New big upcoming PS4 Update announced!

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  1. zorak_torok says:

    Mabey a workaround for media playback…. Format to fit the captures then they should play… I just hope you can get full screen and not just a little window. Hassle mabey? Yeah, but its a start.

  2. Ridley says:

    The only feature I want is being able to change the ‘Confirm’ button from X to O on my US PS4 Console. Both my PS3 and my Vita are the Japanese version and they both use O as the ‘Confirm’ button.

    • Darke says:

      Interesting. I would have thought that would have been a function of the firmware-language you selected rather then the console version. Knowledge Up! *level-up-music-goes-here*

      • Anon says:

        The firmware packages are actually universal. But despite the consoles being region free, they do seem to have an identifier for the region of the console itself.

        • Ridley says:

          I actually remember seeing a video of this option being available on a sony handheld/console. But it turned out that it had the debug firmware. I don’t understand why sony won’t include this on normal firmwares. It’s not like it can damage the Vita and cause a brick. Can it?

      • The Z says:

        The regional code of the console is hardcoded into the console.

        You would need a CFW/Nand modifier to change this.

        My canadian PS Vita has an english bootscreen, despite using it with a german language and german PSN account.

        As long as you cant change it (on the fly) via a CFW or permanently change it via nand modification, you have to use the region’ed version you have.

        • lolwut says:

          Dunno, but mine imported from HK, depends on language (or PSN account region ?), confirm button is different.

          • lolwut says:

            at first i use English and US region account, bootscreen language showed text in English too. now i’m using Japanese and JP region account, bootscreen shows text in Japanese.

        • Ridley says:

          I just saw a video in youtube showing a debug vita at gamesc. I think that was you. I understand why all those options are not included in the retail vita. Most normal users won’t know what to do with them. I don’t see how the ‘O button behavior’ is only added om debug firmwares.

  3. Galford says:

    $ony $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  4. Vampiresr says:

    hi i just bought a ps vita today with the firmware 1.80 i used to have a USED vita with exploit i think its UNO game.i am not sure whether i should update the vita to fw 3.01 and i am not sure how to get the uno game as i cant connect to psn without updating can anyone or any kind soul shine a light and tell me what i should do Keep it at 1.80 or update it to 3.01 please help thanks i am a Neebie in all of this.

    • alpmaster says:

      Hello friend yes if you have a ps3 you can transfer UNO to the Vita as long as you did not have vitas activated as game. Once you transfer the Uno game it automatically activates the Vita :-)

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