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Katsu HDMI Mod: Where does it stand now?

The Jay Doctor

I'm a guy who is really interested in hacking of all consoles, especially the PlayStation Vita. I am a blogger here on wololo.net

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  1. Gon_Hunter says:

    Katsu already shared his statement in Wololo’s blog saying “vote NO :D” with a funny gif of simpsons cash. http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=37571#p340542

    Just don’t insist guys, it is his work. and has the right for release anytime he wants. or he maybe he would leave the scene if this continue

    • BirthByRight says:

      i think katsu’s work is not as easy as you can see since it involves soldering very small pieces in the ps vita and that is why people with “shallow minds” would just rather pay than do the mod themselves.
      what i mean was even if it’s a public release, not all can do it and basically not everyone in wololo.net or in other forums would rather buy a soldering kit etc. just to mod their vita once or twice. 🙁
      so sad

    • 058 says:

      Imagine the kind of meticollous work this person had to do inorder to make his HDMI mod possible.

      Not only that but he had to know exactly what parts on the Vita’s Motherboard allowed this kind of mod to occur

      These people are an inspiration to every computer engineer in the world!

      😀 <3

      personally I would love to have a HDMI on my vita for less than 150 ^^

  2. JCSeto says:

    I dont understand.
    He got offered a money for schematics. And he does not release it saying he does not want to earn money? Doesnt sounds right to me.

    But I Cant wait for the schematics, because I WANT HDMI OUT.

  3. Honestly if he made it public but ever wanted to make a buck, I’d pay him to do the work since i would not want to make a mistake and f it up. heck I’d even make a donation to him and cover the S&H just to have him do it @.@

    • BirthByRight says:

      not all are “shallow minded people”.

      @TheJayDoctor : it’s very fortunate that you know how to solder and do basic i.t. stuff but please do consider that not everyone has the skills. 🙂

  4. benemy says:

    Easy. Screen shot of main menu, load onto TV, take picture. I gotta say fake until I see a video.

  5. AsDraS says:

    I think he’s a liar… he did not mod it with his own method he simply just bought one with hdmi mod and wants to get some attention.

    • jarald says:

      There is no HDMI vita mod besides his. That’s why we want it. The other one it a microcontroller hooked up into the PS vita that gets the signals from the Vita’s screen and sends it to the sister app on the computer to be decoded and displayed

  6. Nazar_Ops says:

    Alright fine, he does not have to release the schematics. But can he at least share a video with us? Just upload a video of the hack and I will believe you Katsu.

  7. gbro says:

    I think you are not getting the point. I understand from that message that he wants to sell it, that’s why he doesn’t release schematics to the wild. I don’t see anything wrong with that, no one here has the rights to demand anything from him anyway 😐

    Enough of all this begging/crying.

  8. benemy says:

    I don’t get the point of HDMI out anyways. Why buy something portable only to hook it up to a TV. Only use I could see is video capture.

    • Nazar_Ops says:

      Well I would use the HDMI out for live streaming. I would love to live stream some VITA games.

    • ndh777 says:

      For many reasons.

      One big reason is that it’s much easier to video-screenshot from a TV then directly from your Vita. Imagine how many people who review PS Vita games would want something like this so they could share their gaming with others.
      Another is just for pure entertainment. Perhaps you have a group of friends together who want to watch you play Killzone but don’t all want to crowd over your small screen.
      Another is to watch YouTube videos on a TV. Not everyone has a HDMI capable computer or smart device like an iPhone or iPad that has video out, so a PS Vita is the next choice. Not only for YouTube, but also for Netflix.
      The other reason is that some of us want to play these games on a bigger screen. Not all of the Vita games are available on the other systems. Killzone Mercenary is different than the one released for the PS4.
      In my case, I don’t even really bring my Vita outside of my room much anymore anyway, so it’s not really that portable for me anyway.

      I suppose your argument is the same as why anyone would want to make a Nintendo 64 or PlayStation 3 portable…people just do, that’s all it ultimately boils down to.

  9. Stranno says:

    Well, its a shame that “i will give details soon” means i will not release a ***.

    It looks like a fake, at least the cheap and easy way, but who knows.

