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PS4 Sales hit the 6 million mark worldwide


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  1. Shapeshifter says:

    In my country only a few ps4s and xbones have been sold thanks to its $900 price tag and *** expensive games and accessories
    Pcs are gonna become the new norm in my country atleast despite ps3 ,ps2 and psp selling at a high rate even today

    • Judger says:

      Well sir, you live in a *** hole. That much is certain.

      • Judger Dealhole says:

        Aside your nickname, who the f*** are you to judge anyone’s country or culture? The s**t hole is nowhere but only in your mind. Mind your own f***ing business before addressing such a xenofobic and nonsense comment.

        • Acid_Snake says:

          You sir are an idiot if you think Judger meant any offense to Shapeshifter. And I generally disbelieve that the topic at hand has anything to do with culture, more like politics.

          • Acid_Crap says:

            And who might have asked for your opinion? You are the one who is the greater idiot here if you concluded that someone was disrespectful with Shapeshifter. To me, it’s quite simple, the other one offended an entire country. If you can’t understand what you’re reading, don’t blame or curse others, they got nothing to do with your disability. I was only trying to make a point in his unfair judgement.
            One other thing: if you were familiar to what happens in Shapeshifter’s country, you would realize that this matter is cultural and not political: people back there tend to accept things without questioning. Sad, but true.
            Last, but not least: since you judged me, I won’t regret telling you to go judge your a**hole somewhere else.

          • jake says:

            I think he lives in one of those countrys which heavily taxes consoles like brazil. Apparently its cheaper to buy one and ship it from the USA.. =/

            So ye’ IF that’s the case, I’d say the country is *** for doing it… but by country I mean the government/PM or watevs, not the people.

      • shapeshifter says:

        I’m not sure if u meant it in an offensive way or not
        But I would like u to know that a lot of people from this “***-hole” now head some of the top companies of the world
        As far as technology and quality go , my country has created one of the top 10 universities of the world for technology
        We are the largest user base of apple products despite paying double of what usa pays for apple products
        And we even have one of the largest android user bases

        • shapeshifter says:

          My above comment was meant for judger
          As far as culture goes, yes my country has one of the oldest cultures

        • looney64 says:

          Do you live in india?

          • shapeshifter says:

            You guessed it
            Its the most exaggerated country though,we are no longer a snake charmers nation or something and certainly not a shithole
            If u want to see our prices ,check out amazon.in or flipkart.com
            Android stuff is pretty cheap compared to most other countries ,ps4 is overpriced as heck,so are the games and accessories,check out the pc section on flipkart as well,pc parts are nearly the same rate as the usa,so I don’t think ps4 will pick up sales as much as pcs

      • grief3r says:

        that’s why in shithole countries it’s more common to have console that can read ISO

        • shapeshifter says:

          U can take that comment and go back to mars or wherever u came from
          Infact piracy is nearly dead except for pcs ,watch ur tongue mate and see other comments

    • NNNRT says:

      Same here, in my country it’s $700, & there are stupid people who still buy it instead of trying to do something for that price. It’s like 3 quarters more than the original price. :roll?:

  2. k3nn says:

    yeah! the moment micro$oft announced their DRM for XB1, i knew they’ed screw this big time. then the charts show the PS4 is fast on the specs and it was indeed. That was the nail in coffin. although i haven’t gotten a PS4 yet, i’m waiting for a limited edition Star Wars or Final Fantasy PS4 hehe

  3. Acid_Snake says:

    It is a very sexy piece of hardware after all, and Sony was clever and innovative with the social gaming aspect of the system, and we all know how last gen was all about social interaction, so taking it to the next level while still keeping it optional was only the smartest thing to do. Kudos Sony, seems like you got this one right.

    • shapeshifter says:

      Yeah I wish they reduce the price and increase the free to play game catalog
      Then it’ll sell like hot cakes worldwide
      Otherwise the price tag in countries other than US ,europe etc makes people from other countries like mine,brazil etc wonder why we must pay so much for so less
      The vita-ps4 connection is certainly gonna be a bigger hit than the nvidia shield for sure,given most pc gamers use amd more than nvidia these days and the shield needs nvidia gpus only

  4. shapeshifter says:

    I was first and stuff
    Y u delete my comment bro?

  5. shapeshifter says:

    Ohh wait sorry my bad my comment suddenly re appeared when I refreshed lol

  6. PanzerMensch says:

    The XBOX One has not so much sales … but its always a good sales quote for Microsoft! Microsoft is not the Nr. One in Sales but Microsoft get enough sales to stand in fight against Sony … and just waiting and sony make another mistake and microsoft use that to conter.

