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Twitch broadcasting for PS Vita?

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  1. lol says:

    Y just want #PSVitaShare, like, PS4Share but PSVitaShare

    • italkgame says:

      HA, well Sir/Madam if Sony decides to add any physical buttons to a future remodelled Vita I would rather have them be the R2 and L2 triggers.


      • lol says:

        I wasn’t talking about physical buttons, they can add one on LiveArea screen, or the quick settings, (or maybe a button combination, like PS+start, but PS+Select. The idea isn’t that bad, I hope this is the reason why they haven’t released any update yet

  2. licious says:

    I wanna know how to do that video out mod already! Stoked! Keep us updated!

    • TELLus says:

      YA FOR REAL!!! I’ve looked all over for some kind of way to do it but no one shows how to. I think they are lying and just trying to inflate their nerd ego. “eehhh snort, i can hack a vita.”

  3. ils says:

    Does Vita has a build in video/H.264 encoder?
    If not, I don’t think it can broadcast any game without significant performance hit.

    • ViRGE says:

      That’s a very good question.

      The answer is that we don’t know for sure, but it most likely does. All indications are that Sony has some kind of hardware encoder, which is being used to handle capturing videos in the Camera application on the Vita. Furthermore H.264 encoders are commonly found in SGX543 GPUs, so while it’s certainly possible to build an SoC without one, it would be rare.

      The catch however is that we don’t know what the hardware encoder is capable of, if it even exists. The Vita’s cameras are only VGA (640×480), which is a lower resolution than the Vita’s screen. If there is an encoder, there’s nothing to indicate whether it’s powerful enough to encoder the Vita’s 960×544 screen at 30fps, since that’s well beyond what it has to do with the cameras right now.

      There’s also the issue of system resources. How much CPU time and memory does it consume, keeping in mind that the Vita doesn’t allocate much of either to background programs? And is the video encoder plumbed into the GPU frame buffer/display controller in such a way that it can capture video without significantly interrupting the process? Or would there be a heavy performance penalty in accessing the FB/DC?

      All we can say at this point is that it’s possible. We don’t have enough technical details to rule it out, but we also don’t have enough technical details to say it can be done for sure.

  4. herriemaker says:

    funny thing about this all is that sony already announced a twitch app for the vita to be released in august 2013 wich never seen the light of day

  5. PlaGeRaN says:

    I can’t believe im saying, but i hope the next firmware update has DLNA support! Sony get your finger out of your aR$e and get our devices registered!

  6. taps says:

    I did not know this version of PS Vita is equipped with a mini USB port

    • italkgame says:

      Well the first Vita generation doesn’t have an usb mini port, that is unless you have a hardware modified Vita than a port (mini usb) is added to get video out.

  7. abdou005 says:

    wish Katsu’s last discovery about the HDMI support lead us to broadcast or viewing gameplay on the Big Tv someday <3

    Thank's for The awsome article "italkgame" as always !

  8. Nazar_Ops says:

    I don’t think they meant PSVITA when they said “mobile devices”. And if I remember correctly. People said that PSVITA does not have enough RAM for live streaming in the background while playing a game.

  9. Sky Yuki says:

    Just releaseeeeee the HDMI cable or whateverrrrrrr
    That will let me project my vita screen to any screen that’s not vita!!
    Without extreme price of course
    I wanna make use of PCH-1000 up scaler already
    (if i remember correctly PCH-2000 doesn’t have a up scaler so it can’t project screen to anything else)

  10. daemon kernel says:

    I have the psm V1.0 and I want update the runtime packet Psm V1.21 in my psvita but stuck on waiting to install in notifications ¿somebody help me?

    • Secko says:

      To instal psm you have to start any psm game/app you have, if you dont have any then you have to download one.

      • daemon kernel says:

        I triedt with all free games or free Apps of the PSN store but without succes. Maybe I must paid a game of the psn store.

        • Conjo says:

          Uninstall PSM, instal a free game/app (like Cytus) and then install PSM via Cytus or whatever app/game you downloaded.

  11. CitizenEldar says:

    I would like to have a Vita Twitch app to, at least, watch streams.

  12. Popo_the_Fister says:

    Well… If the Vita had a ”Twitch-like” app that can make you stream your game while playing… there’d be another problem. It’s true that there’s not enough RAM in this precious little handheld, but before broadcasting, the video would have to be recorded in a Hard Drive (or, in this case, a Vita Card). I don’t know about you, but 32GB of memory isn’t enough for video sharing. So… I think the capturecard and a good PC is the best way to capture a video!

    One thing it’s not doing though, is video recording yourself while you play. That option COULD BE (If i am not mistaken) directly in a vita APP. There’s already a camera in the vita so… it could be used to record yourself. But the front camera quality is *** though…

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