Sony America CEO stepping down


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8 Responses

  1. Ass Pirate says:

    I hate this new shawn guy (not that I know him), but I still think he should ride my switchblade straight into the jagged chasms of hell.

  2. ivo says:

    Holy Cow,

    tell the scea ceo i got psplink on vita!
    i got psplink working with modnet connected on vita in pspemu and on pc puttytel

    Welcome to PSPLink’s NetShell

    to to figure out a proper elease psplink for vita ?
    or not whats ur opinion / packer ?


  3. daemon kernel says:

    winds of bankruptcy for Sony America

  4. ivo says:

    SO dark horse
    heres the working in capitals
    and src package src package


    ps. now to figure a way for irssi or host or nethost.prx with nethostfs
    greets cheers

  5. Norml says:

    Awesome news! Lets hope the new person is more in tuned with their customers. You know, the people who fund their paychecks.

    Lets hope they start with the Vita first and go from there. (PS3,PS4,MOVIES)

    Highly doubt it, but this may fix some issues between the customer and $ony.

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