The Best Vita and PSP Homebrews for March 2014


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  1. martin says:

    woow ubuntu 12 , testing.

  2. tokia says:

    magic no.3 nice.

  3. Foxior says:

    What’s about sound in psx emulate? Ark is soundless. You wrote 8. PRO CFW- ,,PSX Emulator Unlock ? Play your PSX classics, yes ? all of them. Not just PSN titles.” What’s about sound?

  4. drd7of14 says:

    It would be a cool update to these PSP emulators for any home console like SNES or even the PSX emulator if they could build in an option for local multiplayer for VITA TV. Make it an option in settings. That would be awesome!

    Then it literally is a micro console for some awesome games: Mad small and affordable at that with a great controller, and eventually PS4 controller support.

    Kirby Superstar/Super Smash 64 with DS4. That would rock!

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  5. Joel16 says:

    Just checked this, Woah I never thought my homebrew would take first place, thanks a bunch wololo 🙂 I actually feel good about what I’ve made now.

  6. abdou005 says:

    Bookr <3 That "Endless" Homebrew 😀 !

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