Piracy just doesn’t make sense anymore


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  1. Dorothy says:

    I was looking for excuses just like you, trying to make up some noble reasons and rebel ideas, but in the end came to a simple thought, that justifying a crime is naif and stupid and pointless in the end. You could cry as loud as you can, but Law is strict to your deeds and don’t give a f*.
    I am just stealing. Dull. No one is chasing me, so i am stealing.

  2. Hazer7 says:

    Its simple, if you are a kid or someone with 0 income, its perfectly alright to pirate games but if you have a income and you pirate games its just sad, very sad.

  3. Skia says:

    I think piracy makes perfect sense, allow me to explain. First off, we have usually the same games created for multiple platforms. It used to be just PS3, Xbox 360, PC and now even next gen consoles are getting the same games so that is 6 different platforms a game can be released on. Developers are usually finding effortless ways of porting to different consoles. Not to mention consoles hardware has been reaching this singularity where they too are becoming glorified PCs with cleverly designed proprietary hardware to make them sell like move or kinect. Now whats my point with all this diversity?

    You would think with all this diversity and competition prices would drop? That it would be good for the customer. The truth is, it isn’t. Games have been $50 now $60 since PS1. The hardware inside that they use hasn’t been diversifying, the cases and names have. Its always been AMD/INTEL. Its like if I were to build 6 different computers and make an OS specific to each so that I can have the same game charged full price 6 time. Its robbery. If I want to play with my COD with 6 friends who each have a different console, I’d have to buy each platform, then the game 6 times, that is $360 in games alone.

    My point is, games should be cheaper than they are now, at least 3x to 6x cheaper based on platform diversity. Exclusives would make more sense to charge more but the whole idea of exclusives is just greed unfolding right before your eyes. Unless I buy a game for $60 that has a key for every platform the price should go down.

    Playstation+ would be great if it weren’t for just playstation. Something like a yearly fee for all media content in the world would make pricey seem something of a joke, but with corporate greed that will never happen.

    Now what about indie developers? Piracy accommodates for that naturally. If you look at the top 100 pirated games, aka the games being pirated the most, you won’t find a single indie game there that hasn’t already profited. If your game is good, it will be a successes and if its a success it will consequently be among the most pirated games. So piracy is actually a means of determining successes. As an indie developer you want to see your game get pirated, then its all about pricing right.

    Now in terms of a solution? A one platform solution. Linux maybe? Probably. Valve definitely knows whats up. That is why they are pushing their games onto Linux. Once people can game on linux, linux will boom. Won’t happen overnight ofcourse and with people becoming more and more tech savvy, I suspect and hope that we can have all the great games we have and even better with out giants like Sony or Microsoft charging pointless licences to developers and making games as absurdly expensive as they our now.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Hazer7 says:

      The prices of games are this high because companies like Sony doesn’t make jack by selling consoles. Look at the PS3. It takes almost $800 to make a single Unit. They get all their profits from selling accessories and 9% from each game sold. Sony is investing on us not the other way around.

    • Hazer7 says:

      Its bad to pirate games cuz its not like people can go out to theaters and play games there.

      >All this is coming from a guy who pirates anything and everything that is intangible. But I rationalize with myself because I have no source of income.

  4. SomeKid says:

    You have your own beliefs, I have mine. Just because you like to pay for games doesn’t mean I like to. Just because you get this warm and tingly feeling from buying the game doesn’t mean I will buy it too. Don’t push your beliefs on otheres because frankly nobody gives and *** and will keep doing what they want. If I wanna download it a game nothing is stopping me.

  5. PlaGeRaN says:

    Once you convert ps+ year subscription to ZAR it’s to expensive. Doesn’t help with currency rate and poor employment in my country either.

  6. Ridley says:

    I remember back in Ps1 days. Backups were sold everywhere. Most stores even sold PS1 consoles with a chip installed in them. The thing is, me and my brothers never knew we were buying backups until they got banned by the government. At least i didn’t and that happened when the PS2 came out. We also bought GBC bootlegs since original GBC games didn’t exist in my country. The only other time I pirated a game was on my PSPgo when i wanted to play Crisis Core:FF and KH:BBS.

