Total_Noob Has Left The PSP/Vita Hacking Scene

The Jay Doctor

I'm a guy who is really interested in hacking of all consoles, especially the PlayStation Vita. I am a blogger here on

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136 Responses

  1. Animusknight says:

    TN..farewell! You will always be remembered as my savior, and what you have done for us all will never be forgotten, I wish you the best of luck in your life bro! And hope that there are solutions to any problems you face.

    *the highest, of fives*


  2. Steven says:

    Just got done using picodrive on TN-V when I read this. Thank you Total Noob for everything that you have done and being a Total Elite in this scene!

  3. Adams Myth says:

    All the best!

    “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

  4. Zik says:

    Total_Noobs, thanks for all your hard works and hope things goes well.

    Also, thanks for the great care you’ve shown to attempt cracking the Vita. May life throw you some lucks for all your efforts.

  5. VitaGenic says:

    Thanks a lot Total_Noob. I’m a big fan of your work on the PS Vita.

    Looking forward to your return if it ever comes! Peace out!

  6. CoolGuyMoe says:

    I really do appreciate the work he has done for the PS Vita as well as the PSP go scene. Thank you kind sir.

  7. Multiboy2k says:

    A sincere THANK YOU TN.
    The scene will not be the same without you.
    Your contributions are now a thing of Legend.

    Go forth and enjoy your REAL life away from the computer.

    You are greatly loved and appreciated by us all.

  8. man says:

    thes sucks Total Noob was only one whoy make isos work on Ps vita and share hes TN V

  9. Manac0r says:

    Thanks for all your work TN. You are gentleman and a scholar!

  10. REMF says:

    Thank you very much……..

  11. senas8 says:

    I’ve just been cutting onions …I’m not crying… really ;(

    Thanks TN.

  12. arakosab says:

    thank you total_noob , Good luck :)

  13. CPUzX says:

    He’ll be back. Stop crying everyone.

  14. ghitzafunny says:

    Thank you TN for all your grate work !

  15. Saifer28 says:

    A Big salute to a great dev.

    Thank you sir TN! for all of your hard work.
    We Hope to see you soon with a big comeback :)

    • saifer28 says:

      A Big salute to a great dev.(sarcasm intended)

      Thank you sir TN u will be knigted by the queen soon!!! for all of your hard work.
      We Hope to see you soon with a big cumback :)

  16. total_idiot says:

    he always does this,he seeks attention this way

    • jake says:

      What’s your problem with TN? He’s been to me the most currently active dev in terms of my needs and wants.

      I think for the sake of the lolz, he should of called TNV8 (total noob v8) instead “NaNv8” (Not a noob v8) or something along those lines…

      • TN - Total sissy says:

        I agree with Total_Idiot, TN always acts like a drama queen for attention and leaves the scene 10-15 times

  17. mart says:

    whats all the idiots hating on total noob for? jealous dumb ***!

  18. sathriel says:

    I have never used any exploits on vita that imcludes Total Noob’s creations but I respect what he has done for the scene and it is sad to see him go as Vita scene loses one of the most active devs.

  19. xlovenuggetx says:

    goodbye sir. thanks for everything.

  20. DarkenLX says:

    so who works on the other cfw that vita used (ark i think its called) and will that take TN’s place? Farewell TN You will Be missed but never forgotten.

  21. Rei says:

    man there are some really ungrateful posts mixed in here.

    anyway thanks for all your work, it finally made my vita fun again just sad that you had to leave.

    hope you solve your problems or whatever it is positively(course if you feel like returning later on im sure no one would object :))

  22. Animegame97 says:

    Didn’t he say he was leaving the scene before and then came back for the vita? He’ll be back, they always come back.

  23. totsk1 says:

    So Total Noob got a girlfriend now. We understand

  24. hotdogicn says:

    Good luck for Total_Noob,thank you for all you’ve done for the scene and us common users. Well,hope @totsk guy is right that you’ve got a girlfriend now :)

  25. Lek says:

    So Total Noob just got married now . We understand

  26. Franz says:

    No more tn-v updates i miss dark alex days in psp scene theirs always news almost every week

  27. 110706 says:

    Maybe it’s because even Total_noob got bored by this locked proprietary sinking ship called PS Vita.

    What’s left ot Vita from now on? all we had was this. Now its probably going to be a total blackout for PS Vita “scene”.

  28. MarSprite says:

    It’s been a fun ride. I know you will go on to do amazing things elsewhere. Good Luck.

  29. sonyCSR says:

    I wish you the best I can only imagine the lives your effecting including yours while always working on finding exploits. Now you can live your life get a girl get laid have a kid or 2 and start finding jobs that you can be effective in even if that’s working for Sony or Microsoft good luck!

  30. Zhar the Mad says:

    Total_Noob, wherever you are: we all wish you all the best on your endeavors.

    Your death will be avenged.

  31. four sound says:

    from now, Thanks to your help!! good luck!
    I owe you!

  32. riddle43 says:

    just a thought…. What if Sony had him taken care of (wink) mob style…. lol All kidding aside thanks for all your hard work and i will always remember the work you did for us all.

  33. philoneous19 says:

    thanks TN. for everything. good luck on your future endeavors:)

  34. Blackshirt_Avenger says:

    Cheers to you Total_Noob for all the work that you have done for the psp/ps vita scene! Your efforts are most certainly appreciated and will not be forgotten! =)

  35. ALEX says:

    TN and his emu for psvita was so incredible that 101 in 1 mega mix is the third best-selling game of psn … many people in the world are usufluindo your emu … thanks to Total Noob and Wololo for doing vita more useful … so we’re left to wait for big games on vita, ps2 emulator / gamecube emulator /, and finally a rack (it will take). A hug to everyone!!

  36. Rage says:

    Thanks for all the hard work! We’ll be missing you, till the day you decide to come back! ;]

    Your friend, Rage

  37. mklucifer says:

    noooo dont go plz come back! lol no thnx 4 everything wish you the best. :)

  38. putang ina nio mga asa sa piracy says: has caught up to him…he doesnt wanna be like geohotz….

  39. May says:

    I remember when Wololo operated this site alone. It was a time when each post was usually a week or two apart, but each post would be worth reading.

    You all are trying to target too many audiences; it’s degrading the quality of the site.

  40. Elks says:

    Total Noob, you’ll be greatly missed thank you for your awesome contributions over the years in your work for the psp. I personally used many of your works so I must express my thanks even if am late. So THANK YOU TOTAL NOOB!.

  1. June 6, 2014

    […] TN left the scene, and was so “kind” to not share his sources with well-trusted and capable developers, […]

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