Persona 2: Innocent Sins removed from the PSN Stores worldwide!

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  1. xXToYeDXx says:

    I’m not surprised in the least. I’m just glad I grabbed it minutes after it went public. My first TN-V release. I couldn’t get any of the others in time. Glad I finally got one though.

    I know it’s only a matter of time before Sony updates the Vita firmware, and it’s only a matter of time before a game I really want requires that updated firmware. But for now I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. Once I do have to update my Vita firmware, I think my next step is to just buy a PSP-3000 on the cheap and install the CFW on that for emulation and homebrew.

    By the way, I love the idea of Wagic. As a MTG player who doesn’t have the money to sink into 3 or 4 new sets every year, a free homebrew software solution is great. But when I choose Story, I only get to play the tutorial and then it kicks me back to the main menu. When I choose Classic, it black screens. Maybe I didn’t install it correctly, or maybe I’m missing some files. I’m not sure. But I hope I can get it working soon. I’ll check the forums.

    I want to thank everyone here at Wololo for all their hard work in bringing these exploits to the Vita. It’s only a matter of time before someone really cracks the Vita firmware and we finally get native emulation and homebrew outside the PSP emulator.

  2. tangra_87 says:

    Thanks Z ,thanks to all of you 🙂

  3. DarkenLX says:

    wait i thought this was one of the giveaway exploits? so how did sony find this out if the giveaways were private exploits whats the point of it being private if sony finds out? i thought private exploits rarely got patch also.

  4. Danwon says:

    Beacuase some *** told everybody about the private exploit then the game turn public lmao

    • DarkenLX says:

      I say before anymore exploits get released we find out who all the leakers are and wololo bans them because.. (im sure i speak for all of us) this has become a very annoying issue if banning is not an option we have to find a way to combat it..

  5. raine says:

    heck Yea! Ban the the leakers lol, but seriously do it, im stuck with just an 8gb memory card for the exploit because of this…i was one of the winners too 🙁

    • DarkenLX says:

      same and i know i did not leak it as i told nobody i had won or anyone about the exploit because i was hoping it would last dang those 32GB card cost too dang much stuck with an 8GB too Lol

    • YamiJustin says:

      Dude you can upgrade the memory card + keep the exploit! As the pro’s explained to me in the forum, just make a backup of your Vita (with the exploit on it) onto your PC. Get new memory card, then restore that memory card to the backup you made! Exploit will be kept

      • Darklord says:

        Yeah. Use content manger and backup up the psp game. Then you can transfer it anytime you like to your vita. Luckily i did this a long time ago. So i was able to use the exploit after they took the game off the market.

  6. Bez says:

    Already spotted that too yitan, and it says i already own it! I only remember purchasing ***, but maybe I picked up both in a sale.

    Trying to download it though only DL’s ***, and not P2:IS.

    Im pushing sony support to see if I can get it, as store says I own it, it should be available!

    I don’t mind paying for my PSN content, but I don want to be able to play Crimson Gem Saga (I own UMD) which isnt on EU PSN

  7. spoony says:

    Great, and I was planning on buying this ANYHOW this Friday. :[

  8. lololow says:

    Oh look, another ***!

  9. eighthdayregret says:

    Yeah… because it’s the Vita and Wololo’s site’s fault some asshat leaked the exploit game.
    Try not being a broke-*** and buying some games? There’s plenty for Vita that are really good. I’ve got almost ninety of them, feel free to ask.

    I’m pretty sure this is just a troll post, but try not to mention the fact that you want your exploit for pirating games.
    That’s not a good thing around here.

    Hope your day gets better.

    • LOL?? says:

      “because it’s the Vita and Wololo’s site’s fault”……such a crappy conclusion…I hope you even release an exploit to Vita’s community….providing your bought games’ links on pspiso & advicing people not to pirate games = BS
      Stop assuming yourself as a Sony deity or whatnot just because you have bought a lot of games from PSN

  10. Saya says:

    Go home kirby you’re drunk.

  11. Hicham says:

    Thanks for all, I got the game yesterday but it’s not working for me, after loading the savedata (US) after boot an error C1-2858-3

    I try all the possible cause but without success (Maybe because the store is KSA (Saudi Arabia)…!/en-sa/home/games

    Please help

  12. carsauce says:

    To the ones who complain and curse, that will not do anything.
    Other than that, this game was still on the store after the maintenance of PSN, so you would of gotten it sooner and I made a post of this on the other posts, and to the ones who are new to this post or missed out on this its not your fault, but to keep up to date on this site to see the next exploits.
    To the ones who don’t have the cash at the time. I’m sorry you coI’ll not make a transaction at the time.
    Finally to the ones who did get this and got it working followed instructions well and to the ones who are new to this , may you enjoy this exploit as much as I now enjoy it as well, I finally get to play Ys while using my home brew on the same device
    VITA SCENE and to Dark Alex as well since he started it and made it happen on the psp scene, enjoy everyone enjoy this well!

