Heads up. Humble Monthly this month gets you Destiny 2 + about $100 worth of games for $12, yours to keep. In other news, God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition might or might not ship with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate links)

Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? Watch_Dogs Release Date, Next-Gen Only Batman, I’ve been blogging for a year?


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. SynGamer says:

    lulz @ the gif’s. Congrats on a year of blogging. Still undecided if I want to exploit my Vita or not, but if I do, this is THE site I continue to follow for those needs/news 🙂

  2. wizardinblack says:

    The first gif is *** hilarious! I cant believe he managed to get away.

  3. WoL says:

    Thanks for this year!

  4. ivo says:

    get it while its hot … ps its hot right now

  5. Hizaki says:

    Congrats on the year Minimur12
    I’ve always enjoyed your blogs^^

    I thought Deception IV: Blood Ties was only gonna be for ps3/ps vita not ps4

  6. Thrawn says:

    Somehow I liked the “original” box art of Deception IV more, I mean every era of consoles has its own box art, and mixing them up is no good, it leads confusion.

    If I see that box art in a shop, then I would automagically think its a ps4 version, but only at a second glance its a ps3 version. So no good.

  7. slish says:

    i really hate indie games on vita

  8. Shibboss says:

    Good job Minmur. This is the only blog i read on a regular basis. Keep up the good work! Tips for improvement? Well “alot” is actually two words and should be written as “a lot”… other than that, no complaints. Good job.

  9. xlovenuggetx says:

    thanks for your contributions.

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