PS Vita exploit releases: the new way of the Ninja?


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115 Responses

  1. thatguy0804 says:

    Its very frustrating yet I understand why your doing it that way. I just feel like I have little to no chance as a new user what so ever here in winning.
    Because what is my word as a new guy that ill keep my mouth shut. I dont know. I check this web site and twitter everyday hoping to win. All I can do is keep trying.

  2. hentai says:

    good news

  3. Wrozen says:

    I think exploited game names should be much harder to get than the ninja release but not so hard that only 25 people get it. A new way to do mass releases should be developed to prevent future leaks.

  4. That's too BAD says:

    I’m disappointed to read this article…

  5. phil87700 says:

    Congrats to the winners.. will have a vita soon.
    hope my prayers are heard then

  6. mvaneijgen says:

    Its to bad things cant be kept a secret and slowly release to avoid detection at Sony.

    I like the idea of the ninja releases, but if they Sony knows about them before we (the mass) know its worse for the developers, then if you just blindly releasing it to the public.

  7. dockotis says:

    Although I already have KoP, I think the giveaway isn’t as fair as the ninja… I do however see the understanding after the multiple leaks that lead to them trying this… the way I see it, the VERY few ruin it for the many, or in other words, ‘it only takes one’… what ever ya decide, no matter how others may whine, its ya decision, ya exploits, ya rules… If they wanna keep whining, they can either continue to cry fowl at the ones giving away to the community what they have been working on WITHOUT CHARGING for the fruits of their work, or blame the leakers whom are solely responsible and perhaps try to find their own exploit…
    I know someone is going to try to flame me for this, but for those with intelligence, they will understand my view point.

  8. KOALAaufPILLEN says:

    Well its sad to read that :/
    I realy missed a bunch Of exploits and i understand why they are ging this way Of release but im kinda unlucky at winning stuff so there will be no way for me to get this exploit :/
    So i need to stay at the normal way and buy stuff ?
    Its kinda Unfair if you understand my point Of view

  9. carsauce says:

    I guess it’s over then to keep trying to get homebrew for this device, the more great games come out the the more updated firmware, gone are the days of portable piracy now, Ys is the only game i rather play on this device, guess i just finish up my homebrew and go back the new way, since my mobile phone has the emulators now no need to for ps vita

  10. psYos says:

    Very sad news but completely understandable. However i think going forward this should be looked at from an IT perspective. Keep a “ninja release” but hand them out over sftp. Using usernames and passwords you can start building a rapport of who you consider to be trustworthy. Yea it will take some time to get going, but you will know every user that you are giving the exploit to. Is there a way to auto generate the users name into the code so if leaked you know who to kick out? Sadly I’ve missed most exploits but i dont want to watch the community die. I can help work on this project if needed. But there are many options to keep this alive and secure.

    • hotdogicn says:

      Good idea.If the handful chosen ones are the only ones to have a chance to get the exploit,a lot of people would lose their will to participate.This is almost equal to stopping releasing exploits.So a new method to release the exploit should be adopted.

  11. Greysmoke says:

    Hey wololo you guys are doing great :)
    I have an idea for keeping the ninja release a lil bit more on the downlow
    I think if we had a psp homebrew application, one that uses our forum login and password to sign into it. This would require a PSP or an allready exploited vita sure, but it would be like a newb shield. People would actually need to know how to use a psp and how to load homebrew with it. The vitas bread and butter right now is all psp brew anyways. I belive this would cause ppl to appreciate what you guys do even more! Sure ppl will whine “ohh i dont have a psp” dude they are like 30$ or less now. The last exploit game fifa was this much……..
    Just my quick idea, i think this would cause sony to take even longer to find out what the exploit game is aswell. Seeing as they would need a psp on CFW. hahaha

  12. Claudio says:

    I am a newbie in the community and I’ve lost the exploit just for don’t have funds to buy the game and in the last case…Fifa 11 was toooo expensive… the last giveaways where kinda cool…but still for a few “lucky” winners…in any case…we…the users just have to wait… isn’t fair when someone “pushes” the exploiters to release… just keep the work…and for us… we do have many ways to notice about this…twitter is the one I use…and works good… !!!