  7. fatman01923 says:

    While I agree with piracy becoming more pointless to do now with regards to all these sales from humble bundle, steam and what not… I believe you are looking at it from a post-income perspective. Meaning that you are financially okay and can afford to buy a game once in a while maybe to support your hobby. People who aren’t old enough to get jobs still have plently of reason to pirate. I don’t want to make this a *** contest but growing up I made about $30 a year from birthdays and allowance *sometimes*. My family didn’t believe in celebrating holidays except for thanksgiving. My parents occasionally bought me systems to play with like NES, Genesis,N64,PS1, etc. While it was a different time back then as I didn’t pirate (didn’t know how to lol and was very content with the things I had.) Games are so easy to pirate now in my opinion.

    Go to your favorite private tracker and 9/10 a new game not even out yet will be on there. Here is the thing I don’t agree or disagree with piracy at all. Humans will always try to beat the “system” in life. It is just in nature. If it isn’t with piracy its with business practices to move up the latter or takeover more marketshare of a competing company. Not reporting everything on your taxes, etc.

    Those may be terrible examples but I’m sure you can find situations where you or someone you know who may have beat out a “system” in a way. Again not justifying it but I think piracy is amoral, I don’t support it or despise it.

    Anyone feel free to tear me a “new one”! 😀

  8. EquivocalPsycho says:

    Here. Let’s look at it through the eyes of a modern 13 year old. That 13 year old will be me. Because I’m 13 :p Anyway. I’m a kid that’s spoiled to ***. I have like, 300 games. Combining my physical discs, steam purchases, and Digital games on both 7th and 8th gen consoles (360, One, PS3, PS4). Although, I still don’t find that enough. Those games are really all my brothers and they’re going to disappear when he leaves for college. That’s why I pirate the 6th gen games and games before that gen. I made a rule for myself not to pirate current gen games and 7th gen games as those are still coming out. If I ever do pirate 7th gen games, it’s because my brother will be at college and I’ll only have the PS3. I cannot ask my parents because I would not like a trifle like this to be of importance to my parents. My parents have better things to spend their money on and the only time I’ll ask my parents for a video game is when Christmas time comes or if it is my birthday. If anything, I shouldn’t be asking for games but something that I could get a little more production out of such as a pen tablet for my 3D Art and Design. Don’t get me wrong though, I am very passionate about video games and have played them for 80% of my life. But that does not mean that they are of the utmost importance to other people. So therefore, to get the games I want, or at least the type of games I want (JRPGs and such), I pirate. Call me a bad person if you want but I’ve no other choice. That’s through the eyes of a 13 year old. But, y’know, considering most 13 year olds today who are just a bunch of asshats, you’ll probably find this only coming out of me.

  9. spyderix says:

    <3 C&C

  10. Pirate says:

    I know its late,but i want to put in my two cents im 27 and currently unemployed, but when i was working i spent half of my check a week buying new games ,i was a gaming head and since i wasnt paying any bills (lucky me) i could do it,but eventually something happened.All this money spent and most of the games sucked and like others Gamestop rapes you with trade prices on new games,so when Hurrican Sandy hit i lost my crib and was placed in a hotel for a few months with the money i got i wenr flashed my 360 and bout copies and now do i see myself as a bad person? Yeah but i live with it.no excuses ,i honesty could care less that i pirate games that noone is going to care about months or even weeks down the line,call me what you will but not everyone is going to have an excuse they just.do it because its convenient.

    • jake says:

      In all honesty I think it’s about the mindset.

      If you’re a “lol you should pirate why waste money” kinda guy that’s bad

      If you’re a “hey, I’ll be honest, I pirate, but I don’t think it’s a great thing to do” – kinda guy that’s good

      If you have bought the game already and you pirate it, I don’t see you as a pirate since you owned them.

  11. mlc says:

    While you’re quite right about PS+ and Steam sales (less so PS+ due to the fee), I’m sure there are plenty of kids who still feel games are too expensive.

    But I wouldn’t say that necessitates piracy in any way, as having the next fad game that won’t be easily available discounted isn’t the only fun game kids will play. (as evidenced by my collection of games, some of which I liked at the time but which aren’t very good at all in retrospect)

    The thing that encourages piracy today is industry practices like online-only DRM or that “checks in,” digital-only distribution with the associated downside of being forced to rely on the company to maintain access to your purchases, and region-locked and exclusive DLC. I don’t want my copy to be inferior due to marketing decisions or industry abuses, and then things like digital-only distribution without any long term solution just means I’ll inevitably need to pirate it or repurchase it again someday. That makes piracy the more attractive option in some cases.

