Playstation Gold Wireless Headset Unboxing/Review


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  1. zeron824 says:

    Question, if I already have the PULSE Wireless headset ELITE Edition, is it worth it to trade it in for this?

    • Foxsevent says:

      Same question, i bought the two previous models of and even wanted to get this one but i much prefer the design of the Elite PULSE one.
      Also i heard that this new headset has little to no bass is that true?

      • AnnaKeys says:

        this is true since that extra bass vibration is what killed the batteries lifespan for the elite. me personally I prefer confer over useless vibration that destroy the actual sounds. but that just my opinion.

      • Minimur12 says:

        I’ve been playing lightning returns with this headset and turned the bass all the way up, you can notice a higher bass but I couldn’t tell you how they compare to the previous models

        But the bass is pretty dominant when turned all the way up, sounds awesome on the soundtrack 😀

  2. Adams Myth says:

    Nice review. Showed the features of the device with some personal commentary.

    I think that you made a good buy. Now I’m thinking of getting one myself!

    But I personally prefer in-ear headphones. I use a Sony SBH50 Bluetooth adapter – which I use with my AKG K375 and replaced the buds with Comply Foam Tips. Good thing about this is that I can simultaneously connect my phone with it so I can still receive (and make) calls and SMS (receive only). But ignore, that’s just my opinion.

    Again, great review and congrats on making a good purchase.

    And, happy birthday to you!

  3. NakedFaerie says:

    I wonder if its PS devices only or will it work with other consoles too? (WiiU)
    I’m guessing I will have to plug it in to get it to work with the WiiU.

    So its bluetooth to the PS3 and cable to the Vita?

    Going to see if they are at the local shops and if the price isn’t stupid I might get one today. 🙂

    • AnnaKeys says:

      for pc, ps3, and ps4 is wireless technology that is why you need the dongle and for vita or headphone jack you will use the 3.5mm aux cable that has two male headphone jack. when you use the cable you don’t need to turn on the headphone or need battery. if you are wondering there us another way to get wireless sound, the dongle has a female headphone jack where you can plug it to another audio source for as long as you power the dongle to a USB power

    • Minimur12 says:

      I can’t find anything that says they do work, but I’ll test it out later when the TV isn’t being used 🙂

  4. Frank says:

    These headphones are supposed to be able to be connected with the Vita’s bluetooth too. Can you confirm if it’s possible in a way where you can use them wirelessly with the Vita ? I’m looking foward to buy them. Tahnk you !

    • fate6 says:

      Considering the PS4/3 need a USB dinglz I doubt it will work for the Vita
      As a mic it should work fine tho but actual game audio will need to be wired

      • zorak_torok says:

        Yes, for the vita, it must be plugged in….. Ths also means you loose 7.1 for just stereo…. But Im not going to pack it around for vita anyway.

    • AnnaKeys says:

      these are not Bluetooth but another wireless technology that does not have the lag like Bluetooth. that is why you have to use the cable for the vita/media player

  5. perfig says:

    Im jelly

  6. NakedFaerie says:

    They aren’t even available here and there is no release date either (Australia) so we are SOL again. Thanks for nothing $ony for making us wait for no good reason again.
    Its not like you have a censor to get around or hardware to change.
    Looks like I’ll have to import them. I’ll get it the same time I get South Park Stick Of Truth as that will also have to be an import. Dont want some censored ***.

  7. Galford says:

    What happened last week >_<

  8. benemy says:

    I was going to buy these with my next paycheck but since I have to plug them in to use em on the vita I think ill go another route. I don’t play online and my ps3 is hooked up to my stereo.

    • Minimur12 says:

      yeah, it’s a jack-jack connector for the PSVita, but it works fine like that and the cable is long enough. but you wouldn’t be able to do wireless on the Vita 🙁

  9. exploit the kernel says:

    I think that headset is biggest for use with psvita system

  10. LoliX says:

    Is there a way to get the 7.1 on pc with cable or usb-bluetooth connection? I’d like to use the 7.1 not only on the ps4…. 🙁

  11. zorak_torok says:

    The gold thing must be US only … Mine is called Gold.

  12. NakedFaerie says:

    I thought it was bluetooth but I had to read it again and found out its USB dongle. well I’m no longer interested then.
    They do look good but I want total wireless as everything these days has bluetooth so why not get bluetooth headphones.
    I already have a bluetooth headset I use so I might as well stick with it till I can find a good set to upgrade to as these wont do I will now have to find another set that will.
    Pity as they do look good.

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