  10. Ice says:

    Lol this article is totally wrong

  11. Chaosruler says:

    the Vita as it stands does not benefit much the streamers/youtubeers community and even with katsu’s finding it won’t, it still doesn’t have enough game library to be worth it, PSP can be captured yet I don’t see so much capture work on that…
    when the native vita exploit that will allow some interesting homebrew (and possible n64 emulator) will come, so will the capture hardware or software, and when it does – it will be right on time

    that’s at least my opinion so far

    also, it’s HIS finding, he can do the *** he wants with it unless he is being held by Sony representives for legal actions

  12. y(*.*)y says:

    here we go…the end of another Vita dev-to-be in the scene…=( but at least he’s still better than SKFU….hinted us a lot of Vita’s promising mods but never reveal any publicly

  13. awalsh053 says:

    I think what he has done/doing for the vita sceen is amazing ….I can’t wt to see what he does next I too want vita hdmi out so bad I’m almost ready to send it away to be modded lol
    I woy ld love to see a tutorial on how its done …..I think if he was to release he would get a lot of well deserved attention and praise + a big fat donation from me keep up the good work

  14. Leires says:

    On the one hand, i can see why he’d wanna keep it to himself. If it is real, it’s a toy nobody but him has. Or him and the select other few he’s told. To be honest though, people already are making money off similar things. The capture card mod (which is crazily overpriced), basically gives you what you want. While it’s not HDMI, it’s an output you can record gameplay with it and is just about the same thing; Playing your vita on a (bigger screen), albeit we’ve not seen a video of his mod so we don’t know if the frame rate and quality is as shoddy as the capture card..

    Still, the point i want to make here is that if his mod -is- cheaper to make, and was public knowledge, yes, people would make money off it. But they’d make a hellll of a lot less since (assuming it’s better quality) it’d be a better alternative.

    While i respect him for not sharing..Such a questionable excuse is a bit..off. Especially when you look around to see the capture card mod. I could get behind (albeit it’d be a slightly more dickish response) ‘I want to keep it for myself’, but..not releasing so people don’t get money? Hmm.. And no proof of concept either..no video (which should be easy enough, i mean heck.. You could literally make a video -with- the vita you’re using.)

    It all sounds a bit like he maybe bought the HDMI out mod from somewhere, was misunderstood, people got excited and he rode the deception train and when they asked how -he- did it, he realized he had no idea and decided to try to delay while he attempted to see if it died down or he could find details, to which he didn’t and now he refuses to make even a PoC video.

    If this was all a misunderstanding (which seems likely, honestly), it’s all good. Nobody (well, i won’t. trolls and idiots are always going to freak out) here of repute is going to freak out if you were misunderstood, sir. D:

  15. nero says:

    Why do you people insist on *** about this? He doesn’t owe you anything. How would you like it if someone was bugging you to release something that you didn’t want ot? You people need to grow up and do something useful with your pathetic lives. (That’s not aimed at the people who aren’t ***)

  16. The Jay Doctor says:


  17. benemy says:

    I think a trusted dev should set up donations for a vita with the mod then they can release how its done. I’d definitely throw sum $ to the cause.

  18. meanmachine781 says:

    Too bad.

  19. mma_jedi says:

    After reading all this..I say anyone that taunts many over an accomplishment like this w/o ever releasing is a punk. No matter what we’re talking..to put a carrot on a stick and nevr let the donkey have it? yeah, chump. If your excitement makes you share publicly, a victory in something, then never clueing people in, makes you pretentious, arrogant and usually disliked. Props to all those that do work for the scene AND SHARE. To those that just want to show off and be stingy…eat a pecker pie.

  20. jlo138 says:

    Ultimately what he does is his decision. If he doesn’t want to release because he wants to make a few bucks for the idea, then it’s his choice. That just means if you couldn’t do it yourself, it makes no difference. You’d end up paying someone else to do it for you anyways. Whether he releases for money or for free.

    If he doesn’t want to release because he don’t want people making money off his work, then it’s his decision still but understandable. It would happen anyways as demand increases, someone would need to do the mod. If it was me doing that mod, I would definitely charge. But at the same time, he would gain nothing but a bit of fame for the mod.

    In my personal opinion, I think he should release it. Free or not, just release it. Mainly because it’s good for the community. I see it as what’s the point of showing it if you don’t plan on sharing it whether it’s free or not. It wouldn’t be long before someone else discovers how to do it.

