New private PS Vita exploit giveaway: 25 winners to get TN-V on their Vita


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41 Responses

  1. zorak_torok says:

    Hoping for this one….

  2. vampirovic says:

    I am poor. I got ps vita gift only. I do not have games

  3. gagaga says:

    Sry man, the forum is shut down now.

  4. YuHang says:

    Yooo, hope I’m the lucky one 🙂

  5. marcelo says:

    anchio no lavoro abito in Italia e non ce lo nessun exploits

  6. Eddie says:

    When an exploit is found to play PS Vita games then I’ll get excited.

  7. tony says:

    I had miss the last one and I come here to check everyday!!! Hoping to get this one

  8. Galford says:

    goodluck and advance Congratz !! and also happy birthday Yoshioka Kiyoe My homie my lover my sweetheart i wish you everthing
    あなたを愛して ヽ(〃∀〃)ノ

  9. Brenza says:

    There is no way 25 people will keep their mouth shut >.>

    • wizardinblack says:

      You said it Leo!

    • Mathew_Wi says:

      I’m not exactly expecting it to stay quiet. Just kind of hoping it will.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      then this is a good way to catch leakers for the future

      • SmurfyD says:

        Not really. At least not unless you mean you’d keep future ninja releases from all 25 winners just because the exploit happens to get leaked by a individual.

        At least with only 10 or 25 the people have a reason to not leak the exploit being that as long as they keep it under wraps then they’ll always have it.

        Usual ninja releases people don’t care once they have it because they know it’ll get patched once it hits the public anyway.

        Sad but true.

      • salvador34 says:

        how do you know if it leaked?

  10. Lizard says:

    Wololo, the game will know the same even if you do not win?

    • jake says:

      I’ve already got the Ben10 exploit (NZ problems), but i’m wondering if any exploits are being saved for future firmwares? hope

  11. dragng8 says:

    Hoping none of the winners will leak this one

  12. paulson teji says:

    i really luv to get this hack…..cos am wasting too much of money for games….it would be really helpful to get this hack
    …..also..i can download…any psp games…..for free….anyway thanks 4 u r offer…..i wish i were one of lucky fellows 😀

  13. barret says:

    please i try from beginning…

  14. Kenny says:

    I would post something if it didnt log me out everytime i refreshed the page, but, you know, thats w/e

  15. Fallcross says:

    I just hope to get an exploit, i missed the last one by 2 minutes lol

  16. ivo says:

    hi, Quote wololo ‘these people should be potentially able to use VHBL in future firmwares!’;

    actually in my guess is u must stay at the exploit firmware in order for the exploit to run correctly for the crafted firmware

    on xbox as u updated u lost exploit
    on psp as u updated u lost exploit

    nevertheless i feel ur effort u make in this.
    said it being true this is the longest run i ever had exploit+online features.


    ps whats the statictics on psplink client patches for pspshwifi or pctermwifi ?

    i had psplink working on vita but somehow retried from scratch and made a mess (versions mess on hdd)

    the clue is to add psplink3.0 boot271 to the release in lower psplink in upper PSP/GAME and a zip command to generate INSTALL.ZIP
    then copy psplink2.0 prx’es into it

    but somehow it worked after minor patching
    only bugger is that pcterm or ini are not optimised as im novice and hence cant connect the link

    so patches on tools for pspemu-vita ?
    ive allso notice kmode clockswitch dg downgrader will it work on tnv ?

    ivo ovi movi

  17. HLNKaser says:

    i hope get something, Thanks wololo

  18. Enco says:

    is there some info about from which country is that exploit ?

  19. jims says:

    wow I wish i get to play psp games on ps vita for free. I believe sony has a big gap in their device somewhere…

  20. hien says:

    This is ***, exploit is ***, psp games and homebrews in ps vita is ***. if you want to play psp game, buy an psp which is 100$ and still can play online game on psvita.

    • franz says:

      how is it sht when games looks better on vita when plaging gamew u can map buttons to it touchscreen etc dual analog using psp games u dont know anything so shut up its basically vita/psp in ur hand beat that

  21. phil87700 says:

    Will request once i buy a ps vita again

  22. franz says:

    buy ur own exploit ..l.. thats wht i did when megamix was announce files werent even uploaded aftr few day ..l.. earn it

  23. AR says:

    I thought it was the same give way with some extra 20 winner and i didn’t enter the competition -.- and know the competition is closed

  24. TrueNinjasousui says:

    i just want to play free psp games on the vita but it looks like it might take a while

  25. Vedzone says:

    I for one am glad that they have chosen this route and the eventual complete hush, and its not because i don’t wont vita to be hacked or because i think its wrong, on the contrary.

    The scene has become a play ground for lots of people that have very little knowledge or understanding about what is trying to be done by the developers of the CW’s and Exploits, most of those that want the exploits are those that wish to bring about piracy which is something that will without a doubt harm the PsVita to the up most maximum. CW/Exploit dev’s really don’t want that the vita isn’t exactly the best when it comes to the games, it’s not because its hard to develop games for, its due to the fact of how hard the psp was hit with piracy which is stopping them from touching it.

    To those who leaked the exploit you have done no favors for yourself or the community all you have brought about is the deep hatred and loathing of your peers.

    Something i would like to know is what is locked away by sony within the vita that can be done but the company just wont unlock for waht ever reason, this is the main reason i stay connected to the scene in hopes to find out.

  26. Vitality777 says:

    You can count me in 😉

  27. LZZ says:

    I like this one,i hope I will be the lucky one

  28. wate says:

    I wait really a exploit on the japanese store for the firmware 3.01 and i buyed a vitatv only for that

  29. dagoberto olmos says:

    pienso que si sony dejase de sacar estos xploit de la psn se haría un gran favor. por que la gente seria libre de jugar lo que quiera en la psp vita y en nada perjudicaría la venta de sus juegos de psp vita ya que son muy diferentes a los del psp, yo creo que aumentaría la venta de la psp vita. señores de sony dejen que la gente decidan por que al final nosotros somos los que le damos vida a su empresa y a sus trabajadores

  30. alicia caldwell says: