Private release exploit game leaked, get it while it’s hot! (Vita FW 3.01)

The Jay Doctor

I'm a guy who is really interested in hacking of all consoles, especially the PlayStation Vita. I am a blogger here on

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173 Responses

  1. Nazar_Ops says:

    I wonder if Sony will dare to remove Persona 2 Innocent Sin, because Persona is a very popular franchise and I bet Persona 2 Innocent Sin sells a lot.

    • Carlos says:

      Yea… They’ve removed Monster Hunter before which is much more popular. And removals are only temporary anyway.

      Would had been funny had this been leaked when they were having the Persona series sale not to long ago.

  2. Smasterr says:

    Preety fun how the private xploit winded up leaking earlier than many ninja releases

    • wololo says:

      Totally agree, this confirms (if it was needed) that this way of doing releases is not solving any of the issues we had with Ninja releases, and that ninja releases are still a better way overall

      • tinostar91 says:

        The vital point of ninja releases is that it gets to trusted members first and then slowly makes its way down to complete novices, while with this giveaway even a /talk member who registered 1 day ago and made just 1 post could get his hands on that game.
        There is a lot of people which have friends with Vitas or just simply put name of that exploit somewhere because it’s too expensive for them and they at least try to make that info useful when they personally can’t do anything with it.

        It doesn’t prove that ninja releases are better, just leaks by novices don’t cause any serious damage as the name would have been revealed nevertheless in a short period of time, same can’t be said when something has to be private.

      • mlc says:

        But that had to be shown at some point, so this wasn’t a total waste. Also it has stayed up for a bit after being released, so hopefully a fair number of people will get it. If we had stuck to the ninja release method and there was another leak, then we’d have even more people criticizing ninja releases; at least this helps show that ninja releases are the least bad option we’ve found thus far.

        It will be interesting to see how long it is before Acid’s private exploit is leaked or patched. A group of 5 to 10 people might be sufficiently small to work for a while, though I assume Sony will still patch it pretty soon. (and therefore show that even a successful limited release is of little utility as compared to ninja releases)

        • Zik says:

          regardless if it a bad method, they themselves would have to understand that ninja release are better than public release since it allows as many people to grab the games before sony pulls it from the markets.

          but if the leaks continues to, there no points in doing this works if people think they can claim credits for the exploits or getting money simply for the leak.

  3. maxx says:

    thanks for posting this..

    wagic.. finally!!

  4. HDG says:

    It’s already removed from EU PSN.

  5. arcangelnew says:

    Honestly, im working almost all day, and I will miss this too, I hope sony will not pull out of the psn before I get to home, also I believe that these private releases, and also the ninja releases are not the solution, i believe the best way would be announcing a date and just let it aavailable to everyone at the same time, by example: we have a new exploit available for 3.01, and we are going to release it on saturday march/15/2014 at 6pm cst, doing this way, the game exploit will never leak, and everyone will had time to prepare to download the game, and check it at the same time, maybe the sony will remove the game but I doubt they can remove it before 1 hour, and I believe most people is able to download a psp game in 1 hour.

  6. kuyalx2009 says:

    well so much for the giveaway, matt must not be happy right now.

  7. thishurtsme says:

    I’m at home, wifi working, debit card ready, 0:48 AM atm and I was gonna go to bed but I chose to look at for the first time in months, saw this pop up at the top, shat bricks.
    Only problem, Vita is out of battery, after the most dramatic search for my charger, I am now waiting for my Vita to charge up.
    Then I’ll have to update the FW, then log into PSN, add the funds and download this damn game.
    You have no idea just how *** suspenseful this is atm.

    • The Z says:

      To be fair, it is sunday early morning (like 4am). Sony does not work at weekend/sundays, therefore you have like 24 hours to get all this done.

  8. Justin says:

    Okay, I just purchased this game from PSN and downloading. Problem is I only have a 4gb Vita memory card, and my 64gb memory card is still in the mail.

    Assuming this exploited game is removed from the PSN before my memory card arrives, will I be able to install the CFW on the other 64gb card? I already purchased the game

    • Conjo says:

      Make a backup of the game via CMA to your pc and use OpenCMA

    • Persona Fan says:

      Transfer the game to your pc via openCMA. Delete a game off your memory card after backing up to your pc of course. Then dl P2 on your vita and transfer it to your pc and then transfer your other game back to your card.

