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Pavilion: A ‘Fourth Person” Game Coming To PS4 And Vita


Technology is cool

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  1. lol says:

    (HP) Pavilion

  2. Alex says:

    This game looks good and interesting 🙂 hope it will be affordable 😀

  3. Sakleiro says:


  4. Nazar_Ops says:

    What with these little immature kids on these forums insulting each other for no reason? Grow some ***.

  5. micah says:

    the artist for this does the best album artwork Ive ever seen for some metal bands including Vildjharta

    • Thrawn says:

      True, his artwork looks awesome, makes me feel like all the vanillaware games look bland 🙂

      Vildjharta you say eh? Gota get something from em.

  6. George Erfesoglou says:

    So only PS4 graphics can handle it eh?

    Some of the decisions $ony make just scream, “screw you and give us your money!”

  7. Twentytwo says:

    “the character is not control someone you control” Did you perhaps typed “control” twice?

  8. Gie says:

    So, a ‘fourth person’ game is just like ‘playing as a god’?

  9. ovi says:

    what about the pavillions construction site in use im in ?.?

  10. Hellbelial says:

    Wait for more *** in this year great *** SONY.

  11. Nazar_Ops says:

    Game looks cool to be honest. So I will surely pick this up.

  12. Dmasell92 says:

    Looks like a POS, no thanks.

  13. need an answer says:

    free or paid game on psn?

    • Nazar_Ops says:

      Take a look at the trailer and judge for yourself. Does it look like a free game? Obviously not. Just buy the game if you are interested in it. Stop begging for free things. And I bet it will cost like 9$ so it’s not that expensive.

    • Nazar_Ops says:

      Take a closer look at the game and judge for yourself. Does it look like a free game? Obviously not. If it was free, it would’ve been a crappy game.

  14. Wamphyri2b says:

    I like the game concept, a lot in fact. Calling it a 4th person game is just a cheap gimmick that will backfire on them though. People understand the 1st and 3rd person concept because they are perspectives. If they called this 2nd person that would make more sense and would probably attract people who have played games with a similar blending of player interactions. Since the 4th perspective is usually recognized as time, this is just gonna be a let down to a lot of people though.

  15. Nazar_Ops says:

    Double posting ._. My post only appeared just now.

  16. Rage_Quit says:

    Sounds like they are trying to rename point and click to 4th person… Point and click adventure/puzzle has been happening on PC’s for years. At least thats how it sounded in the article.

  17. Keegan says:

    Didn’t Putt Putt do this?

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