  13. RJ says:

    meh i deleted my exploit i kinda got tired of playing iso but i hope this exploit keep coming for people who truly want it and all i am hoping for is update for sony i own a psvita tv and i cant remote play my ps4 its been 3 weeks now -_- but yeah congrats to the winners

  14. Azad says:

    How about making a public announcement that at a certain date, you’ll reveal the exploited game, and then make the reveal at that period? I think it will be faster for us all to download the game before Sony actually manages to pull the game from the Store. I’m not sure but how long does it usually take for Sony to pull a game from the store? If we can take advantage of the delay (say, an hour), we can make sure as many as possible get the game before Sony pulls the game. What do you think?

    • ly-san says:

      To me it seems the perfect idea.
      I mean you can do your ninja release in the first time and then when comes the time you put a public service announcement with a precise date and hour of an exploit reveal. The all community will have at least 2 days before Sony remove the game from the store so a maximum of people will enjoy your work.
      And everyone will be happy.

      • hotdogicn says:

        Not bad.But have you thought about the possibility that Sony also being here wating for the forecasted release?

  15. Raizuke says:

    I think it is a smart move to do these new kind of releasing the exploits as it makes the owner of the private exploit, be much more secretive on what he knows, and therefore, leaks will be minimized as his own game exploit will be at stake if he himself leaks it, on the other side, it is not that so good for this community (well maybe??) but think on the other side, what if you win?..then you, yourself will be responsible for the lost of your own game exploit (i dont know if they really gave, 1 exploit game to 1 winner, and then the next will have the other).

  16. nes0x says:

    I’m agree with this method

    Maybe is more difficult try the new ninja releases for newbie like me, but the leaks is too frustrating.

    At last we are little away from the corrupted scene users and all those trying make money with the work from others.

  17. nes0x says:

    I don’t know what is the point of all these releases,

    * If you buy the ninja release, and enjoy your vita without online for many months, why you buy a vita, why you buy a vita, if you going to play only PSP games??

    * If you buy many ninja releases, and enjoy your vita with online for many months updating the console, why you buy a vita, if you going to play only PSP games?

    * A PSP can be found for $40Us, and you can enjoy too much games.

    Better is avoid the ninja releases, not is working.

    • lol says:

      A psp where i can play persona 4, ps all-stars, and other games that are only on vita…
      right,not everything is online gaming, in fact, most of the multiplayer/online games are ***

      • jake says:

        Amen to that brother. Multiplayer killed true, doesn’t matter about what other people think sort of gaming. Before on PS2 (most of us didn’t use ethernet) and previous consoles, gaming was just about us – about me. I didn’t care about anyone elses high score and what not. It was my own acheivements that was relevant to me.

  18. perfig says:

    I have nothing against this. Due to the past leaks, now they have to do something about that problem. I only want to win in the giveaway :)

    • David says:

      I agree with you. Of course it’s not fair, but as long as there are people out there who have other interests and who aren’t able to hold their tongue it seems to be necessary in order to use the exploit as long as possible, even if this means only a handfull people can enjoy it.

  19. ivo says:

    wa reimt der allemaal op ajoin ?


    I hate it when there’s such stupid people that leak tha game because of the ninja release, but even though it’s leaked more than 25 people will be able to get the game in time.

    I don’t personally like the giveaway because the almost imposible possibilities to get the game, so I hope they find a different way to show us the exploits.

    • fate6 says:

      Indeed but its up to the dev to choose how they wish to release there exploits

      I would prefer the old way since even if Sony pulls the game before release there are far more people that will know about it

      • jake says:

        Also, if someone leaks it out publicly [which is happening], just look on google for the exploit, not wololo (since he’ll only give you once he releases it publicly which won’t happen cos of sony pulling it down first because someone SOMEWHERE ELSE leaked it) so yeah, just find leaks (unless they’re leaking str8 to sony =/)

  21. zaga says:

    for most people who visits the site that doesnt make any sense

  22. Nazar_Ops says:

    It is a shame. But then again I’m not surprised since there’s some Sony bots on here… My advice would be is to only announce the game exploits to VERY trusted people. But I’m not sure if that will work or not.

