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  1. Edzo says:

    Im very bitter towards Ground Zeroes. May as well of been a series of cutscenes at the opening of MGS5. 30 bucks for extremely short single player content with little to no replayability feels like a massive ripoff. I am a massive Metal Gear fan and I don’t see any reason to buy it. It has a cash-grab feel

    • Acid_Snake says:

      what else do you expect from the direct sequel to Peace Walker? the worst Metal Gear game ever made.

      • John Doe says:

        Ground Zeroes is amazing. Much better than Peace Walker. True, there is little story, but what it has is great and leaves you really looking forward to The Phantom Pain. The game play is the best MGS gameplay for sure. Camp Omega is pretty big, and I’m definitely going to replay the game because I’ve barely seen any of it yet. And of course there are the side ops and Deja Vu mission. Plus it has some tapes from Peace Walker. Its not complete game, obviously, but it is worth the price I think. And the graphics on PS3 are probably the best last Gen graphics out there.
        I was skeptical at first, but it’s a must-have if you’re a Metal Gear fan. That 4/10 *** is just a bunch of salty gamers who are just doing what gamers do best–complain. It’s a joke that people are actually reviewing it bad just because it’s short. It’s one of the most top -quality games I’ve played. “Journalism.” Ha

        • Acid_Snake says:

          Judging Ground Zeroes by the gameplay only is the mistake newcomers do and what *** long-time fans like myself. Metal Gear has never been a game about gameplay, heck the original one had a horrible gameplay, but it’s a freaking legend for a reason. That said, if you just liked the gameplay then you aren’t really a true fan, just a casual gamer that happens to enjoy it and move along. I am ok with that as long as you do not request that to be the standard for a Metal Gear game, the standard is, and should always be, the storyline. That said, a 4/10 is more than a good score, specially taking into consideration that you are being given a freaking demo for 30€, only 5€ less than what I payed for MGS HD for the Vita, which offered not one, not two, but 4 LEGENDARY games on the go, coupled with 300+ extra VR missions. Now that is a bargain, GZ is more of a ripoff, so yeah it well deserves the score of 4/10. Now let’s see if Kojima makes up for this utter *** with The Phantom Pain.

      • Setzer Gabianni says:

        in a gameplay perspective maybe it could be the worst (it’s a little more oriented to the action instead the sneaking but not that much, you can play it almost all the time in sneaking mode, this time the game give the chose to you… i don’t think thats all that bad) but i think that if you look the game in terms of story maybe its the second or third best, i mean, it is true that the scond characters are crapy (not everyone) but the way that the story of the game fits into the real history its awesome (only solid 3 it’s better), and it clarify a lot of questions unanswered in the previous games (who was master miller and his relationship with big boss, how the patriots obtain the technology to create the IA’s in MGS4, how outer heaven was created including how big boss raised his army, how metal gear was created and how outher heaven obtained nuclear power)… i mean, if you ask me i’ll put in my last place portable ops instead peace walker: the designs was not made from shinkawa, you don’t hear the voices of the characters in the cutscenes (not in everyone at least) the sonar/radar wa crapy and you don’t know for sure where was your enemy when you was hiding for example (especialy if you are not in the same terrain level of the enemy), the story was pretty poor, i mean, it almost not have anyone if you take off the ending or the fact that you play with big boss, the music it’s very poorly compared with PW, the places where you play are almost the same, i mean it’s a bad game in ters of textures and 3d models, and lets not talk of his null filters… it’s like konami and sony was so desperated to launch an exclusive metal gear that they do everything fast and the finish tenically and storytelling speaking was awfull, maybe that’s the reason that PW it’s in HD Collection but Portable Ops no.
        Maybe PW was not the best game of the saga but i think it’s a good game and has a very good replay value to obtain everything (maybe too much 😛 ).

        • Acid_Snake says:

          The problem I have with PW is not gameplay, although I think they went too action based on it (which started with MGS4 but was more prominent in PW) the gameplay was smooth, what I disliked was the story. It took a big dump on MGS3, MPO, MGS4 and specially the classic MSX games (that chapter 5 was the worst thing ever created for a Metal Gear game).
          To put it into perspective, I’ve replayed every Metal Gear game an average of 10 times just for the story (with MGS1, 2 and 3 being the ones I’ve replayed most) while I have only played PW’s story once, FREAKING ONCE, I tried replaying it again and quickly dismissed it, it’s that horrible and forgettable.

  2. laFlex says:

    hapyy birthday! ty

  3. ninjakakashi says:

    They are cash grabbing but it is because of Konami not the creators of the game…

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