Vita lol

  31. omgscared says:

    Oh god…Can I still remote play without updating?

  32. Armando says:

    Charles Proxy works! I’m using 3.01 and I just downloaded Destiny of Spirits and the conception 2 demo.

    • sam2u22000 says:

      armondo how are you getting this to work mine keeps saying update software is there a video tutorial on youtube or something?

  33. Armando says:

    I forgot the link to where I found the tut, there yah go!

  34. Claudio says:

    I got Pèrsona 2 Xploit.. so if I update… bye bye TN-V…am I right..??
    The only reason I bought PSVITA is for playing FFX -X2…so this is my question… Can i Download X2 via PS3 and transfer it to my PSVita without update..????

    Just tell me that i can and i’ll be happy… :) ( or crush my dreams..haha )

  35. Madziontist says:

    I have OpenCMA installed, and it keep prompting me to update? Anybody else have this issue, or know the solution?

    • Dockotis says:

      Completely turn off Wi-Fi, then completely turn off your vita, verify OpenCMA is installed (turn off your computer’s interwebz if need be for what’s next) then start your vita (should be in airplane mode) connect to OCMA (should spoof firmware authentication as usual) and once it’s in, your good to go… That’s how I do it with no failures or updating!

    • gunblade says:

      Yea think if Ur live screen updated. Solution Pretty easy.

  36. h2oPSV says:

    this update bricks 32gb sticks to an unrepairable state. sony is aware of the problem. lol.

  37. h2oPSV says:

    i lost some save data but now gamestop is trying to resale a bricked memory card i got a new one free :)

  38. Ark says:

    It looks like Sony took some 32GB memory cards as an exploit too, it seems…

    • gunblade says:

      Well technily in the early firmware 32 was the limit think in 180 Sony add the patch to upgrade the memory cards to 64 not sure tough jus read about it.

  39. Kokumotsu says:

    im having problems getting OCMA working now. its saying i need to update. i have vita in airplane mode, internet off on PC and i just reinstalled OCMA> what gives?

  40. maicom says:

    my ps vita when I plug it in when I cma transeri the game asks to update my psvita if not put it exits the menu .. I need steel puts other games

  41. FreeMyVita says:

    It let me play kill zone until I left the multi player! Is there a way to proxy so that we can play killzone?

  42. jake says:

    So now that TN’s gone… what’s gonna happen?

  43. R.O.C.K. says:

    Armando, did you just followed the Charles Proxy tutorial? I simply can’t connect to the PSN! What you did exactly?

    • Armando says:

      Yeah I followed his tutorial, at first I could not get it to work but make sure after you edit the file and put it back into charles leave charles running and you should be able to connect to your wifi like normal and be able to access the psn.

      • R.O.C.K. says:

        …unfortunately it didn’t work form me. At least, initially. I couldn’t connect to PSN, but it apparently it allowed me to bypass the CMA check. So, it was good anyway. 8D

  44. hutchy says:

    Yes such usefull features were added. I hardley ever use my vita for vita things so im sticking to 3.01. To bad I cant uninstall psn all together.

  45. R.O.C.K. says:

    …man, I got something here. I couldn’t get Open CMA to work, and couldn’t connect to PSN with Charles. BUT after doing all the Proxy changes and all, CMA worked like a charm. So, if anyone is having problem with the Open CMA, try setting Charles and try again. ;D

  46. Maverick81PL says:

    Good work SONY!! Block all this mess!

  47. JusteSaiyan says:

    I’d consider the update if they were to have updated their list of PSP games.

    If anyone would be kind enough to see if these games are available for the Vita in the US store?

    Metal Gear Acid (1 and 2)
    ( – Announced for the PSVita )

    Otherwise, sticking to TN-V. They’re missing out on a purchase from me.

    • Anonymoose says:

      AC!D 1/2 has never been on the store. You’re fine with sticking with lower firmware forever at the rate Konami/Sony won’t put that on the store.

  48. vampirovic says:

    bonjour tout le monde

    un amis a réussi a obtenir le TN V exploit grâce a son amis q lui a donnez son compte psn + le jeux uno (il ont le même fw 2.02) malheureusement ça marche pas avec ma ps vita parce-que j ai le fw 3.01

    est ce que cette méthode marche avec le fw 3.01 ?

    quelqu’un peut m’aider
    tout le monde sais q quand on a le TN V le compte psn ne sert à rien

    c ça marche je lui donnerai un code psn de 20 euro lol

  49. franz says:

    Bye psn, damn finishing birth by sleep now.. I play killzone online though now i have to say goodbye.. I wish theres some alternative to go online again.. Or 3.10 gets hack

  50. Shenmue says:

    Back to the drawing board Total_Noob :(

  51. gunblade says:

    Odd how one can tell from the update the security features Sony improved on fun one was the stand by mode for the battery the content thing on the card that blocks ps3 ocma and the conten manager that make it harder to copy backup from.

  52. lolaaan says:

    lol.. its good to see no more hack…
    unhackable vita

  53. remf says:

    cant access psn.and CMA. need update? what do i do to to use open CMA without updation. is there a bypass?

  54. John says:

    I only played one game with the exploit anyways. but the vita already got it’s own version of it released so it’s all good.

  55. gbg says:

    That list of changes – notice I didn’t say improvments – are complete ***. Wow, the part that blows my mind is that they actually think people will get excited over that garbage and want to update.

    What a waste to even put the time and electricity into an update like that. They would have been better off just closing the exploits. It would have cost them less $$ and it would have the same effect as this polished *** of an update. Yes you can polish a ***, the mythbusters proved it.

    I mean if somebody is going to update to 3.10 it would be so they could play online and or use the psn without having to jump through special hoops. Not so they could get any of those crappy changes.

    What a waste, Sony.

    Give the Vita userbase something worthy of the money we Spend/Spent on the worlds (potentially) best handheld gaming system.

    • gunblade says:

      U saposed to be able to use the ps vita to play ps4 games on the go think though u would need a good connection and the 3g would be the best thin but they should have jus market the ps4 with the nasne that was saposed to have atnt broudband to bad the 3g cinection wouldent work with the current data plan on the market the iPhone was the only phone that acutly had an unlimited data plan I somehow didnot notice how I was on 3g n had no problem playing a game all day. But yea u would think even the ps4 video thing abit weird I think one would be more into watching the game I be playing then watching me play that game but I guess skpye was prety popular well would make sense wea if I was stuck on a level n had to do like certain thing to finish the level would be weird having some one watch me play the game and on video chat try to tel me how the finish the level but it’s new or o thing use to do on comp but the voice thing was something the ps vita had from the start jus only some game could use the chat feature

  56. Mr Magoo says:

    ok I have a question about a rumor that I say on another site. apparently PS Vita FW 3.10 seems have a “Large file block” it doesn’t allow files bigger than the eboot to be opened. Has anyone heard of this or how this will effect the future of exploits.

    • gunblade says:

      I guess it’s the patch that add the 500 game limit on the ps vita I guess probly an update patch to the update that added the feature to put games in to folders.

  57. gunblade says:

    Can’t wait to get a new ps vita that I can keep update with new firmware atleast the scene got a lil fun again. maybe if I have enough after I get my new laptop.

    • Mr Magoo says:

      yea, i have 2 at the moment. one is on 2.02 uno but wan to update to 2.12 field runners for full speed N64 emu. i have to have one ofw so that i can play my ps3/4 via remote play

  58. mediate says:

    “- Adjust Daylight Saving Automatically has been added.”
    That should have been there from the start! Why did it take them so long to implement automatic daylight savings adjust?!?

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