  12. Pobody's Nerfect says:

    Piracy introduced me to Steam, so I have that to thank.

  13. Nagstor says:

    I don’t pirate much at all never have my problem never were prizes(call me spoiled) the problem for me are moral and principle many companies bribe uhrm lobby… and some go as far as sponsering corrupt laws like SOPA PIPA Cispa (ELECTRONIC ARTS ) i spend over $6000 on playstation games alone(ps1-3) only to find out no Backward compatibility will be available on ps4(not if the soft emulation on later ps3s is any indication of what the ps4 bc will be like) one coulds say it’s the cause of piracy but i just don’t buy it being a programmer myself. I understand the pains of not getting value for your effort, but that’s far more so cause my boss doesn’t want to share the profits i know he’s making(no raises or bonnusses irrardles of product succes) of the software we work for more so than piracy. As for many cheap games now or few for the same price back in the day Not everyone wants to play them i personally am maybe interested in 1% of all those “cheap” games so the amount shouldn’t matter there’s no accounting for taste after all. so Totally disagree with OP

    • alec says:

      The worst is once the console is hacked, it become backward compatible and those who are legit still have to pay more… Why wouln’t you hack your console if they still do these things..

      • jake says:

        Just cos something is hacked won’t magically make it backwards compatable.

        Consider the PS4 as something different from PS3, PS2, and PS1 in its new architechture.

        PS3 could barely handle a lot of PS2 games (by a lot around a couple hundred). Even with a lot of its’ hardware found in the phat one.

        Now remember, PS4 and PS3 are very different compared to PS3 and PS2 (which are quite similar in terms of architechture)

  14. DudeGuy says:

    I used to pirate ALL the time when I was younger. I almost never bought games because my parents wouldn’t spend the money. Even into my teens when I had my own money I woudn’t spend it on games I didn’t REALLY want and i still pirated a shitload. Nowadays I never pirate anything and my Steam catalog is 259 games strong.

  15. c says:

    i never payed any game i played since ps1 ps2 and i own a ps3 now, a single full game in our country cost around $60 and the minimum wage everyday is $6/day. because a $60 is enough to feed a family of 4 for a week.

    • yslyannick says:

      Wow $60 is really cheap.
      I live in The Netherlands and 1 game costs €70 euro which is around $100.

      • psp411 says:

        in my country is to 100dls. mexico´s price 999.99 for ps3 games and for ps4 999.99 is an absolute absurd and a tief becouse psvita price of the game by example dragonscroun or killzone 999.99

        tne national money the “peso” is alredy at 15 for a dolar imagine

      • trey says:

        That doesn’t quite sound right; and 60 dollars is NOT cheap.

  16. cc says:

    i used to pirate stuff all the time, cuz i had pretty much no money, if i wanted a game or a movie i was lucky if i got it for christmas. which is why piracy was my only option. i’m a bit better off now, but i only got a ps3 a couple of years ago. it’ll be months or a year before i can get a ps4. i cant get many games but ps+ definitely helps. same with netflix and spotify.

  17. hotdogicn says:

    well,I am quite agree with you. A legal copy is pretty much easier to get than it was in the past. And also,free demos let us to decide whether we want to pay for it.
    But,we should take into consider that in some countries (for example,in my country,China),legal games are still expensive for average people,games imported are strictly censored,and even game consoles are illegal here(though the law banning consoles are abolished in Shanghai free trade zone recently)

  18. benemy says:

    I pirate TV shows all the time but I feel like they make enough money from ppl with TV. I try not to download any movies or games but I wont buy something unless I know its good. Wish I could do the same in my love life. Lmao. Have a test lay before I commit to anything.

  19. Gurukai says:

    Short answer, yes. I am 28 years old and have a nice career, can afford any game that come out on release, but i still do not like taking a chance that it is a bad game. If the game has a demo, i play it. If not, why take a gamble at paying $60 for a game that will end up going in a closet forever? And nevermind trying to sell it back to the game shop, they only givr you $30 or so for a game you just bought. So yes, i still pirate, but only for purposes of using it as a demo. 2 cases in point. Southpark the stick of truth, no demo, so pirated it, loved it, so purchased a legal legit copy on steam. #2 Titanfall, no demo, online play only, cant download, contimplated buying anyway, turns out, all my friends say its *** and hyped beyond belief, without a demo, will not even consider purchase.