    • k3nn says:

      well, isn’t that great for micro$oft!

      we call those as “spin-doctors” 😀

    • Acid_Snake says:

      The problem I see with Microsoft is that they don’t know how to tackle competition like Sony does. Remember how the PS3 was at launch? now compare it to what it is now, quite frankly I doubt Microsoft would have managed to stand up in the same situation, they probably would have just released another system mid-way, and so the 8th gen would have started in 2008-9 or so. Nintendo kinda also does the same: We’re not winning with this system? let’s make another one rather than try to push this one up, and let’s release it a year before the competition.

      • fate6 says:

        Not necessarily, Nintendo did a great job turning the 3DS around
        Heck I dare say its what is keeping them alive at this point

        • jake says:

          Nintendo won 7th gen as well I think..
          Playstation won 6th with PS2 (best out of ANY console to exist)
          Playstation won 5th gen with PS1? (pretty sure they ended up killing some competition)
          Then it’s just nintendo all the way to the early gens…

        • Acid_Snake says:

          How did they turn the 3DS around? it was successful from the beginning.
          History has always shown that the only company who knows how to recover from massive damage is Sony, with the PS3 and PSP starting as huge flops and then becoming great pieces of hardware with great pieces of software. Nintendo and Microsoft have yet to do the same. What happened when the GameCube and Original Xbox couldn’t keep up? they pushed another system, rather than trying to figure out what the problem with the other one was. They pushed the new systems so fast that the Xbox 360 suffered from hardware failures and the Wii was a glorified GameCube for the sake of cutting down development time.
          None of those two companies know how to properly compete, I see them pushing a new console in 4 years from now, not giving us enough time to enjoy 8th gen, mark my words.

          • shapeshifter says:

            U nailed it,totally!! Sony always has made quality hardware and software compared to microsoft and nintendo
            Nintendo is great for smaller kids and xbox 360 and xbox were great but the improvements were too late

  7. Nazar_Ops says:

    Meanwhile PSVITA users are left behind. I wont buy the PS4 until they solved the sales of the VITA.

    • lolwut says:

      then told all your friend to buy Vita, heck, it’s not Sony’s fault, really. I have Vita and i love it.

      • Nazar_Ops says:

        When whose fault is it? Sony is in charge to deliver PS VITA games. They are doing a lazy job.

        • shapeshifter says:

          Yeah I agree,even when microsoft launched windows phone 8 , it had very few users and lesser apps,nokia and microsoft are still porting and coding so many quality apps for it and adding features etc,wp8.1 is rumoured to bring a remoteplay like feature for xbox one and maybe even windows games
          Sony should push devs to port or code apps fast and make it a great pair with ps4

  8. Charles Fasano says:

    Sales don’t mean anything as the Xbox One is still $100 more expensive than the PS4. Many people went with PS4 because it was cheaper and as for Christmas, many parents go with what’s cheaper.

    Neither console really thrills me and I already have the PS4 and I only really played one game, Skylanders Swap Force since I have a bunch of figures and got the PS4 version on sale with coupon for $27 from Walmart.

  9. That’s all Sony cares about is the PS4, the Vita gets no love, no exclusives(that we wont) too many indies….heck we dont even have a gta yet….It”s all remote play, remote play, remote play

  10. BahamutBBob says:

    First off, console wars are stupid. I’m of the opinion that you should play the games that you like, not blindly follow one company’s system and bash everything else.

    Second, the 360 sold MUCH better than the PS3 for a huge portion of last gen. The PS3 came out on top worldwide in the end, but 4 months into a new generation is too early to say who “won.”

    Third, I know I’ll get bashed for this post, but I own a PS4, 2 Vitas, a 3DS, a PS3, a 360, a Wii U, and a PC. (just the current stuff here, I still have most of my older consoles) I have no plans to get an X1 until MS lets us buy it without Kinect. If a company’s stuff interests me, I’m willing to pay money for it. I’m backing up my first point with this point.

    • fate6 says:


      Unfortunately no one cares about games or gameplay anymore, as long as its pretty its good apparently :/

      • shapeshifter says:

        A remix of Vin Diesel’s words – “it doesn’t matter which console u have,all that matters is which game u play and how well u play it!!”

  11. ivo says:

    hi, 6 million sales on psvita psp savetstates plugin
    if u compile me a version for linux with macro record&play

  12. raine_raine7 says:

    good news! how about we all stop always trying to start arguments in the comments section, lol im probably gonna start an argument right now

  13. Souledge says:

    They are the winner so far. But this is hardly the fastest selling console of let alone the last decade. If Nintendo could’ve kept up production of the Wii when everyone was begging for it, they would’ve wiped the floor even more with the next-gen sales, which they already had even with the Scarce of Wii’s.

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