    In the end, he could have a hundred thousand people look at it and only a handful of people who could actually do it. Then even fewer who will even attempt it.

    He can do as he so pleases but that’s just my personal opinion. Take the opportunity and release, free or not.

  21. jake says:

    His mod, his decision, his choice.
    While I am sad he’s not releasing it, I respect his decision ‘cos he earned it.
    It’s like the sadness when a friend doesn’t let you scab off him when he has pizza xD you’re still friends (or in this case, a fan of his works).

  22. lolwut says:

    i predicted from the start that i went like this. nothing new if it including money.

  23. Shapeshifter says:

    What? A hardware hacker doesn’t want to release his method to public so people won’t earn money from it?? If it goes public , people will have two choices right?either they do it themselves or pay someone to do it for them locally (in my country even jail breaking etc are done by local shops,though I do it for free for all my friends,family etc) like my friend bought a psp 2000 when it was new and paid someone in a sidee mall in my city to install Prometheus 5.xx cfw on it , whereas I learned how to do it from wololo.net and did it at home without paying someone else to do it for me.
    My point being a public method may be public but no one will make quick bucks from it easily since its public
    What if someone else discovers it and releases it to public or sells it to a company such as datel then no one will believe if Katsu discovered the method or if it was a hoax etc
    He should make it public and offer help in the forums or give guidelines with the help of wololo imo that way no one will make money out of it and everyone’s happy

  24. sam2u22000 says:

    well if he wont release details thats cool someone else will figure it out but i would like to see more video footage maybe some tn-v running on it that would be cool and game play from some vita games

  25. gunblade says:

    I can kind of get how it’s done by the picture.

  26. Hazer7 says:

    No disrespect but, if he doesn’t release, some one else will. I already know some hardware technicians who’s working on it.<–But I wouldn't worry about them, they have better things to do.

  27. The Kraken says:

    Fair play, it’s a funky mod, but the whole idea of a portable device is to not have to be tied to a TV. It seems that this generation feels the need to be constantly gaming, either on consoles, phones, PC’s or other portable devices. Can’t you lot have an independent thought by yourselves or do you need Sony , Microsoft, Apple or Android to tell you what to do.

    As for the HDMI out mod, no one would blame you for selling your work, infact you should. If people are *** it’s because they want everything handed to them for free.

    • Pirate Cat says:

      I can agree that it’s his choice but, announcing something only to not release it, to make money or provide it freely, is dumb.

    • franz says:

      Dude who wouldnt want to play ur vita games on ur tv when at home i wnna play soul sacrifice on my tv and use my vita as a regular controller.. Plus vids via hdmi youtube etc a lot of useful things i dont even know why vita didnt comeout with a tv out in mind my ipad2 came earlier and it has vga hdmi out option vita is more restricted than apple damn

      • csaraiva says:

        Everyone is talking about it, but just one person has the work done. So many talented guys here… lets try something..

        We know that it’s possible, and the fault is ofcourse from sony that not equiped the vita with hdmi output. In the past we have the PSP GO with component output and dualshock sync, this is the way it should be with vita(we know, we wanted).

  28. Galford says:

    i think katsu is cute 😀

  29. xPreatorianx says:

    Man, this mentality needs to seriously die off! “Hi guys! I have a mod that I’m going to brag about but won’t share it.” – K, then keep it to yourself.

    Look, if you do something completely by yourself, that’s cool. But don’t dangle it in front of the public and then RIP it out of our faces at the same time. That’s just sc*** up.

    Either keep it private and don’t talk about it except with your “inner circle.” Or announce it publicly and share it. IT’S NOT HARD!

    PS: ANY hacker that blabs to the public about some new hack, exploit, etc and doesn’t release it, then says they aren’t doing it for the bragging rights/publicity/to compare *** size, etc is full of ***! End of discussion.

    • NakedFaerie says:

      I’ve been saying the exact same for many years. If your going to talk about it but not release it then its a fake so shut up about it.

      Why do you think I have such a bad name. Its because I did the same and got flamed for it. I kept telling people to release it or shut up as only a release will prove its not fake and I got flamed all the time on every forum.
      They made my name hated because I spoke up and I stood up for everyone against the *** devs who bragged but never released anything.