    • hurp says:


      So don’t buy games at first release. Steam has four sales a year – major ones. This weekend was the Rockstar Sale, with the entire GTA series (for PC) at just $10.00 – $2.00 a game!

      I’m willing to gamble $2.00 that I might not play a game, or that it might be terrible. With other bundles, it’s more like $0.50; extremely affordable. I’m at 265 games and counting. 60 AAA titles with 1100 hours of bare gameplay is looking at me from my backlog.

      Just Cause 2 turned out to be a great gamble.

      Also, more advice: avoid Call of Duty. Try some of the older, free FPSes!

    • oreo says:

      Just saying i don’t buy the whole “i just use it for demoing a game” excuse… try telling that to the big name companies when you get caught (if using torrents). If you have a game that you downloaded for free, then most people say “why buy it? i already have it”. And its not a “if you get caught” its a “when you get caught” because if you demo a bunch of AAA titles or even smaller ones, eventually you will get tracked and they will send you a e-mail. Even if it is just a warning it still is a big deal. I’m not judging you i’m just saying demoing isn’t worth the risk. Go to a friend’s house and try it out.

      • Guy says:

        Honestly when I did pirate, it was to demo, I own pretty much every game I enjoyed from what I pirated, and never bought the ones I didnt like, I also never said “why buy it when I already have it”. Of course now I dont pirate, as I do not need to, with youtube to check out gameplay, and much easier availability..

  20. skpg says:

    The issue isn’t piracy, the issue is copyright. We pay for video games because we want to support the developers, even people who pirate understand that. We want the developers to continue making video games. I know this may sound crazy and some people don’t quite understand this because the movement is still new, but I’m against copyright and intellectual property laws in general.

    If the US or any other country abolish their copyright laws development teams would still be funded. If piracy was legal I would still buy my video games, I just wouldn’t be paying $60 for a console video game or $40 for a handheld game. If copyright law was abolished there would be more voluntary payment to developers, there would be more kickstarter projects, there would be more of an incentive for console manufacturers to open up their hardware like the Ouya.

    The best way to fight piracy is to lower prices. By increasing the cost of video games and the hardware than there is more of an incentive to pirate. By having a lock down system like the Vita, there is more of an incentive to pirate especially in this economy.

    Besides only poor people pirate and unfortunately because the economy is so *** up yes there is millions of poor people who pirate video games. People in China and Ukraine pirate video games all the time. So the government should be blamed for all the economic distortions it’s causing by ruining the economy and enforcing draconian copyright laws. And I’m still surprised video games sales are still pretty good despite how bad the economy is.

    • telgarDrakore says:

      This. Most all pirating I do now is often related to TV shows and is almost exclusively related to poor copyright issues with shows not being on demand for very long or certain episodes not being on demand for 1-2 weeks after they were live. I pirated a lot back when I was younger and incapable of buying games, but these days the only games I pirate are emulators, which considering the price of rare SNES or PS1 games or the impossibility of playing many PSP games on my Vita is a necessary step to enjoy some games.

    • Kanasuke says:

      Copyright, unlike what mainstream media will teach you is not copy-‘right’ but copy-‘privilege’.

      Copyright is a printing monopoly granted to the author of a work for a limited time giving them the ‘exclusive privilege’ to manufacture copies. It allows the holder to not just control their own equipment when producing copies, but to control other people’s equipment and other people’s printing presses as well (including the $400 dell one in your home).

      Very few people know their copyright history sufficiently, that they are able to discern this, giving the publishers (allied with the state) an easy time in bamboozling the public into thinking that privileges could actually be some kind of human right that you must respect.
      Nothing is further from the truth.
      Monopoly is in fact, the exact opposite of property.
      They are author privileges or author’s welfare. Not property.

      Let me quote you US congress in 2011:

      “US Federal Court of Appeals (8th Circuit), in 2012:

      “Congress’s protection of copyrights is not a “special private benefit,” but is meant to achieve an important public interest: “to motivate the creative activity of authors and inventors by the provision of a special reward, and to allow the public access to the products of their genius after the limited period of exclusive control has expired.” [ca8.uscourts.gov]

      “The granting of such exclusive rights [copyrights], under the proper terms and conditions, confers a benefit upon the public that outweighs the evils of the temporary MONOPOLY.'” H.R. Rep. No. 2222, 60th Cong., 2d Sess. 7 (1909)

      Further reading:

  21. Zik says:

    I don’t know if your “piracy” extend to movies as well, but I do the same with movies.