    Or you can keep the exploit private just for yourselves. Since people can’t keep a secret. And besides, you can have emulators on your PC. So for those who are desperate for an exploit. Download Everything you need for your PC. You can even download a PSP Emulator.

  23. PlaGeRaN says:

    Maybe a mass email, or chain mail. Although i hardly check mail.

    I have this site on a rss feed, so far i haven’t missed an announcement. I can’t sit on the site whole day for ninja release.

  24. Baka Hito says:

    I don’t know how many exploits have been discovered today and how many there will be in the’ future but I think everyone who has interest in the vita scene probably got one these past months.

    But I really think you should keep giving exploit to the public. There will be leaks but it would seem unfair to keep the exploit for a limited amount of person (even though it isn’t since you probably worked a lot for these)

    Maybe announcing a date for a ninja release could help people to get the exploit before any leak.
    This way people would be aware of it and will be checking their mails for ninja release preventing them to miss it.

    But anyway I do understand how people who work hard on the vita scene are annoyed seeing the past leaks but keep up the good job.

  25. Baka Hito says:

    Sorry for the double post but I remember a system who was used on dreamzone an old french emulation forum which had a point systems.

    The more you post, the more points you got. You could later spend these points to get access to different rom sections.

    That keeped a huge activity on the forum and prevented bots or non members to access the roms.

    This kind of system could be useful for ninja release. I mean rather than sending ninja release according to the time of inscription, it could be good to send it depending on number of posts on the forum. That should prevent the bot from getting the release and be fair to active forum members.

  26. ivo says:
    exploit this so it works in my private exploit from my private collection 😉

  27. makak1984 says:

    Acceptable, but I think ninja releases should stay – since 25 people have exploit sooner than other. Ninja releases is good thing – good mechanism is use ninja releases after for example one week

  28. abdou005 says:

    I think :

    + “Ninja Realise” is the best way for announcing “first time” the name of a Game in every “New firmware”. like 101 in 1 megamix, i think many people got the game thank’s to the awsome ninja realise trick

    + “The Giveaway” By Acid_Snake and Mathieu is good only for realising more than 2 games in the same firmware ;). as the exploit is kept “secret”

    In Brief, Ninja Realise = first time announcing a game in a new firmware .
    Giveaway = for the 2nd or 3rd announce of a Game

    Thank’s guys for your awsome work :D!

  29. noobrstxk says:

    i believe in psvitaturkie method, the admin of Psvitaturkie, talks to the users directly by facebook, and they can ward off untrusted members.

  30. ss says:

    reason being that sony is taking so long on the next vita firmware is they have a team of people going threw the entire psp/psn catalog and prepatching all future possible exploits. the method of finding exploits has been known and sony will try and secure the psv/ps4 As hard as they can

  31. anonymous says:

    @wololo Sony to implement drastic sales is thinking of releasing a development kit homebrew free, so exploits are no longer needed, and all users will be able to develop freely.

    obviously only in usermode, so sony to understand that hackers are not very good with encryption on boot ahahahahha

    goodbye !
    r00t my shell !

  32. anonymous says:

    I want to tell you a help:

    decrypt the firmware of sony is very simple, just a sniffer hardware that is created between the cpu and the boot sequence, to understand what are the access keys in that area and memory are saved, once you have found a dump access to the master level of the entire system will do the job very easily.

    a greeting from a friend anonymous !

    • fate6 says:

      Sure it is and I have a Vita native kernel exploit

      • abdou005 says:

        Lol, you guys make it look so easy. While yifan, katsu are doing their best to find “kernel”.
        I know Fate6 is just kidding ;). And the informations given by Anonymous could be found easly on “Google”

  33. k3nn says:

    the last 2 or 3 ninja releases were all leaked..that means someone new to the list must be the mole. i say, reset the mailing list to the one before the leaks came. or …

    let’s go mole hunt! :)

    sacrifice 1 exploited game and then… wait! i should not spill out the procedure here, the mole might be listening (well, technically, it should be ‘looking’).