  9. Persona Fan says:

    I already bought Persona 2 Innocent Sin when it was first released on PSN.

  10. phant0mg33k says:

    Us up. downloading now. To be honest who can be trusted. Really it is not that bad to WAIT for some awesome respectable devs, to just give you there hard work. Thanks Matt

  11. Sakura says:

    I’m downloading the game thank you very much for this release!

  12. Toastytwo says:

    Ouch, it’s gonna cost 29,90€ in the EU PSN Store…

    That’s a lot, considering the next “bug-fixing” FW is gonna coma faster than we like it…

    BTW, a real shame it wasn’t kept private (the leak, not Matthew)…
    Some tossed in a fair ammount of money awaiting a longer pleasure with the exploit…

  13. jensma says:

    The game is 29.99€ in europe – but it’s working like a charm! Thank you so much!

  14. NakedFaerie says:

    Its $43.95 in the Aus store so its another game I wont be getting.

    I’ll be just my luck, if I did get it which I dont want to play it anyway the next firmware will come out the next day meaning I wasted all that money on a game I will never play.

    I dont mind spending up to $10 on a useless game but not $44. And I would want it to last longer than a week.

  15. seraguz says:

    I’m ***… whomever release the leak out. It was suppose to kept it a secret..

  16. wielku says:

    It’s for 39$(119 Polish zloty = 39.245486 US$) in Poland *** ehh better wait for Vita firmware update :C

  17. ip anonymous says:

    where dowload free games for my psvita (url ) diferent to psn store?

  18. Christian Georgiou says:

    I’ve just created a US account. The price is $43.95 US? Anyone else seeing that?

    • Elasmo says:

      Not showing up on US for me at all.

    • Conjo says:

      It’s 10 USD on US Store

      • Elasmo says:

        I’m only able to see Eternal Punishment, no Innocent Sin >.< I'll look again.

        • Conjo says:

          Use the search function on the store, the game name starts with “Shin megami….” not “Persona 2…”

          • Elasmo says:

            thanks so much – downloading now

          • Bedle says:

            i actually found it by typing “persona 2″ which showed me result for Innocent Sin. Then i tried “innocent sin” which gave me same result, but to be sure, i research it with full name, which gave me exactly the same result.

            I see that people started reporting that it has been removed, maybe thats the case. Yet, i bought it about.. 20mins ago in EU store for 29GBP

          • Conjo says:

            @Bedle, yes, it appears if you search persona 2, but if you just see the list (that shows from P to S) you will se Persona 2 and other games and at the end of the list you’ll find the exploitable one.
            So, the best way to find it is using the search function.

  19. Dragar says:

    This is ***, I actually won the competition yet I couldn’t afford the game yet, so I was patiently waiting until I had the money, seeing as how it was a private exploit I was confident that I would have plenty of time to wait before I had actually had to purchase the software. But instead it’s gets leaked leaked, not even a week after the competition is held. And now I have no possibility of actually getting this game or exploit at all, thanks heaps Mathew_Wi and whoever the *** leaked this.

    • wololo says:

      I don’t like how you put the guy who brought you the exploit in the first place, and the guy who leaked it, in the same category. You sound extremely ungrateful. I understand your frustration, but blaming the person who provided you with the exploit in the first place is completely uncalled for.

    • arcangelnew says:

      Remember, they are doing something free to you, so you will not complain about it, and Im sure you will use this to play pirated games, so I call this Instant Karma. Btw I’m waiting for a full kernel exploit but i doubt someone can do it, I believe the only way would be using hardware explits like modchips and/or memorycard loaders like on the nds.

      • oreo says:

        You yell at this guy for pirated software when he didn’t even mention that, then you say you just want a full kernel exploit (probably for piracy) just so the vita gets even less support from 3rd party devs? Please realize how stupid that sounds….

