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DualShock 4 Issue May Have You Buying Games Without Your Knowing


Technology is cool

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  1. speedy

    *** in to turn my ps4 off fron now on.

  2. so you saying i can play ff online on two systems at the sqme time XD

  3. ice

    Quit writing the articles, they are worthless

    • wizardinblack

      Then dont waist your precious time reading them. After that find something better to do instead of being an *** and writing worthless comments. I hope someday people *** all over the things that make you happy because thats clearly what you like to do to others.

    • Awalsh053

      Theres places for people like u!!!

  4. Mizu

    Seems rather stupid of Sony to have set it up like this. If the DS4 controller is compatible with the PS3, they should have made it so it won’t control the PS4 if linked to the ps3 at the same time. That said, I’m completely with the poor people who accidentally bought stuff. That’d really be annoying.

    • mixedfish

      Sony has never once mentioned the DS4 is compatible with the PS3. Since the PS3 supports generic USB input and the DS4 can do so via a USB cable, people just happened to stumble on the discovery.

      • DrDOA

        If that were true, then it would be able to connect with the Xbox controller as well. Sony themselves made it compatible but did not choose to announce it to the public.

        • Baka Hito

          The ps3 is definitely conpatible with generic usb pads, I use a logitech controller on my ps3

          • ipwn7474

            I think what happens is that it sends commands through the usb for ps3 and commands through bluetooth at the same time because there must be no trigger to switch them so when the usb is pugged into the ps4 the commands the ps4 accepts them through usb and sony was to lasy to make a trigger to switch them

    • lolwut

      why would poor people stash $$$ in their psn wallet, LOL

  5. ils

    Half of me wants to trade this in for an Xbox with Titanfall right now.

    sounds like trolling
    anyone tried using DS4 on both PS3/4 simultaneously?
    I don’t believe DS4 can accept 2 masters at a time

    • SmashADBurn

      It’s not accepting two masters. The DS4 does not link with the PS3 wirelessly therefore it will not change the master mac address in the controller which was set by the PS4. It’s perfectly possible to control both systems at once, in theory.

  6. fate6

    “I leave my PS4 on as it’s downloading updates”

    But it can do that while in standby….

  7. omnipotent

    Anybody having trouble with Ffx remake save data? My vita and ps3 versions can’t find save files from cloud and I thought they were cross play pick up where you left off.please help if yours work.

    • xPreatorianx

      Why on earth are you requesting help on an article that has nothing to do with the thing you need help on? GO TO THE FORUMS! Just because this article is “active” doesn’t mean you should post offtopic ***!

  8. tts

    This happens not only when you use the DS4 on a PS3, but also when you connect it to a PC, and it can control both devices.

  9. JeoWay

    “Half of me wants to trade this in for an Xbox with Titanfall right now.”

    After reading this, it makes me feel like these are Xbots making this stuff up… lol

  10. Ninjakakashi

    Testing this and doesn’t happen to me. Just connect my ds4 to my ps3 without pressing the home button whilst my ps4 is on and doesn’t so fk all… To be honest your a *** if you didn’t think this was possible…

  11. Yifan Lu

    Just like “Sony Can Access Your Device Even When You Aren’t Signed In To PSN. Is It Legal?” and the article about katsu not releasing the mod. Here’s another example of a click baiting article with a misleading title. Is wololo.net desiring to be part of Gawker?

    • The Jay Doctor

      Yes I admit. The Sony article title was completely misleading, I had no idea what I was talking about. The katsu title wasn’t suggesting anything at all, just saying where we were at this moment. The title of this article could’ve been worded better “Using DualShock 4 on PS3 could have you buying games without knowing.”

      • Yifan Lu

        The title should have been “Dualshock 4 can operate PS4 and PS3 at the same time; causes some confusion” The whole thing about “buying games without your knowing” antagonizes sony (which we love to do) and is click-baiting. Plus this really isn’t even news. Some random guys on a random forum site presses random buttons on a PS4 controller and bought something? Slow news day.

  12. Kain

    Another good reason to use a prepaid card with my PSN wallet. No one is going to squeeze more money out of it than the amount I put on the card from time to time. No matter what voodoo is gonna happen. Absolutely with the poor guys who “bought” unknowingly, though.

  13. Charles Fasano

    I’ve used my DS4 on my PS3 a few times when I couldn’t find my PS3 controller and I need to do something on the PS3.

    Yes, while using the DS4 on the PS3 you can use the PS4 with the same controller at the same time as the DS4 is not using Bluetooth while hooked up to the PS3.

    I have noticed that the DS4 light bar is not on while using it with the PS3.

    I have tested this on my MacBook Pro. While the DS4 is hooked up via USB to either the PS3 or a computer, the PS Button does not work but if the PS button is pressed before the PS3 or computer detects the DS4 your PS4 WILL turn on and you can control both the PS3/Computer and the PS4 as the PS3/Computer use the USB port of the DS4 and the PS4 uses Bluetooth.

    The DS4 cannot be synced to the PS3 or the computer via Bluetooth.

    BTW, Sony made a statement that the DS4 can be used with the PS3 via the USB port on the DS4 controller. It is in the documentation in the package of the DS4 controller.

  14. The Kraken

    Just turn the ps4 off then

  15. arcangelnew

    Well captain obvious, of course if the DS4 is paired with both devices, and you have both devices on, it will use any key press or button press through his interface, so if you go to the right on dark souls on the ps4, it will go to the right too on the ps3 XMB menu, if you press X on darksouls it will access the psn store on the ps3, is like using a single keyboard on 2 different computers at the same time and not wanting screw something on the second one that you have untended, I will finish this with “only in america.”