  34. cruorsitis says:

    I don’t think its that easy. Sony has been aware of this site from the early ninja release, pulling games as they went public. In this case I don’t think it’s a huge stretch to imagine someone having an old trusted /talk account (although from my understanding it’s been users leaking the exploit game on other sites that has caused the most issues.)

    With a user base of 50k members the number of combinations; each wasting an exploit to find a small number of leakers (possibly singular) is absurd.

    We do have one saving grace though both for future releases and people who want the kernal exploit on 3.01. Wait for one of the exploit games to return after sony patches the fw (don’t update) and then transfer the game from a ps3 using the OpenCMA trick.

  35. anonymous says:

    Please note that in any architecture there is’ a cpu That Interprets the code even though it is encrypted Within the NAND memory, to be Able to read the cpu with integrated encryption at boot time to read the keys, there is no cpu environments with encrypted integrated! So the keys are available at boot! It can be read sniffing startup commands cpu!

    Have fun again, excuse the multiple posts

  36. L2SSnake says:

    Hmmmm this is a good way of Ninja, but i still wonder if new ofw will be hackable..

  37. iso & cso nearest to loaded says:

    in psvita, nearest to discover and reveal the CFW-ProB2 for psvita in this 2014. Good work ninja team boys

  38. GuitaristMatt says:

    When this happened before, exploits not being patched, it was eventually patched by Sony very soon after source codes were released.

  39. Nagstor says:

    My thoughts are simple. It’s great for the winners, but i seam to never win anything anyway so i won’t bother getting disepointed. I know it’s a pessimistic thinking, but oh well.

  40. Burn0uts0n says:

    This artical and the way it seems some people are responding, this almost sounds like it could be end of vita hacking. If its come to this, how many do you think will continue to try to keep up with the information on this? Like someone else said, if 25 people are the only ones to get it whats the point? Though i will probably check this site week to week just to see whats going on in The world of vita hacking i have all but givin up hope on doing it myself. Hacking was supposed to be outside the world of laws and convention, this is just catering to it. Best of luck guys, the dream for me is gone.

  41. TD says:

    Some ideais for future concepts of ninja releases:
    1-Create a php page protected by forum username and password, that only show the name of the game when the persons open the page with a ps vita (based on useragent) (maybe the best idea)
    2-Diffuse the name of the game via video or via audio private live stream on the forum, at a marked hour.
    3-Put the name of the exploit in a 3rd party private network or protocol page, such a tor
    4-Create (and announce) a private group somewere on the web that the person should join some time before the release of exploit. After, release the exploit on the private group.

  42. coffin says:

    It would to great to see if this actually jump started work on a native vita hack

  43. supergear says:

    What’s the point of this site anyways?

    If exploits aren’t going to be released to anybody but to 1 or 2 people in a giveaway then why bother.

    Devs should just keep the exploits to themselves. If people want to play a PSP game they can 1. Buy a PSP they are cheap or 2. buy the PSP game in the sony store.

  44. Bedle says:

    Well, im disappointed, yet i understand it completely.

    For someone that is fairly new, not to say completely new to community, who recently, like less than a month or so bought Vita im devastated, and that is to be said like “At least.” To collect not so little sum of money, at least not so little where i live, to end up with pretty much unusable Vita is.. well sad. I somehow hoped in next exploit to grab it as fast as i can, but by reading this.. my heard broke a part, simply just by thinking about the odds of a win in those private giveaways.

    As for a normal human.. i understand the fustration about putting so much hours into something just to be destroyed before its even released.

    Well.. its understandable, it must be from a logic point, but from a personal point.. i really feel let down and well, bad.. i really counted on next exploit, to actually make my Vita usable.
    I guess that i can only keep silent and really hope that you will release another public exploit, even against logic and better judgement.

  45. DigitalSilence says:

    Im shocked they dont just do a donate only option at this point, if people really want an exploit they shouldnt have a problem helping the developers probably be a little bit nicer, assuming that they wont get leaked and still it should only be a small selection of people. but oh well seems like if you dont have a exploit at this point it might not come again to bad for people like me who got rid of the psps for the vita just to see a lack of games on the vita lol oh well it happens

  46. sav says:

    private releases will never be fair.

    only a few random users on the message board will get it? lol.

    one of the stupidest methods ever.

    atleast with ninja everyone gets it eventually an isn’t left out.