  13. vitafan12121 says:

    Guys I really appreciate your work over the vita, but this firmware is ending soon, so why don’t you leak a private explosit game every week until the firmware is over. Please think of it as an opurtunity.

  14. WATEE says:

    “could then be retrospectively released for the firmware 3.01.”

    i dont understand

    if it remains 3.01 How can you retrieve it the new psp game for exploit then the store we asked to have the latest firmware?

  15. carsauce says:

    I don’t meant to sound selfish or just prude, but they released a lot of exploits by now and they should not release anymore till later, I’m sorry that others missed this, but if one was very interested they would be up to date on this site, as I check this site every other day. I am lucky to of finally made it to another exploit, You had a long time to get this off the store, you can’t blame that you were late to this, you know that SONY will find out and take those specific games off their store. If you were late and did not know about this then don’t blame yourself , I mean you missed the chance, but since Wolo now said TN is to leave, it really depends on who take over, but don’t ask or demand for another exploit be patient and we shall see what happens next.

  16. alexeon says:

    For once, an exploit title I would have played but I was already exploit’d (and completely missed this release before it got pulled, anyway.) Would have actually been worth my money as a game unlike that FIFA game I bought.

  17. voltezo5 says:

    I’m one of the not so lucky guys that missed this…Again…

  18. tono777 says:

    why don’t you guys just make exploit from demo game that have save feature instead full game? because demo game is free to download. is it possible? and what do you thing, is PS Vita game hackable someday too just like 3DS’s? by making flashcard or CFW maybe? because PSP is hackable at 2 or 3rd years since its released. so, its time for PS Vita, right? and my apologies if my grammar is incorrect. because english is not my daily languange, i’m indonesian.

    • barkbark says:

      I don’t know how exploits work, but it doesn’t seem like they can choose an specific game.

      • tono777 says:

        as i though they can’t choose specific game for exploit, because they perhaps don’t make exploit, but found it. but why don’t they try to find a ‘crack’ for exploit from demo game? or its mean that demo game never have such ‘crack’ to be exploitable?

  19. barkbark says:

    I’m glad I got it, I wanted to have all Persona games on my Vita and this was the only one I was missing.

    By the way, you made a small typo. It’s Innocent Sin, not Sins 🙂

  20. alessandro says:

    how is this possible? the sony has blocked me the contents of the game,
    I used ftp server when the game seems to have disappeared? the sony stole € 29.99
    and I can not get a refund …. Help me Wololo

    • alessandro says:

      how is this possible? the sony has blocked me the contents of the game,
      I used ftp server when the game seems to have disappeared? the sony stole € 29.99
      and I can not get a refund …. Help me Wololo

  21. Franz says:

    Can we still play cartdrige offline after a update? Like for example borderlands 2 offline mode? Or we need to update our firmware just to play offline.. I know online is a different story since u need to be updated to connecto to psn

  22. James says:

    Thanks for being so intent on playing pirate roms on your vita that you got Persona 2 pulled from the store for everyone you selfish dickweeds.

  23. everytime says:

    every single effin time i checked this website i missed myself an exploit.

  24. Anon says:

    Was it really worth getting a popular game pulled from the store just so *yet another* exploit becomes available for the same firmware? Ruins it for everybody else.

    Or y’know, just dust off your PSP.

  25. deck says:

    This…. is incredibly disappointing.
    Not because I missed the exploit, but because I’ve been meaning to buy this game for some time and now I can’t. I could pirate it on my old PSP Go, but … c’mon. I’d like to support great titles.

  26. Kristian says:

    Thanks a bunch guys! You’re so great for making hacks on the vita so that we can use high tech super complex custom software to play a great popular totally not a rip-off card game or something on our vitas, as well as emulating games we could already play on other things easier than we could on the vita, you guys are the best. It’s so good that this great game was taken down off of the store and everyone who wanted to play/buy/re-download it or something can’t because you selfless super cool console hackers geniuses are great at keeping secrets. I’m so glad that you guys are using your talents with relation to hacking etc. so that good games can get taken down off of the store. I bet all 50 people who downloaded the exploit are having a tonne of fun emulating gameboy games on their vita or something, I mean it’s not like they could’ve done it on their psp or better yet, a gameboy! What about the poor people who have no interest in custom firmware cool super interesting stuff? Oh well, who cares about their enjoyment as long as some really cool guys can use awesome custom software on their vita, that they could’ve already used on their psp.


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