      The same went for the PSP and PS3 scene and its going on the Vita scene. There was a pic years ago of a Vita homebrew. I called it fake and I was right as it also never got released but there were many saying it was real. Well prove it and release it.

      Why do you think the Wii scene and 360 scene are go great? They dont talk about things they release things.
      How long was it before the WiiU was hacked? I think it was in the first month. It took months before the vita was and it wasn’t from trying it was from some *** wasn’t releasing it.

  30. no one says:

    Look what I bought, I mean made. I say I wont share how I did it but only because I didn’t. Ill get my efame for acting like I did the mod. Then when my name dies down ill tell everyone its not fake but ill still act like I did the mod.

  31. NakedFaerie says:

    If its so hard to do then most people would pay to get it done anyway so whats the problem?
    He might as well make it public and sell it. At least that way he makes some money where if he doesn’t someone else will release it and they will make the money.
    In the end him not releasing it is punishing the community and its his loss as he’s now lost his reputation for not releasing it.

  32. SPoONiE says:

    I’m not bothered by his decision. It’s his work.

  33. licious says:

    Disappointed. I don’t have to respect his decision. Especially after making it sound like he WOULD give us the details. His reason for why he won’t doesn’t even make sense to me.. even after it was some what deciphered. Kind of a *** move… kind of like.. holding a pale of water over someone on fire and then drinking the water with the excuse that you were thirsty. Thirsty….. FOR ATTENTION ROOAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR.

    Ok im done.

  34. 110706 says:

    2-3 people have offered to buy the method from me. I do not want to earn money, so that is why I’m not sharing.

    I dont quite understand.

    1. So he doesnt one 2-3 peoples money? commercial purposes
    2. He doesnt want to earn money?
    3. If he doesnt want money, why he doesnt release it for free?

    And another thing i dont understand. Even if someones manages to sell a mod like this, it would be easily reproduced by someone expert at soldering and the next thing you know YT will be full of tutorials about it. That is if this mod is doesnt require custom software+private cdkey as the hardmod tv-out we already know.

    Whatever. If people really really want tv-out for their Vita, just buy the capture card mod instead.
    Also people tend to forget that if we had CFW for Vita instead wasting time with nintendo emulators BS, we would already have a remotejoy lite version for PSV.

    Plug in the usb and you’re set to go. Personally i respect Katsu decision.

    And if people think this is easy, then why no one is buying a Vita TV and compares it’s motherboard HDMI port to a normal PS Vita motherboard.

    Here people : Vita mobo

    Vita TV mobo

    Now use your engineering skills and get to work and release it for free.

  35. pilens says:

    yep. this article is wrong.

  36. Mark says:


  37. franz says:

    Just share information should be free… Even if he share it i know only 4% of vita owners will have the *** to do it on their own, heck even installing cfw jailbreaking i a bussness here in my country cause real people share information no matter how many people will use it for tbeir own profit

  38. Arnookie says:

    People just don’t think. One reason for no release is the fact that a hdmi socket it quite delicate. This in its self makes it very hard to connect to the motherboard without causing stress. The fact that even moving and tilting the device would stress the mainboard and cause unit failures after very little use. This would then have people slamming Katsu for releasing the HDMI Mod and destroying their beloved vita.
    Just as an example try moving the HDMI cables at the back of you tv. Give them a good wiggle near the socket and you will get picture loss or picture corruption usually within seconds of doing it, Keep doing it for a min or two and you will see how hard it is to keep stable on a handheld device.
    heck my cameras do it all the time if I hold them whilst watching output on tv. Same with my Note 2 phone with hdmi output. It drops the picture constantly if I move my phone at all during HDMI output. Could you imagine trying to play a game and keep the vita still!
    I do think the main reason for no release of circuit diagrams or explanation is probably more to do with this more than any other reason.

    Katsu please say if I am wrong with this but that’s my take on it anyway.

  39. Tom says:

    I’ve been occasionally following news on possible Vita-to-TV methods because I’d love to put Touch My Katamari video(s) on the web … no luck yet, lol. (I don’t think Touch My Katamari is available on Vita TV.)

    Back before PSP Slim I actually did buy a modded PSP for similar purposes. There is a market out there for Vita-to-TV methods.

    I totally respect Katsu’s decision.

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