  47. rhj says:


  48. raine_rain7 says:

    wow…that sucks lol, but i understand and it sucks for new users like me that now have to “win” an exploit instead of patiently waiting for it. The people who leaked it should have their ip address banned lol

  49. Zexas says:

    Why not release the name of the exploit to people group by group secretly, like by 10s?
    And release the name to 7-10 groups?

  50. Vaericke says:

    I agree, I think there should be groups of people that we can form on the forum itself and then by group these exploits would be revealed to them so that a few number of people can enjoy an exploit release. For example 10 people X 25 = 250, 100 X 25 = 2500 which is not a bad number.

  51. warfather says:

    i am glad to see a few ppl chosen this is a good idea wether im in or not, it’s no use getting sour over something this important besides i already have an exploit! =)

  52. mlc says:

    In my opinion it’s a pretty terrible idea. Both of these exploits will eventually be leaked, and a total of 30 people plus devs will have ever gotten them. Even a ninja release that is immediately sc*** up goes to more than ~50 people.

    • fate6 says:

      That^ lots of that^
      But only time will tell I suppose

      • random says:

        I Do not agree. It’s unfair to the masses. :(

        • SoulPleumz says:

          i agree if picking on we all random all the time there might be a chance that somebody might get twice but on ninja release you , wololo why don’t youwait for like three days before making a public realease would be more resonable

    • mlc says:

      To be fair, the exploits could be released publicly once Sony patches them. (whether due to a leak or simply an effort on Sony’s part to patch some more holes)

      But even OpenCMA/PS3 limits the number of potential users, and this is *assuming* that Sony never patches that technique. Sony has waited so long on this next firmware update that, if not for the PS4 as an excuse, I wouldn’t be surprised if they patched a fair number of PSPemu vulnerabilities.

      But the whole ninja release idea kind of won me over once it became obvious that it actually did work much better than a sudden public release, and I don’t think tiny limited releases will necessarily prevent Sony from patching exploits. (or leaks… it just takes one person mentioning it in passing to a friend or someone they trust, and that friend not understanding the “importance” of it being kept entirely secret)

      • gunblade says:

        I like how Sony clearly allows the psp emu the be hack… Yet upgradding only the ps vita side of the psvita.

  53. AliFOJ says:

    Well it doesn’t matters if you stop Ninja releases they will also get the game once it is publicly announced so its a better thing actually. This way the game wont be removed from the stores before it was even announced.

  54. 110706 says:

    I wonder what the result would be, if those many hours spent on a thing that can be emulated on PC anyway, would have been dedicated to actually making a CFW for PS Vita.

    • wololo says:

      Imagine if instead of driving to work everyday, you were spending the same amount of time improving your car to change it into a rocket that would take you to Mars. Surely you would have reached it by now.
      Or imagine if you had thought about what you typed, before typing it… The possibilities are mind blowing :)

    • gunblade says:

      So like wen vita fist came out it was more posiible but then there was an upgrade so yea been harder fo the one that upgrade to well get to the dolphin screen so best that been working fo now is able to hack the psp side of the vita well if they jus hacked the ps4 thing be easier but hardware hacks r doing real good…

  55. Mister Pervert says:

    Please don’t use this method. It’s bad enough I never got a release in time, but now I have absolutely 0% chance of ever, ever getting a exploitable game. :/

  56. mangosteam says:

    *** leakers damn i might stay for a long time in 3.01 and finish first my psp backlogs before updating .. megamix for a long time

  57. mangosteam says:

    i hope somebody just report those *** leakers,,

    • gunblade says:

      No biggy with the leaker i was jus if I could realy hack iwould have made every fing game on psn free and already puchesed by every one with a psn acccount but I think I would have to change a 0 to a one on the psn 2 do that.. but they be jus defacing website and canging word like Russian to Nazi wich is still kinduf funny…

  58. matty g says:

    I figured this would happen. Those of us with some knowledge should maybe look further into these exploits and make our own. Is this a possibility????. I have done a little research into this, and i think that it would be possible if you have spare time. :)

  59. Mosi says:

    What a pity way! “Save it for yourself”! So what the *** is this site all about!? Crazy *** things from Dr.***!? Shut it down or make it for your own ***!