    I want to know, and reading those magazine or watching those trailers doesn’t do much to help. The best way I review a game is by slugging through the forum and see if there are any bugs/issues with teh game prior to buying it.

    However, nowaday, games aren’t worth playing anymore, not with the trend it has been going.

    One example is how EA killing Red Alert series along with C&C series. It not the developers to blame, but the gamers.

    I don’t know if any of you remember back then, but there wasn’t any way to beat a game unless you had someone who helped you or you used a guide books that some publisher release.

    I have to rely on piracy if there isn’t any demo out, because games could either go one of the two ways. It could either blow or be a great success. I’m certain many of you could relate to that. (FYI: Fallout 3 and Vegas suck big time due to glitches and issues, waste of my money, and could only get $30 for trade-in value when i bought the dang game for $65 (after taxes)

    • jake says:

      If it’s EA you’re pirating. I’m glad. Don’t support them until they get back to how they started – Need for Speed, Underground 2 (PS2). Now they’re just graphical powerhouse concepts. Not games.

      Oh, and don’t forget the $9999 DLC pack 😉

  22. Kay says:

    To be fair, there are gamers in certain (West African) countries that can’t afford to pay sony and microsoft prices for games even if said games were readily available. I had to save for months to buy my used ps3 and I’m a middle class Nigerian. Of course now I have a job and PS+ is awesome but piracy here is just not a big deal. Not even a crime.

  23. Mike says:

    Like it or not,Internet is here to stay.-And the only way to REALLY put an end to piracy as a phenomena,would be a transition from western worlds values,into something similar to North Korean governmental control. Well,if you´re not so much in for “The Pyongyang way”,you better learn to live with the fact that these online based,virtual shop lifters has unlimited,(hardly no matter where they´re located),access to their crime scenes.24-7 that is !.

    I´m a man of the early 1970´s,and “my story” is pretty much the same as the frenchman above,regarding “Being a poor kid vs The new games with price tag´s that ran totaly INSANE !”. (But in my case,it was Sweden,and the time stamp was during the 80´s. -Sure,gaming during the first half of the 90´s were probably almost equal in expensivity as the 80´s,but at least the GAMES where AMAZING in comparison !!. But for me,yet very different though,since i had a job/own money/less interest in games,in the 90´s then).

    But it would be the ultimate form of hippocracy to say that “I never would have downloaded anything with copyrights from anywhere,if there had been internet in the 80´s,and i´d had a connected laptop” !!. Of course i would have !. I even should have done it with pleasure,self confidence,and with a feeling of being “a rebel,*** in “Those decision makers/game manufacturer CEO´s,ugly faces !”.

    Today´s situation is probably the one that will remain the same for the forthcoming future at a sight. In the first corner: The manufacturers,distributors,and the spokesmen from the retail business. In the other corner: Spoiled kids,former “spoiled kids” who grewed up to became egocentric adults,people who don´t WANT TO pay for things that they like,(-and others,who CAN´T AFFORD to pay for it !),left wing spokesmen who speakin´ in the terms of Lenin,Engels,and Marx (“All for the people,death for the profit makers”),some very talanted(but most likely,girlfriend missing) computer nerds here and there,and of course “the Pro-file sharing” enthusiasts,such as “The pirate party”(“piratpartiet”) here in Sweden.

    This has been the setup ever since “Napster” had their heydays somewhere around 1999,and “MP3” and “Azureus” were “The new kids in town”.-The politicans ?.Well,they DO talking about the the subject,but does´nt launch so much “Pro” neither “Con” laws in the matter (after all,they all want to be re-elected !).

    So: In the computer engineers rooms,in the “special department sections”,located behind all the mirror glass on “Nintendo”s,”Microsoft”s,and “Sony”s giant skyscrapers,a bunch of very skilled people working full time with “upgrading”. -Making up bad thing for the consoles respectively,and making some impacts on it,that in the end, delivers much worse products for those who not want to pay for original products.

