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The Last of Us movie, what could possibly go wrong? (pretty much everything)


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  1. jinxedblz says:

    No. But I would play The Last Of Us: The Movie: The Game 😀

  2. friend says:


    This is one of my favorites sites for getting the latest news about hacking, downgrading, etc. It seems lately you are publishing other low-interest news. To be honest I am getting bored of all this stuff. Could you please go back to those years where you publised more interesting information. Even though I do not have time for playing, I would like to see more about the modding and hacking on the psvita (I really enjoy to modify software or hardware things from my vita when I have time). I hope you take this recommendation in the best way.

    • wololo says:

      Hey Friend, we blog about what’s out there. When there is information about hacking, we talk about it. Unfortunately, the hacking scene of the vita is not anywhere close to what the PSP scene was.

      I’d add that you are incorrectly seeing us blogging less about hacking. As a matter of fact, we’ve never blogged that much about hacking, it’s just that we write about other stuff too.
      I used to post about one article a week when I was the only writer here, and it was half of the time about my game “Wagic”. We now post once or twice a day, and a good half of these articles are about the hacking scene.

      Edit: that being said, if the only articles interesting to you are our hacking articles, you can check them here, under the “security” category: http://wololo.net/category/security/ (13 articles over the last 4 weeks, that’s more than 3 hacking related articles a week!)

  3. Nazar_Ops says:

    The game itself is already like a Movie. I don’t see why you would want to make a Movie out of this game. Then the game itself lacks gameplay. Don’t get me wrong, Last of Us is fun. But for the most part you just walk around and there’s not a lot of action going on it it.

    Which makes it like a Movie. So I don’t see the Point in making a Movie of this game.

  4. CPUzX says:

    Imagine Metal Gear Solid being transformed into a movie. Damn… It’s 75% cutscenes anyway, but given the bad track record of game-to-movie adaptations, it would probably turn to disappointment; unless Hideo himself directed it.

  5. quicksort says:

    I actually liked the movie of price of persia. There were some stupid parts in it. But overall it wasn’t bad. I’m not saying it’s a great movie. But it still was good imho.

    • wololo says:

      I love your typo, “Price of Persia”. The plot: “An evil company attempts to buy an entire country through an evil scheme involving mutual funds. A young and idealistic American trader finds out about the plot and tries to fight back”

      • Acid_Snake says:

        Halfway into the movie Hideo Kojima kicks in and reveals to us that the entire time it was the young idealistic American the one who wants to buy the country to have lots of parties in it, and the evil company was just trying to defend the country by buying it themselves and preventing it from being used for drugs and ***. I’M NOT MAKING THIS UP! that’s what he actually did with Outer Heaven and Solid Snake.

  6. hgoel0974 says:

    Let’s hope that the Assassin’s Creed movie coming out next year is better than what the track record for video game movies is.

  7. Thrawn says:

    Well maybe my standards are very very low…
    But I liked Doom the movie and also the prince of Persia movie.

    But you know what’s really BAD? The other way around!!!

    If it is a good or decent movie and then they make a game for it!!
    Go and look at AVGN’s reviews, then you know what’s BAD!!!

    (Terminator Movies -> Games ughghh)
    (Avatar -> Game ughghg)
    (Lord of the rings -> games ughhghg)
    (Rambo Movies -> Rambo game würghghh)
    (Alien Movies -> Alien games uahhgh)

    I could continue that list.

  8. Monte Carlo says:

    On the subject of movies, there are a ton of really bad ones I agree. There are however a few that I do like but certainly less than 5. For me personally I think that this is a bad idea for this game. As stated, Last of Us is cinematic already and I only see a movie detracting from the games story and impact. I love Naughty Dog for their great storytelling in the Uncharted series and Last of US in particular so much that the Uncharted series was the big reason I bought a PS3 when I did. How does a bad movie make someone want to buy your console? So, if you are good at telling a story with a certain medium, why does it have to translate to other forms as well? In the past this has not been the case and I think that companies should stick to what they know and do best. People who are non-gamers see some of these bad movies and think that gaming is equally as bad for an engaging story even though that is not the case. They may not give gaming a chance after seeing one of these attempted cash ins and therefore it does not help the companys reputation the way I see it. After all, nobody is out there trying to make a great movie based on a crappy game to sell more games so why make a crappy movie and expect it to sell your great game?

  9. DS_Marine says:

    As an all time Doom player, I need to say that the Doom movie was not bad.
    It’s between ok and good (because of the 1st person part).
    But I went to the cinema waiting to see a total ***, so maybe that had something to do with it.
    Another game>move disaster? Wing Commander -_-..
    THE GAME had better actors than the movie!! ***?

    • Aces says:

      Been playin doom since 386 days.
      Sorry mate, that doom movie sucked. The 1st person bit ruined it even more.
      Even so, it takes more than a flop movie to deter me, hurry up and release doom4.
      Also, silent hill is my all time fave game, loved every outing including the not so popular ones (shattered memories, the room and homecoming) I thought downpour was pretty good, but id rather fight during otherworld parts than run. Hopefully another doom and silent hill comparable to the originals can come out and revive these great games.