  60. Acid_Snake says:

    For the people saying that this method sucks or that it shouldn’t be done, just remember that the exploit is NOT yours, developers decide to release it however they feel like. One thing is to give ideas and tips, but another is just blatantly criticize the dev that is bringing you the exploit for no money at all.

    • mlc says:

      It is an objectively worse method than ninja releases.

      I also read some skepticism in wololo’s post, though it is not blatant so it could certainly be my bias.

      The entire idea of “it’s free and it belongs to the dev” still means that the dev is intentionally “helping” fewer people than if it were released via the ninja method. This could be mitigated to some extent if these exploits are ultimately released for PS3/OpenCMA users once they are (inevitably) patched, but “this is beyond criticism” is an absurd stance.

      Also, the “dev” or “devs” brought these exploits to 25 + 5 people total. So I guess everyone other than those 30 people can criticize the method, yeah? ;P

    • Mosi says:

      You suck because you deleted my comment!

      • wololo says:

        Only I have the admin rights to delete comments on the blog. And I did not delete your comment, it just didn’t make it through the spam filter (and I decided it wasn’t worth salvation), that’s slightly different.

    • Mosi says:

      LMAO Wololo! You coward! You really suck! You deleted my post x2! Or say worthen salvationinged it! That was the *** quotes of yours, right!?

  61. Vedzone says:

    The people whinging about this are those that are at fault in the 1st place, and to be honest i truly feel that they have joined just to troll *** and harm anything vita related either due to them being fanboys of other consoles or just butthurt they’re not the ones finding these exploits, it is really immature and has over the past 2 years made this scene look a joke. I remember when most if not all exploits were kept relatively down low and everyone had a chance to use them no its just become a complete waste of time for the developers that work the butts off to make these things available to the people who actually would like to do more then just the stock sony firmware allows. The fact they do it for nothing is a true testament to the guys working hard to find these exploits, i just wish people would grow up and see the bigger picture.

    To Acid_Snake and Mathew_wi thanks for all the hard work you have done for the scene and hope you find many more exploits that you can use to the full extent.

    The same thing happened with Coldbird which was a truly sad time for the scene.

    All the best guys and may your futures be bright :)

  62. non-aficionado says:

    Meh. Obviously this doesn’t solve anything, but it’s up to the exploiters to decide what they’ll do with their exploits. Good on them. At this point, I’m pretty sure Sony’s working to patch any and all vulnerabilities concerning the Vita’s PSP exploit. That’s probably why they’re holding off the update (I hope I’m wrong, but it always good to be cautious). In any case, it’s been what, three years now since the Vita’s come out? The homebrew community is still as tiny as ever, which makes me doubt if there will ever be Vita CFW. If there is, there’s a good chance it’ll need an external R4-type card.

    Are Vita sales even going up these days? Not sure, but it seems to be a dying console if anything. Meanwhile, the 3DS continues sells like hot cakes because of the awesome game library and the ability to exploit it fully.

  63. Dragar says:

    I think the random giveaways are a great idea for releasing exploits, they keep a low number of people with the exploit and also give those people a reason to to share for fear of it becoming mass knowledge and Sony removing the game altogether. It would be nice though to see these giveaways being sent out to multiple hundreds of people at a time, but considering the developers have to make the exploit, judge the entries then personally send a message to the winners and also trust these members will not share it I can see how they would be reluctant on doing such things. Anyway great work Acid_Snake and Mathew_Wi for all your hard work on these exploits and giving some users who missed the opportunity for previous exploits a second chance to jump on board.

  64. stonemandy says:

    I feel sorry for the one’s that didn’t get the exploit in time. Hopefully the vita will be fully hacked soon or Sony allows a dev mode . I don’t see why not more people would develop game and app if they had full control.

  65. Rahul says:

    Create a simple mobile app – push notify everybody at once. People can all hit the download at once and people who miss it, miss it. At least everybody gets a fair shot?