  20. Bedle says:

    So, 2am, i finished doing my work and was brushing my teeth and i thought “ill just scroll a little of facebook, to see how ppl enjoy their lives since im unable to do cause of my work” and BAM! first post Wololo’s expoited game! Oh man, i instantly dropped my toothbrush (i think it ended up in toilet) spit all over the mirror toothpaste and start running for my Vita which was collecting dust cause i didnt had an exploit. Instantly powered on my Vita (almost dropped it TWICE by doing so) and rush on PSstore to see is game there.

    YES! IT IS! its a bit pricey, like 29GBP for me, but man, i have to have it!

    10mins later.. boot into familiar PSP menu!
    Working like a charm! Im sooo grateful to you guys and my lucky star today! :)

    As of leak.. well, hes aware to which winners he shared the exploit and process them as he should. Im reaaaallllyy grateful for exploit, and dont get me wrong, but people cant appreciate someones good will. :/
    On other hand.. my Vita finally became useful, so.. ty once more.

    off to bed, im working job no2 in 3hours, now that i know that everything works, ill be happy tomorrow, im to tired now 😀

    im working in 3hours,

  21. HarmfulMushroom says:

    So just curious, can I actually play the game itself if I set it up to run TN-V, or will it only work without the TN-V files?

  22. anonanon says:

    Games available in the NZ store, but it’s $56.95… Looks like I’ll be sticking to my US exploited game.

  23. rowjack1993 says:

    damn it, its like $44 in Australia

  24. MovingxTarget says:

    Whoever leaked this is such a ***. I was one of the winners of the competition and as usual a *** had to leak. First competition I won in my life too out of luck.

    Matt knew it was going to be leaked but i had better faith in those 25 people

    Trust.No one

  25. MikuDayo says:

    As soon as the Game gets deleted from the store I cancel my Credit card payment. Reason: “I’m sorry. The Game isnt downloadable anymore. And I get no access to it” haha

  26. anonanon says:

    Does anyone know whether an account is tied to a specific vita? I ended up buying this game on my NZ account, but now have two exploitable games, one on a US account I created specify for the game, and this on my main account. Thinking of possibly selling or giving my US account to a friend – since the only game that’s on it is one of the previously released exploitable games.

    Also, when you backup using cma, is the backup tied to the memory card you backed up from, or just the PSN account that was activated on the card at the time of backup?

    • Conjo says:

      I guess 1 account can be on up to 2 vitas, And i think there is an option on SonyEntertainmentNetwork website to untie an account to a system (in this case, PSVita)

      AFAIK, the content is only tied to your account, not to the memory card.

  27. Jimena says:

    I finally got it! It’s a shame that it was leaked tho. Thanks a lot for posting this.

  28. anon333 says:

    i am confirming that persona 2 Innocent sin is still up on the us psn store @$9.99

    its 6:48 here in San Fransisco

  29. salvador34 says:

    how about me I’m the luckiest winner on the 25 people selected and the psn card is hard to buy on the Philippines the giveaway is use for the who win and keeping shut their mouth this is bul____ the psn card i just buy will came thursday….this is bu____ …… this make me mad….. you know KARMA soon…..

    • Dragar says:

      If feel for your man, I was one of the winners as well and I had to wait till Tuesday to purchase the game, I guess there no chance of that happening now. I hope whoever leaked the game title and download link has something bad coming there way. It’s just so unfair on all the people who entered the competition and did everything legit only to be sc*** over by some little brat who thought he could get away with leaking PRIVATE information.

  30. The Budds says:

    Reports have been coming in that it has been pulled. This account talks about it.

  31. danny says:

    Which PSP 6.60 Firmware do I need for the Vita? In the guide it just says PSP 6.60 but in the download page it only lists PSP Go and PSP 1000 etc

  32. tnt2gamer says:

    I started downloading it on the US PSN, but it is running extremely slow. I ran a speed test on my modem, and it’s not the problem. Is anyone else experiencing slower than usual downloads from the PSN? It was slow last night, and seems even slower tonight. Anyway, thanks for the announcement. This is the first time that I have caught the exploited game in time. 😀

  33. YamiJustin says:

    So when Vita firmware 3.02 or whatever comes out, if you update to it you lose the CFW current? Suppose a leak is then discovered for 3.02 using another PSP game. Can you then go to 3.02 and keep your original exploit, or does going up a firmware level require constant purchases off the PSN