    • FoxSevent

      I don’t think you can pair the DS4 to the PS3 it will only work when connected via USB.
      And when you do use it with the cord it won’t work on the PS4 while connected to the PS3.

  16. PlaGeRaN

    Cool and sad at the same time. I agree with Jay. If you’re online and not making purchases, remove any or all online purchase options. Or enable purchase authentication, it should prompt you for a password before purchasing.

  17. shapeshifter

    I’d say they should file a petition so they get refunds and get to keep the stuff they bought etc + a free vita starter bundle coz they already had a ps3 and bought a ps4 early only to be greeted with an issue like this and this means they are faithful sony customers and they should do these things to avoid losing loyal customers. Atleast Sony gave them the option of using DS4 on PS3 which was kind of them but it is incredibly stupid of the customer service guys and sonys devs who couldn’t get a simple thing like that right.

    • yes

      What happends if they start giving out refunds for this stuff? Couldnt ton of people just then do this on purpose, buying stuff on the PS Store and claim that they used the Dualshock 4 on the PS3, not knowing that the PS4 was also on? While i believe that people didnt intentionally buy stuff on the PS Store in this case, i doubt there is any way Sony can check if this is true or not.

  18. benemy

    After the psn getting hacked why would anyone put credit card info is beyond me. I just buy their cards off Amazon n have the code in minutes. I also use a disposable debit card. I no longer give out any real info to any company.

    • yes

      I dont see why there much to worry about having a creditcard on a Playstation console (or whatever gaming system it might be). Even after the PSN hack, there were incredible few reports of creditcard abuse. I would assume that most banks have insurance against creditcard abuse as well. I have my creditcard on there and i’m not worried at all. I’ve had it there since 2007 and nothing has happened. I dont blame people for being careful though, but personally i’m not worried about my creditcard at all.

      • xPreatorianx

        People with your mentality get their identity stolen every day. “oh no worries, it hasn’t happened to me yet. So why should I bother?” Gotta love it. You are a scammers wet dream. Seriously!

        • yes

          I think you misunderstood what i mean. My mentality is that i’m not afraid to have my creditcard info on big places like PSN and Amazon etc.. Seriously, why should i be afraid of this? I’m not talking about tossing my credit card info and personal info on every site possible. This is extremely common, and do you think that million of people get their identity stolen everyday? As i mentioned, i dont blame people if they want to avoid using their creditcard on these places, but personally i’m not worried.

          How exactly am i going to be scammed? The only risk i face is if someone hack those servers and get the creditcard info. But even then, i’m insured at my bank, so i wont lose any money. My PSN account is even registered with a fake name and adress, only the creditcard info is real. Maybe you should ask with a bit more info before you keep accusing me if being a scammers wet dream, seriously.

          • yes

            Just to correct something that i said. With “this is extremely common”, i mean that people store their creditcard info on big sites.

        • yes

          Sorry, i didnt try to sound rude, but its annoying when i get accused of something simply because i said that i’m not afraid to store my creditcard info on PSN and similar sites. In my opinion, its very unlikely that someone will find a way to abuse my creditcard through this. This isnt related to scamming either because i know exactly where i’m placing my creditcard info.

  19. Skars

    Either turn off your PS4 or request a password input prior to approving the transactions, this will make it more difficult to happen an accidental purchase.

    Anyway, this is some kind of undesired behavior, I believe that a refund in PSN wallet and the game removal from the library is reasonable in some cases when the user claim it asap.

  20. wickedchew

    maybe its a voice reaction, PS4 turn ON right now, go to PSN while talking/playing the PS3

  21. Zik

    it time like this when i’m glad i’m smarter than those idiots who don’t think to turn on the purchase authority.

    This is why you should turn it on. my niece and nephew plays on my ps3, so i enable this option. also enabled it in case i accidentally press teh purchase button.

    that why, i find this funny. Also, i’m certain that most of them probably didn’t want to use the DS3 on their ps3 instead…wat? they traded in their DS3 to buy a DS4? sound fishy.

  22. gunblade

    Well the Dr4 shouldent be much different from the ps3 controller so u can play ps3 games on a ps4 think the home buttons like different using on a ps3 but the ps4 should be able to register four contollers and two ps vita think four player split screen be alright on the vita screen. can’t the ps4 jus patch the ds4 guess can use a ps3 controller for now with the ps3.

  23. lennyvita

    That is Madness, Mario Madness… A refund should be offered.

    • lolwut

      why must we believe everything from internet ? take it with grain of salt, there’s no guarantee that the poster is not an XBOT.

  24. Skreama

    this explains lots

    i recently lost credit off my account when i got a email stating my music unlimited subscription had auto renewed
    which is wrong as i never subscribed

    i too use my ps4 pad on ps3 and that would explain how that happened

    contacted sony and they pretty much said tough *** you made the purchase

  25. assmuncher

    Time to call the credit card company and get some charge backs going.

    I can here Sony now- – hahaha we got your money and we will tell you that, you have no way to make us give it back muahahahaha

    We all should just take turns *** punting them….

  26. Leon2342

    Why do we feel the need to use the DS4 controller on the PS3? Because it feels better? Please, just use the DS3 controller, it’s not hard. If there is some benefit let me know.

  27. Charles Fasano