    • wololo says:

      No. This would give away the name of the game to Sony within minutes because of the unusual traffic to the game’s PSN entry. Ninja releases are made to avoid that, so this doesn’t solve that problem

  66. jerason says:

    have chance to win:D

  67. Richard says:

    I just wish there was a way for those of us who were actually trying to get the exploit to get a hold of it be 4 it has been leaked I was away with the army when it got leaked and came back to find that it had been pulled you can imagine my surprise and frustration I got my vita 2 months ago and missed the exploits I honestly didn’t even no about this site I just wish people knew how to keep there mouths closed your ruining it for everyone who actually would enjoy the exploits

  68. taps says:

    Thanks Acid_Snake and Mathew_wi for all the work you have done for the scene, you merited a donation for your work.

  69. osmium76 says:

    I was just thinking a thing of these… a lot of people don’t care about hacking so there is no reason to tell them when a new hack arrives. I think to tell it secretly and let the news spread around slowly passing through interested people only is the right path. In this maner we can ensure the hacks reach as many people is possible. Another way is to pay the developers in ordere to registering their copy of the hack… this should protect the work of the programmers and our desires.

  70. jvhellraiser says:

    what i believe? is that and exploit should be announce in secret only
    to the old members of so they can have there own private
    exploit not for the exploit to be release to random people. its funny
    when old members don’t have and opportunity to have a private
    exploit and some one that register 3 days away gets the chance to
    have a private exploit.

  71. wololo says:

    In the past 24 months we’ve publicly released dozens of exploits from those devs you call “selfish”. Where were you when we released the 20 previous exploits? You’re right, you might as well find your own, with that kind of attitude.

  72. Tk421 says:

    I didnt mean to come off as a *** im just a little *** about how i missed the exploits but it doesnt really matter now chances are i wont get one especially cuz im new and psn doesnt accept my credit card so disregard what i said cuz im *** out of luck. good luck

  73. >_> says:

    Like wololo said, there’s been nearly two FREAKING BLOODY DOZEN exploits released already. So yeah find your own damn exploit and kwitcherbichen. It’s no ones fault but your own if you’re 2 years late to the party chief.

  74. gunblade says:

    Well still missed the 3.01 exploits don’t mind not realy a big thing don’t think iam in a ps4 titan falls only on Xbox one online gaming shity to me now days so no rush to get the 3.01 exploit but lucky us Sony has yet to update the psvita firm even since after the secound one or third exploit was leak. Nice on the effort of messing with Sony and Microsoft accounts on the online gaming shity now days… Thks I had a few good Lough about that.. but kids got injustice god anint us and it won’t me to update after 2-06 was like wy 2-06 wy not the new 3.01 then I remember in 2.06 then added the merry card upgrade and was thing then it be hard transfer sumthing from the vita meet card to the game cartrigr then was can only download add on that go from left card to game card then was wy not jus transfer from the psp emu to the game card to load the hack of the game card then tough Sony tought of that after the game add on inspection wear in 1.80 there the first security measure from that and upgrade around that after that… With the upgrade to the system setting funny with all theses skilled spammers now days and hacks that let one remote a phone with a txt that fully hacking the vita still hard I can see wear was more posiible before.Sony lock the the vita browser cheat… But they wear jus small patches would think if u jus hit the patches with simple reves enginering that u can easyly by pass them patches..

  75. gunblade says:

    Well wy not jus public realise ninjah realises and secret realses jus random every outher exploit or sumthing that way with a public realises people still have a fifty fifty chance to get the game same as ninjah releases a public realese people can acutly all get the news the same time and well I be facebooking thing if I could tell my facebook ppl an not worry try to keep it a secret but ninjah realises been working good so far even with the lleacks there still wad a large number of people that did get the game.

  76. centuryeggyo says:

    When’s the next exploit gonna be announced? I am so itching to play super mario world on my vita >_<

  77. ChrisHighwind says:

    Well, this method kinda sucks, since those who don’t win are stuck without a way to get homebrew, but I’m not concerned, since even when there were ninja releases, the only people who could take advantage of it were people who could buy games freely instead of having a limited amount of time and money, and thus are unable to buy a game that would never see use after the exploit was patched anyway. I stick to my PSP for PSP homebrew, but I do await the day when we can access the Vita itself.

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