    In other places and occations,talanted and devoted people volunteer working hard with “upgrading”,on their own free time,with the mission to reverse “the damages” related to the impact that “enemy side” just caused the consoles.

    An eternal war,named “Impact and Upgrading”…

    Two sides: “Those with unlimited budgets” VS “Those born with stubborness and wills of iron” Both sides has unhealthy levels of raw knowledge in computer science,and none of them plans to ever give up…EVER !!.

    So: It is,to some extent,”fair” after all !?!. -But really…NO !..

    Shop lifting,online or in real world,are always WRONG !!..

    -And just as the frenchman said: games are NOT expensive in general anymore !. Sure,the latest “AAA”-title might be so,but all you have to do is waiting for a year,and then buy it for 1/3 of the price !.-Or: Why not wait for TWO years,and then buy it for the price of three packets of “Marlboro”/seven beers ?!. In the meantime(reads TODAY): Make a bargain,and buy some of those games that were “really,really hot”,a year ago (not to mention,the two year old games !). And/Or: Cut down a little on smokes(a least,just temporary) for a while,then the games becomes “almost free” !. (Plus some better breath and even for the better with the cough if you´re lucky).


  24. MannyShame says:

    I agree, i saved up for almost a year to buy the ninja turtels game for the megadrive, now i just have a psn acout, and used games can esaly be boght for 15 to 20 euros.

  25. VoidKeeper says:

    I haven’t pirated since Steam started going strong with promotions, also making my own money helps. I had a similar story, when I was a game I’d get 3 games a year tops, counting christmas and my birthday and I did buy a few really bad games X.X (god it was awful). Nowadays really it seems there’s no shortage of cheap games, I haven’t said “I got nothing to play” in ages, 10€ will buy me upwards of 5 games on bundles on GoG or the Humble Bundle. If I said that to young me, I’d flip out, ofc, there isn’t THAT much of a difference, I used to pirate everything and so have any game I want, I just do it through legal channels now. Steam managed to “destroy” piracy, in a way, I would never buy a game, unless it was one I really really wanted, nowadays, I do the same, but instead of resorting to piracy, I buy everything digital and now and again, when it’s one I really want, I buy a physical copy.

  26. moneybeard says:

    i have ps+ and a steam account with over 400 games, and i pirate all the time. the review industry cant be trusted and while i listen to friends recommendations, i always run the game by myself before dropping money on it. more often than not i get bored of the game and never touch it after the first week, and do not buy it, but there have been many times that i bought a game for being worthwhile

  27. Stephens says:

    For some countries do believe that piracy is not necessarily more , but as I live in Brazil , where a game released in the U.S. for $ 30 , you can reach in Brazil for over $ 120 .
    Previously we could even purchase by people who were traveling out, but it was still not easy to know someone willing to do that , and often to get the taxes amounted very values ​​.
    Also created a PSN account with U.S. address , but the tax until some time invented for shares in U.S. dollars outside the country ; Understand that even have an international design here is very difficult.
    Meanwhile the politicians get richer every day stealing money from these taxes .
    The base salary of a Brazilian worker does not exceed $ 400 how to pay normal bills and still buy a game ? Impossible for normal accounts are already very close to the $ 400.
    a good example of what I’m talking about is that the PS4 in the U.S. costs an average $ 400 in Brazil on average $ 1,000 . So I ask , how not to buy ” pirate ” ?

  28. warfaren says:

    I think piracy is important for other reasons today. For example to get to try a game before buying it when a demo version is not available (which is rather common these days unfortunately). Another big deal is to be able to take back control of content you paid for that has really stupid DRM. Cracks allow me to fix this. Also I find piracy a great way to get a hold of retro games that are not available anywhere else (or requires you to spend hundreds of dollars on Ebay).

  29. mixedfish says:

    I don’t support steam (and by extension PC digital platforms?), so on the odd occasion if I do decide to pirate, it’ll be on PC. However I do buy the console alternative to pay for what I downloaded.

    Thanks to single use, steam codes, I feel buying PC games have become worthless, so I tend to do this.

  30. TVT says:

    Speak for yourself. In india a normal PS3 exclusive can cost from Rs.3000 to Rs.4000. The average salary for Entry level job could be Rs. 4500 to Rs. 6500.
    There are still lot of developing countries where people have to worry about every day survival vs playing a Video game.
    Piracy would make a lot of sense in these countries. if not for piracy only alternative will be Free android games.

