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PS Vita How-To: Use IRC To Stay Up To Date And In Contact With The PS Vita Scene


Technology is cool

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  1. Yifan Lu says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this just an article that talks about installing a regular PSP homebrew and running it and using TN’s savestate plugin? What’s so special to make this a front page article?

    • It helps, educates and informs people that they can use IRC on their PS Vita.
      On PS3HaX/PS4HaX i front page many guides and tutorials, after all these sites are here to give people information that they need :p

    • Acid_Snake says:

      Good question, specially considering that, THIS IS USELESS, there’s this thing called Friend on Vita that lets you chat and stuff. This is basically like making a tutorial on how to use the PSP browser on the Vita.

      • Just as USELESS as your comment.

        1.) Adding a friend on your PS Vita, does not let you chat with non PS Vita/PS3/PS4(etc) people across the world.
        2.) IRC users cannot access PS Vita chat.

    • abdou005 says:

      @Yifan Lu “What’s so special to make this a front page article?”

      –> I wanted an easy chatroom Think :

      1) The (Need) of a Ps Vita “chatroom” could be accessed by everyone. even lower firmware than 2,02 because of the “Ps Vita’s Browser low HTML5 support”

      2) The Homebrew YamaIRC support “Ps Vita touch keybord” (faster) + it looks cool and well-made/organised.

      3) TN savestate plugin “solved” the problem of configure everytime the homebrew is Close/Open

      4) Ps Vita “Channel” was just an example for the Guide, users can connect to other channels.

      I have also Guide about “Using Ps Vita as Wifi-Controller for Computer”.


      More coming soon ;).

      • abdou005 says:

        *—> I Think

      • SoulPleumz says:

        what about people who was groaning for a tn-v and can’t install homebrews like me i have only bought the vita for like 2 weeks and look what i found “nothing” but pieces of *** saying we have to install homebrews install these and those i’ve been following wololo for months firstly i thought it was rediculous website but no wololo could be an awesome website if they acts correctly and i know that you want to sen every pieces of information you’ve got but hey why don’t you post it on the site or the main board cause i don’t think they can have acess on wololo.net but if they really want to spy on us by faking as a psvita user even though you guys make an irc method i’m pretty sure that they can acess on to it

      • APRON-MAN says:

        hows the lag with the wifi controller?

    • wololo says:

      I’d say it puts light on a very nice (yet not very well known) use of homebrew on the vita, and far enough from the typical “emulator this, iso that, filemanager foo” that it is good to mention

    • Yamagushi says:

      Maybe it was a sign for my to start creating content again. 😉

  2. ddd says:

    Tn-V prometeusonline pleas

  3. Vaericke says:

    I have a suggestion on the exploits, I think the private releases should be given either to 10 people who are very much interested in the release since they have not catched the past releases or to a group of 10 or more which would be created in the forums. It would be better this way since a lot of people would benefit 1 exploit. 1 exploit = 10, 100 or more people are happy.

    • warfather says:

      nope i think they should leave it this way, so they can find out if there is trust in the community

      • Dmaskell92 says:

        If it’s released period there is leak risk. I feel the community is trustworthy, but the trustworthy are a minority. I never spoke about a Ninja release, I keep my *** mouth shut, if everyone did the same, Ninja releases would work. The sad fact is people don’t read, they don’t understand how things work. They leak without knowing it is supposed to be secret, or they want 5 minutes of fame for their stupid leak. Either way, stupidity isn’t an excuse, and leakers get punished for their actions.

      • Vaericke says:

        I think they already found out that there are some people probably 10 out of 5000 or more are only those causing problems. That’s the reason for having groups, so that they can determine among who those people gave away or leaked the exploit.

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      Blame the leakers, and general human stupidity. I already have an exploit, because I have been following this website for almost a year now. I don’t feel bad for those who missed such a anticipated release. TN announced he was working on V4 way before it came out. Obviously the fools who missed one of the several exploits are to blame for not being pro-active. I have no sympathy for self inflicted wounds.

      • Dmaskell92 says:

        I would also like to point out, I never joined the private exploit giveaways. I felt it would be disrespectful to the community when i already had an exploit. I would like to think the winners aren’t people with exploits already, because that would be a waste.

  4. tinostar91 says:

    Well, there are hundreds of tutorials on /talk, sometimes even better made and you don’t see every one of them on main page

  5. PlaGeRaN says:

    This is cool! Will connect via my phone rather;)

  6. mangosteam says:

    maybe this could be another way of doing ninja release , because of those *** leakers

  7. Yamagushi says:

    Holy ***. Randomly check this site today and there is an article on an old homebrew app of mine =D

  8. Your articles are really dissapointing me. Just like what Acid Snake said, it’s basically using a PSP web browser, which all of us already know how to use and a chatroom that makes no since cause we are already chatting on wololo

  9. eighthdayregret says:

    Wow… maybe some people think this may not be particularly useful, maybe some will. There is, however, an awful lot of @$$hole going on in the comments, especially considering some of the utterly ridiculous “front page” posts that have been going up the last few months.

    Hey pot, this is the kettle… You’re black.

    And you do realize that you’re not REQUIRED to read those posts, right?
    If it didn’t look useful to you, why did you click on it? Morbid curiosity?

    Find better ways to spend your time.

  10. yo says:

    y u no freenode.net?

  11. zoraktorok says:

    wanna throw this out to see the responses…. remind anyone of a bbs?

  12. ivo says:

    just screen and irssi would be nice in ubuntu lua 🙂
    and danzeff osk of some pc keyboard to psp driver prx

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