Unreal Engine 4 Released, Cryengine Subscription Announced

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  1. NakedFaerie says:

    Being cheaper is good as hopefully we will see more games getting released using it.
    BUT looking good and being easier isn’t always a good thing. There might be a lot of new games coming out but hopefully they will be good games. I’ve seen some good looking games that are absolutely ***. For me its the FF series. I think those games look awesome but the gameplay to me is the worst game ever made. I’m not Japanese thats probably why i hate it.

  2. ivo says:

    whats in an opensource or free dtcp-ip dlna player ?
    softdma is the only one i found and it costs 🙁

  3. David says:

    I didn’t noticed before that it can be such easy and simple to create a nice looking environment for your game which seems at the same time be very powerful.
    I would prefer Cryengine since I know where it has its roots and that’s why I would support them.

  4. ivo says:

    i would go for unreal knowing its been in the game way longer

  5. 110706 says:

    This looks fantastic. Well done Epic!

  6. pploco1996 says:

    That video made me want to drop Java and jump right into C++.

  7. R.o.m.e says:

    …Minimur, WTH happen thi….oh, don’t mind me folks just move along…

  8. jayturns says:

    just bought unreal engine 4, going to check it out in a bit. Looks great from the videos I have seen.

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