      • DS_Marine says:

        I’m interested, please tell me why the 1st person bit was not good to include in the movie.
        Also, movies are quite limited compared to games. So what would make a doom movie better? better plot? or maybe include more doom creatures?

        • Aces says:

          It was a massive cliche that some idiot thought would be good and it really wasnt. Its akin to watching a mortal kombat movie and then they say “hey, lets do this fight in a side on 2d point of view”.
          I really wanted doom to be a good movie, but pinky in the wheelchair, typical facial expressions from the rock, a guy nicked goat turned into a goat looking thing and lastly the stupid injecting doomguy with a virus but because he has good heart he because a super dude. The movie just wreaked of one bad idea after another. Anybody who says it was good or even not bad, is someone I will never want to go to for advice on a good movie to watch.

  10. jd20dog says:

    most people hate video game movies due to a poor requirement of the creative diffrences thing”
    if you make the movie just like the game , no one would buy the game,and the difference in the movie going audience being very different then the videogame audience and the limitations of 1,1-1/2,2 hour movie,
    with most video games being 7+ hours to give narrative and charictor introductions , instead of every detail being shoved in to 2 hours

    remember how xenosaga seemed when they rammed 7 games into just 3

    and as far as final fantasy goes……. even the games are horrible, if it wasn’t for the anime like worlds, they’ld all be called ***, especially 10-2
    but most ff games wouldn’t make it as movies because most of the staff would be a bunch of under aged girls in bikinis and a bunch of emos

    back to topic though, im kinda just burnt out on the zombie/ apocalyptic survival *** any way, as i laugh at zombie preparers in real life
    nuclear fall out is a real plausibility, but zombies on the other hand have never and will never exist…….

  11. Zik says:

    are they going to release this movie in live action or animation? because if it live action….i shudder to think…

    and if they do…maybe they should get that one actress from Beyond Two Soul to be her…if they can make her look young enough…

    what even more interesting would be if they tried to make the movie a sequel to the game…O_o

  12. Charles Fasano says:

    I enjoyed Doom, Tomb Raider and some of the Resident Evil movies. Super Mario was definitely interesting enough that I watched it several times over the years.

  13. Michelangelo says:

    …what about “Mortal kombat legacy”?? I mean the 10 minutes episodes.

  14. solidsnake says:

    The movie based on a game based on a movie based on a game based on all your based on belong to us.

  15. benemy says:

    If any game could become a good movie it would be heavy rain. I could easily see a handful of directors making it into a badass movie.

  16. exploit the kernel says:

    movie? so call to Leonardo Dicaprio and a youngest girl like Charlize Theron or Anne Hathaway

  17. The Kick says:

    Last Of Us doesn’t have the obstacles that caused these failures. The game is already highly cinematic, well-written, and believable.(Mostly. Dodging that gunner truck left me with furrowed brows.)

  18. jm8080 says:

    There is a movie named Postal based on a video with the same name which is surprisingly good, not that good but its ok

    • Thrawn says:

      The games as well as the movie.
      The movie is based/leaned on Postal 2.

      Running with scissors!!! 😉

  19. Skars says:

    Worse than movies from games is games from movies. The “bad” rate is a lot higher.

  20. Ahmad says:

    A 2007 film “Hitman” was based on the hitman video game series; just saying.

  21. Aces says:

    Name one movie that actually faithfully reproduced its game counterpart, protip: you cant.
    Directors take too many liberties until the end result is a movie that has only the name in common with the game.

  22. italkgame says:

    That’s the problem right there. Movies should not faithfully REPRODUCE their video game counterparts. Movies are different than videogames in the way we digest them similar to how books are different from movies.
    The essential thing movie makers should keep in mind when they make a movie out of a well know game is that the movie is true to its own medium first and second to that of video games.

    An other thing to keep in mind is that historically speaking most video games sport mediocre, at best unoriginal stories; tales we have seen done on the bigscreen before.
    TLOU is not so far of from The Road – an excellent movie btw, but differs greatly from the book of the same name –

    • Aces says:

      Silent hill has a brilliant storyline, its just poorly executed in the games, if they had of stuck to the original story and thought about the execution a little more, it would of rocked. But no, they had to change nearly everything. The visuals of the change over to other world was nice though.

  23. icyheart says:

    I dont think is a good idea

  24. ivo says:

    what about a patch for remotejoylite …
    it uses usb
    so a patch so it uses netshell ?
    is this possible ?
    i use puttytel to connect

  25. DQEight says:

    LOL I own that Super Mario Movie. Best part was watching the koopa’s turn into raptors and t-rex

  26. BirthByRight says:

    i think tomb raider the movie and prince of persia did great 🙂

  27. TVT says:

    Difference –
    Protagnist in POP game is BadAss
    Protagnist in POP movie is ……… meh….

  28. ivo says:

    the motion picture game

  29. twiliteFox says:

    I hope Ellen Page plays Ellie

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