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Project Morpheus Announced! PS4 Virtual Reality gaming!

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  1. Thaddeus says:

    ” Sword Art Online is, it’s an insanely awesome anime series where players get trapped in a Virtual Reality MMORPG.”

    Great article up until this point. SAO is horribly written, poorly animated (second half), screams teenage angst and it’s painfully clear the MC is an author self-insert (see: Chapter 16.5). Kirito has to be one of the worst written character in a really long time. The girls were all cute at least.

    Hack series and Log Horizon both do the “trapped in MMORPG” setting a lot better.

    • dmaskell92 says:

      I was a huge fan of the illustration, but the Story fell apart. I still liked it regardless.

      • Shapeshifter says:

        Yeah Sony sorta lost it after the ps2 and psp eras
        After that the quality and pricing etc all have gone the wrong way(only console market not Bravia,Xperia,vaio)

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Obviously you can tell that I liked SAO better 😆
      I tried watching one of the hack series but didn’t really enjoy it as much. Never heard of Log Horizon though, will give it a try 🙂

      • Carlos says:

        Log Horizon is pretty darn awesome. It’s definitely on par if not better than SAO (first half). But it’s awesome in a different way, instead of despairing and focusing on getting out, LH is more of “Well, since we’re stuck here, might as well make the most of it.”

    • Rey says:

      “Someone has a different opinion than me, his article is bad just because of that.”

      Look, in my opinion SAO isn’t as good as people say it is, but it isn’t horribly bad either. the story is pretty ***, but the action, animation and sound make up for it. The battles where great and I enjoyed it, regardless of the bad plot.

      I agree that Log Horizon is better though, I can’t say the same about Hack.

      Also, Try not to go around saying article aren’t good just because you don’t agree on the bloggers personal opinion.

  2. jake says:

    Illumiroom wasn’t officially cancelled, but it was just way too expensive so yeah…. They’re calling it a ‘proof of concept’ so it was never cancelled because it was never made for public production -ish

    I do agree it’s super cool illumiroom but projectors… I just don’t know how t hat’d work

  3. nazar_ops says:

    Virtual reality gaming does sound exciting. But I think it will take about 3 years from now before we will see something groundbreaking that is using virtual reality. I really doubt that they will push the use of virtual reality to the fullest once it releases because the full potential has not been discovered yet.

  4. Sony says:

    It looks cool I’m working in GDC can’t wait to check it out I wonder what the price will b for it

  5. Valhalla says:

    VR makes me happy to be studying games development.

  6. BahamutBBob says:

    What I disliked about SAO were “Oh hey, we’re out of SAO! Let’s go play this new VMMO!”

    And the end of the series -_-

    They should have ended it when they “beat” SAO…

  7. HaYNigloo says:

    IMHO, I’d rather support a more open product like the Oculus Rift.

  8. Skia says:

    Same day that Sony announces this, OR announces the new and improved Dev Kit 2. They already aware of the pressure.

  9. Knight says:

    I don’t understand why you guys (the author included) keep spouting “virtual reality this, virtual reality that.” This upcoming technology should be referred to as “virtual immersion” rather than “virtual reality.” The only thing this does, is surround your vision such that you see whats inside the game. All other senses other than sight and maybe sound remain separate from the game.

    In my opinion, there is no way on earth that we will reach actual virtual reality technology for at least another 50 years. And 50 years I feel is extremely generous. Technology does have a way of progressing quicker than expected, and such is the only reason that I would even use a lower limit of 50 years…otherwise it would be more like a 120 year minimum.

    The incredible amount of information that would be required to transfer controlled smell, touch, taste, vestibular, kinesthetic, and thermoception signals to our brains is astronomical. Not to mention developing the methods to transfer this information would take a team of geniuses decades of work for EACH SENSE. Not to mention the absurd number of safety concerns involved with this. It makes you wonder if such a technology could ever be safe enough to be legal.

    When people start conjecturing about a “real life SAO soon,” I think they’re getting a little ahead of themselves is all.

    • Kira Pradana says:

      Agreed, except for the safety part. I mean, people getting killed in SAO, no safety needed for this game.

  10. im a bowt says:

    Hurr durr I can throw numbers and big words to support my opinion.

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