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  1. ivo says:

    Here’s my tutorial
    download the install.zip from sony ceo post on this site
    dont download the source as it been obfuscated for some reason

    install the install aon ur vita anyway u can ==>
    -on the vita itself download and install with pspfiler
    -on the ps3 download and load into ur ps3-cracked-cma for psp installation
    -on the pc download the install.zip and install with ur favorite cma (content manager assistant)

    once the package is recieved on the vita hit triangle on it.
    choose install or use ur favorit psp install method
    or a manuall ftp install in tnv8

    once installed run psplink2.271 thats psplink2.0 with one part from psplink3.0 that is boot271 … the 660 compatible and 271+ compatible eboot

    next wher running this psplink in wifi mode via the ini script so all u have to do now is …

    download puttytel.exe from putty.be on ur pc
    then open puttytel fillin port 10000 and ur ip and voila if ur connected on pc and on vita and on the same network then puttytel will greet u with a welcome to psplink netshell

    now this is a working psplink for psp 660
    what its not is a working usbhostfs as i didnt have nethostfs working for some reason of versions mismatch

    i hope this tutorial suits u
    and greetings

  2. Galford says:

    Yeah Gudluck people

  3. By Manabat says:

    How to play games on PS Vita

    1st. Insert your PS Vita card/cartridge on the PS Vita card/cartridge slot.

    2nd. The game will load and if you see the icon of your game, tap it and the LiveArea screen will appear.

    3rd. Tap the [Start] on the LiveArea screen and the game will start.

    To pause a PS Vita game, press the (PS) button. The game will pause and the LiveArea screen will appear. To resume the game, tap [Continue].

    To quit a PS Vita game, press the (PS) button. The game will pause and the LiveArea screen will appear. Just peel the screen and the game will quit.

    To remove the PS Vita card and cartridge, open the PS Vita card/cartridge slot and press the PS Vita card/cartridge to release it and remove it safely. Do not remove the PS Vita card/cartridge when the game is still loading and the access indicator is loading.

    That’s my PS Vita tutorial. I hope that you understand it.
    Thank you and good luck to all!

  4. dmaskell92 says:

    Attention people posting your tutorials on the blog, you can’t win unless it’s posted on the forums. People are duuuuuumb!

  5. gunblade says:

    Iam not real good at making tutorials.

    • 058 says:

      its easier than u think

      as long as you focus to an aspect of a certain console you to can win a free psn code!

      i prefer lottery drawings over this though just because i like to gamble >:D

  6. jd20dog says:

    no one looks at the ps3 section
    i bumped my psp 2 ps3 guild asking what kinds of revamp it needed and no one ever said anything……………

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