    • anonanon says:

      This hack requires two things
      Kernal exploit (This is the main exploit, it allows you to boot into a fully unlocked CFW psp environment and play Psp backups)
      And the usermode exploit (The game savedata exploit)

      When the next firmware update comes out, it’ll almost definitely patch the kernel exploit, this means even if a new save data exploit gets released after the update, you wont be able to launch the kernel exploit with it and wont be able to load TN-V. You’ll only be able to use VHBL and a some homebrew. Kernel exploits are fairly rare, while save data exploits are pretty common – so if you update, assume you wont get access to a new kernel exploit again.

  34. BlazingfHaze says:

    Im 3 bucks shortt :(

  35. rclr says:

    Can I download the game using my vita?

  36. AmCsauceada95 says:

    I downloaded it from my ps3 can I transfer that file to my vita?

  37. AmCsauceada95 says:

    Also it’s still up in the US.

  38. eighthdayregret says:

    Glad I already own the game. Unexpected surprise.
    Kinda *** up how this keeps happening, though. All this is doing is hurting the people creating these exploits who put so much work into finding them.

    At some point, the people who find the exploits are gonna stop releasing them, and blame will rest on *** like these.

    Thanks, everyone, for your hard work.

    And thank you, Matthew_Wi for making your files public. I know you didn’t have to, so on behalf of all the non-*** here, let me express my sincerest thanks.

  39. Tehhfransw says:

    Awesome! I love the persona series and have been wanting to get this for awhile :)

  40. jiji says:

    il n y est plus trop triste

  41. arcangelnew says:

    I just want to ask a stupid question, how do you guys found a exploit? hardware tools are required? software tools? you look for something specific on the game code? I just get curious as how it look like all the exploits are being leaked, maybe I can learn how to find an exploit by myself, again just a stupid question I believe it involve a lot of tech stuff.

  42. sgtplatypus says:

    Damn, I don’t get paid till Friday. . I’m guessing no one would be so kind to send me a $10 psn card :p

  43. walnut100 says:

    **** me, seriously? Only 25 people and one of them couldn’t keep their mouth shut

    This sucks

  44. Ninja man says:

    why do you need to release so many exploited game?
    actually we only need One anyway, we can run TN-V only with one exploited game.. but why?

  45. SmurfyD says:

    Well there went the private one. I was actually excited to have a private exploit so I could keep updating and not lose out on my ps+. Looks like that won’t be happening :(

  46. Patches says:

    Fn sweet tytyty I’ve been waiting for it

  47. ShineAqua says:

    This is a game I’d play too, so um, yeah, this is upsetting. Is it possible that this was a test to flush out potential leakers?

  48. mediate says:

    Can anyone confirm? Is it still up on the US store? I can see it on the online PSN store, but not sure if it was removed on vita store.

  49. psycho says:

    I’m downloading it right now from the US store…

  50. rypafire says:

    i wasn’t able to hack my vita because there is no innocent sin in HK PSN store. My vita account is R3. guys, can you please help me how can I have TNV on my vita if the games have been removed already from the PSN store?

  51. Zik says:


    i guess we should stick to ninja release instead. or we can always lurk in the irc and have it simply just release on irc, eh? make sit more useful than having to worry about some idiots not learning to keep a simple secret.

    makes you wonder if these are the same people who kiss and tell.

  52. WoL says:

    Hi looking at it from Hungary, the game is NOT 10$ 😀 … its 10.000 Huf -> about 45 $ :_(

    • cxxkiem0nster says:

      hey idk if this is a known bug or glitch or if happens with all tnvs. when click to play a backup it freezes so then i closed the exploit game but when i click it to play it again it says [error xxxxxxx… download the game again from the psn store] so i delete the exploit game and go download it again it installs fine tnv loads up fine to. so i go to the game section i see 2 things my game and another game but its corrupted i try deleting it it says [error cannot delete this file] so i just left it.. tried to play the game froze i closed the game and same thing happened i see the error go download the game again blah blah blah so i did again everything loads up fine i go to the game section i see 2 corrupted games so then i noticed both of them were the old exploit game [the one that said go download it again] from there i restored my mem card (i had to cause it would let me delete them) anyway please fix it its annoying.