  31. ismail ghedamsi says:

    I live in Tunisia a ps3 game cost 200 dollars there that’s why i pirate games

  32. reckless-0 says:

    DRM is the only thing that makes me pirate at this point. If a company wants to punish legitimate users with ridiculous DRM then I am going to download a copy with the DRM stripped out and not pay them a dime.

  33. solidsnake says:

    I don,t pay $59.99 for a game anymore. I loved PS1 and PS2. But PS3 games have no substance or originality anymore and most are just sequels remakes or clones. I use steam. In fact steam emailed me today to tell me that one of the games in my wishlist is %75 off! A $39.99 game is now $9.99! Thank you steam! It was the Metro 2. And earlier I got The Witcher 2 for $4!!!!!!!!!
    These same games would have always remained full price on PS3 or PS4. Why? PC has much better graphics if you have the right video card. I bought Skyrim for PS3 for $59.99 years ago and recently got it on steam for 20 bucks and low and behold the downloadable HD texture packs!
    One last thing is the moment I lost complete faith in PSN is when they were trying to sell me World Heroes for $6.99. I remember playing the arcade version in small Market near my house and beating it on one quarter around sixth grade!!! On top of that, this game is only around
    5 megabytes!!
    In conclusion, I think big companies are trying to just make money of gaming. So I will stick with PC gaming for now till prices get better.
    Oh and I think that whoever developed the game should get paid, not these big companies.

  34. lemski07 says:

    TRUE! I COULDNT AFFORD ANY GAME WHEN I WAS A KID, JUST WATCHING A COUPLE OF CLASSMATES PLAYING POKEMON ON THIER GBC, but now u could play them on your mobile phone free! times chance I hope soon the game creators are the ones who would be paying the consumers for playing their games lol

  35. titegtnodI says:

    I used to pirate. Now I have a steady income, I pirate much less. I usually buy games I enjoy, and sometimes pirate games I don’t think I will. Usually I don’t even bother pirating though, sometimes I do it for my friends without any real income though.

  36. sav says:

    piracy doesn’t make sense my ***.

    • neopirate says:

      Just because someone can now buy games enough to satisfy himself doesn’t mean everyone else can too.

      +2 for skpg’s “We pay for video games because we want to support the developers, even people who pirate understand that. We want the developers to continue making video games.”
      If I can’t pay for a good game, then I’ll just prolly spread a good word for the game. Hopefully more people who can afford to buy the game support if financially. I know my words may not be good enough but that’s all I can spare. So meh.

  37. robert says:

    its a kid thing youll eventually grow out of it …..once money is easier than committing piracy i wouldn’t mind paying for a game if i had the mula to

  38. Hazer7 says:

    Its perfectly reasonable for 2nd//3rd world countries to pirate games.

  39. gunblade says:

    boot leg movies r pretty in in third world country like Mexico so I heard China got good bootleg movies… Privacy probly more populer now then back then with digital content back in the nintyies there was cassette tape wea one had to record the song from the radio CD had CD burner from the start so making a backup of a CD was fine windows media player even jus copied the CD wen my CD player could play mp3 around the first iPod was pretty cool to have like 1-2 hundread songs on a CD now a lot of thing r digital making backup easier.. psn alright Netflix is cool but do psn I rather buy the game then get it free jus cuz the free ones have time limit to them N well digital copy take up to much space so I rather have the game cartridges . Netflix is alright but I rather have the hard copies or DVD of movies and tv shows(somehow can’t find some DVD I like so I get them online) but. It’s nice how Netflix made a buissness out of what would be web hosting bootleg anime.. I watch shows on just in tv.

  40. yoretro727 says:

    I pirate but I will surely support the game developer and buy the game if its amazing and makes me feel the value of replay in it. For example you go out and spend $60 for Metal Gear Rising only to beat the entire game in one sit thru of 6hrs and has no true replay game value(id be *** if I was disabled and spent all my money on a game to beat that quick and being pushed back in the real world where things are tuff when I paid for a game to escape) I just like to play it before buying it because over the last 26yr(since I was 5) we all know that there is so many junk games being released a filler games just to collect cash for impulse buying that are a complete waste. I currently own 8-9 xbox1 titles and about 6-7 Wii U titles and have stopped purchasing 360/ps3 games currently because they aren’t pushing out Exclusives at the moment