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No HBO Go On PS3 For Comcast Customers


Technology is cool

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  1. David says:

    Comcast is evil.

  2. ivo says:

    whats hbo again ?
    is it like ehbo ?

  3. jake says:

    haha, saw your id on that post. Did you see that message from someone who didn’t request you (because it doesn’t feel right)

  4. ivo says:

    didnt request me ? im on request now or what ?
    didnt it feel right last night babe ?

  5. ivo says:

    next i would like apache or ssh servers working on psp as prx
    u think thats possible ?
    or even webman!

  6. STLcardsWS says:

    This is nothing more then Comcast trying not to give in to the Internet Reality.
    That TV/video futures are on the net. Comcast and other providers stand to make more keeping the traditional TV services. They feel with the popularity of VOD services and HBO Go they are aiding in there dismise of traidtional TV,

    What they should be doing is adapting to technology and get there foot in the door while they can.

    Really IMO you should need your provider to support it. It should be how HBO wants it. Someone should be able to use the HBO Go service by paying HBO directly. The TV providers like Direct TV and Dish NEtwork Comcast. Does not need any resources to BROADCAST this. They are ONLY used to authenticate you are a HBO subscriber. There is an unneeded middle man here.

  7. Charles Fasano says:

    I get HBO for free from Verizon FiOS but really don’t care about HBO. We only got it because we upgraded to a cheaper bundle which gave us HBO free and 50/25Mbps Internet.

    It is pretty stupid for Comcast not to allow its HBO subscribers access to HBO go. I agree that you be able to buy an HBO subscription directly from HBO but you can only get HBO though a TV provider like Comcast unless they do a separate HBO Go subscription for people who don’t have HBO from their TV provider.

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