  53. Jack Frost says:

    Probably will be best just go with a release of future exploits to wololo users are who not only long time registered users, but also based on various factors. Such as post count, account standing such as number of warnings, and amount of “thanks” one has received, if wololo even has a thank you button. In reality though, there is no perfect method of preventing leaks, since it’s hard to account for dumbassses in one’s equations and calculations. They’re just too unpredictable. Out of the 10 people who got the exploit, one idiot must have felt really special and powerful for having something that thousands of people tried to win. In the end, he probably leaked it for a couple of dollars or traded this knowledge for a ***.. who knows. Assuming it was a guy who leaked it.

  54. joel says:

    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2 Innocent Sin on the EU store is € 29.99, did they bump up the price right after this announcement?

  55. ivo says:

    is this kmode or umode?

  56. Rocky says:

    Thank to the Team.
    Yeah a little bit cheaper at the EU Store . But.
    It is one of the Games i wanted to buy anyway.

    Now lets try. :-)

    And Thanks again.

  57. Cameron says:

    Is the $44 one the exploitable one

  58. nerke says:

    Thanks for charing but this is to expensive just for an exploit maybe for a month

  59. Arikdefrasia says:

    Awesome. Much more affordable than FIFA was. Gonna set this up as soon as I get back from work.

  60. WATE says:

    Thanks your for your work, but I have a vita tv and i need desperatly a exploit 3.01 from japanese store, i’d buy only for that.

  61. jerson says:

    owww no so i need to buy in PSN to get TN-V ;( how sad that is the worse i dont know how to buy in psn :( and i dont have enough Money:(

  62. WATE says:

    Sorry for the copy and paste, but can we also know today feat 3.01 (japanese store maybe?) of this article please?

  63. ivo says:

    29.99 in be thats eu store
    so is 101 0N 301 megaman TNV7 compatible with persona tnv8 ?
    or is ther conflict ?
    bytheway anybody tried that tnv crafted psplink 2.271 ?

  64. taps says:

    Remember that each job deserves reward. A donation will please them.

    Tank you for your good job !

  65. ivo says:

    yes two exploited games on same fw installed and running tnv7 without installing core files v8 again
    so whats the correct way to update ?

  66. Allan says:

    If my vita is on 2.15 do I need to update it to get this exploite?

  67. AR says:

    Its $39.99 in UK UAE store ..just purchased it

  68. R says:

    why the savedata for US version has ULUS and ULES ???

  69. R says:

    why the savedata for US version has ULUS and ULES ???

    It should be like that on your purpose or you put the wrong file to the archive?

  70. maialinku76 says:

    The game SMT Persona 2 Innocent Sin on the EU store priced 29,99 € is good for the exploit or not? Please I don’t want to spend 29 € invain. Thanks!

  71. Drix says:

    So if as long as i have this game and have a VITA on ofw 3.01, i can always exploit it?

  72. Interesting, I should probably study these exploits and try to reproduce them in other different games… I’m a little bit late, though, if Sony plans to patch the kernel exploit of the CFW… Specially cos I don’t have a Vita yet xD


  73. theleftykid says:

    Awesome.. Finally I got an exploit game for my Vita.. I got the game from Australia store and used the EU savedata files and works well.. Thanks a lot.. althought it cost me $43.00 for the game, but money well spent..

  74. ivo says:

    the exploit works great even without 660pbp or core files
    becuz i had 101 mega but as soon as i update via tnv and install
    i have to wait for the battery to deplete in order to use my vita again.
    i had this problem to in the past and its not a big problem
    but it just keeps me from playing it till its depeleted (blackscreenofdeath)
    screen xd

  75. oreo says:

    Dammit i just got this through the giveaway and *** like this happens.

  76. Miguel says:

    god pays yu…

  77. ivo says:

    thers an easy solution … try again from scratch
    add giveaway + 660 + tnvcore + opencma together once more luke

  78. Johann says:

    Thks!!! muchas gracias chicos todo funcionando perfecto, :) all work fine, the game still in psn, sorry my english. testing….. psp work fine

  79. Metze says:

    *** this *** -.-
    *** too late AGAIN.
    Trying to get a Hack on my vita since the EU Release. But dont get a *** single one. *** that *** ***!!!!!!!!

  80. Darktbs7 says:

    So a ninja release goes to most trusted members first yes? So how do you judge trusted? Join date and post count?

  81. tetsuya81987 says:

    none of my isos show up after i get on the cfw. the name of the file is uppercase and less than 8 chacters

  82. Rena-Chan says:

    Is the exploit patched yet?

    If not can anyone comment below saying that it is patched…

  83. tetsuya81987 says:

    my isos wont show up in the psp cfw. the file name is in all caps and less than 8 letters.

    • neocore says:

      Make sure the file extension is also in caps “.ISO” If this doesnt help, please redo the solution.

      • GIST says:

        Believe it or Not, I only used the letters “MGSPO” without adding “.ISO” to it and the game still showed up and worked. The ISO/CSO game is Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (MGSPO). An underrated game in my opinion, however, it was awhile before got into the story & it got fun after I started abducting & recruiting people.

        Anyways, I have TN-V 8 as well, but none of the Yu-Gi-Oh ISO’s have won’t show up when I copy them to the same folder as MGSPO & MKU.CSO (Mortal Kombat Unchained).

        Tag Force 5 won’t show up after I use “TFV.ISO”
        Tag Force 6 won’t show up after I use “YUGI.ISO”
        Even Tag Force 3 won’t show up after I use “TF3.ISO”

        All these ISO’s work for my PPSPP emulator, just not on this TN-V8. Any ideas??

      • tetsuya81987 says:

        thanks a lot for that! i just had to put the file extension in all caps. Thanks!!!!

  84. neocore says:

    Thanks guys!!! finally grabbed the game

  85. Peter says:

    Got it. Worked. Thank you sir

  86. jiggawho jiggawhat says:

    one question, whe you mean EU you also Mean the Spanish Store or just the EU English?

  87. arcangelnew says:

    Well I got it, finally one game that sony didn’t pulled out before I can get it, Thanks to the coders, and for all the other people complaining about the game price, availability, etc, cmon guys they released it for free, so stop acting like ******, and ******, you know.

  88. yazza2012 says:

    Damn it, I was hoping this would stay private… I won the exploit. Who ever leaked it didn’t deserve it.

  89. Erbl13 says:

    when can we expect a vbhl for p2 and if theres one out correct me because im kinda new to the whole vita exploits thanks !!

  90. Dilute says:

    I wanted to play Persona 2 Innocent SIn anyway, so I’m gonna get this right away!

  91. Thrawn says:

    Ahhahahahaahaha 😉

    All this time I had a k-exploit game for TnV lying under my nose XD and didn’t know it ahahahah.

    Now I have the game backuped with open cma lying on a hard drive but no vita to use it.

    Ahhh……. this irony ahahahaha. :)

    • taps says:


      it serves you anything when you will copy it to your PS Vita you will have a signature error

      good luck to you 😉

      • Thrawn says:

        Somehow I’m not angry or anything, it does not matter.

        I did not have many vita games only project diva f, new little kings story, dragons crown, persona 4 golden and Ragnarok odyssey.

        And I still have my psps with its pro B glory and as long as sony does not cut the psp’s online support, there is no real reason for ME to swap again.

        + The psp’s homebrew compatibility is much higher than that of the TN V, and its not so “complicated” to get anything on the device and then to run.

  92. Ron says:

    Just install the exploit good job and the wagic come true to my PS Vita thks to the all the people who make this exploit possible

  93. diksy says:

    wow seriosly people? you bought them for $30 – $40

    well I dont get it because the moment I read this blog post and go to store it cost $10

    well lucky me then lol

  94. Lawrence says:

    My ISO’s won’t show.
    Extensions and name is all caps, 8 letters max.
    As instructed, i’m supposed to place the ISO file in the same place where FLASH0 and TN.BIN is at.

    I’m overwriting the savedata (with the filesize of the file as big as my ISO) but as soon as I open the game, I don’t see it on the memory stick.

    AM I doing something wrong?

  95. ADepreshedFish says:

    Wow, you’re kidding me. The last chance ever and psn is down for 5.5 hours in US. Well, ***. I hope it isn’t them removing this game.

  96. HokkaidoWolf says:

    Its a good thing I already the game. Lol

  97. carsauce says:

    This is just too much, how does SONY know about this or they have spies that come on this site?

  98. carsauce says:

    Its still on the US store but SONY just done maintenence on the PSN and the store now gives a an error when you choose to add to the cart.

  99. romain337 says:

    Keep trace of the guys who you send private exploit. With time maybe you’ll find some of the bad ***.

  100. carsauce says:

    I got access to the store but it gives an error when trying to add to the cart, SONY really wants this exploitation to stop, I can tell they must be really mad someone keeps finding exploits, I also believe there are SONY spies on here.

  101. Me says:

    If I install the exploit, then update my firmware for my Vita, will the exploit no longer work?

  102. carsauce says:

    Its still on store people, download while you can, I think this is will now be my last exploit to use on Vita because I just wanted to play the Ys game

    • Amri85 says:

      where is SMT:P2 save file exploit? links anyone? I clicked on the links above and I only see the old exploit save game.

  103. Amri85 says:

    I cannot see the save for the exploit on the list. I just finished downloading the game.

  104. Matt says:

    Can anyone confirm that this still works? Want to know before I buy.

  105. carsauce says:

    Its in the download link, it’s in the middle of the other files, and Matt I’m going to try it now i';m updating to 3.01 i got nothing to lose anymore since i just want homebrew and to play the new Ys game

  106. bailey reeves says:

    how do i get this download cause i got banned and i need a hack

  107. bailey reeves says:

    and ima boss!!!!!!!!!

  108. carsauce says:

    thank you soooooooo much, FINALLY back to gaming on the PS Vita and I get to now play YS, It works people and also pluggins and cxmb works well too. MY VITA LIVES AGAIN!, ESPECIALLY WITH homebew to use.

    3.01, goodbye UNO exploit you were so awesome!
    Thanks guys for the heads up on the game

  109. blondebro7 says:

    im so *** i downloaded the exploit game and installed it and was able to get into recovery and the xmb launcher then when copying my first homebrew i accidentally corrupt the exploit game some how and i went back to redownload it and …. its gone:( its still on my vita and i keep feeling like there is a way to fix it but i really doubt it.
    why didnt i just download it on my ps3 the first time then id be golden… blah…

  110. WeedZ1985 says:

    AArrgg! finally had psp hack after weeks of waiting for leak. then i go to update to tn-v8 using psp network update, update completes and on “restart” persona is removed from my Vita via psn and i didn’t make a backup. *** my stupidity!

  111. WeedZ1985 says:

    Here’s an update: They bricked my Vita!!!

    don’t update cfw using psp network update…

  112. brunoso says:

    So. I think that the previous exploit 101 game wont work on 3.01; Anyone can confirm this???

  113. Joao Martins says:

    I don´t find the game on portuguese psn

  114. Joao Martins says:

    Can say the PSN number?!?

  115. Joao Martins says:

    Someone could make a video buying a game?!? Please

  116. carsauce says:

    Guys this actually works and truly works wonders also to the one who said it bricked your Vita don’t lie in Vita you can just go into recovery mode by holding the power button down an the update on the once you done the procedure right , by loading the exploit save file you should be able to upgrade to T-N V8

    • WeedZ1985 says:

      I didn’t say the update bricked it. i said “sony” bricked it. which is all i can assume happened. the xmb runs under the vita software, so any crash that happens shouldn’t effect the vita itself. In any case it wasn’t bricked until i returned to the live menu. the “busy dot wheel” came up, then it went black. it was then unresponsive. tried getting to the recovery menu before i even posted. i know what a 200 dollar paperweight looks like, and i have one.

      maybe it was some other fluke, i dont know, but it is bricked and right after completing the update through xmb’s online update. doesn’t matter, i’m gunna pick another one up tomorrow and just wait for the next leak..

  117. Ville says:

    It is not on the EU psn-store.

  118. Edward says:

    Callate pendejo vete a la verga

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