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Meet Trolly Bird, the Flappy Bird clone on Vita


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25 Responses

  1. jake says:

    Yeah I’ve played it (and still) but tbh the people who only played for the 2 weeks only did it cos it was *cool* to do so… =/

    Nevertheless, NO! NEVER THROW MY VITA ON THE WALL!!!! D:

  2. Nazar_Ops says:

    Lmao, damn. Flappybird is now officially an internet joke.

  3. AliFOJ says:

    LOL who would pay for that thing. I already have Flappy Bird on my iPhone so its okay. 😀

  4. hgoel0974 says:

    and yesterday I asked who wanted a flappy bird clone on PSM, looks like someone was listening

  5. SmashADBurn says:

    This has gone to far.

  6. tokia says:

    really waste my money.

  7. jotax says:

    I hope have the best of all exploit with this game XD

  8. grief3r says:

    shut up and take my money meme is not adequate in this situation

  9. edukarlo says:

    since I dont have an iOS/Android device (and will never ever be), i actually purchased it.. haha.. i still trust my NK101 for calling and SMS’ing, and my NK6120c for extra net and 3g purposes.. alongside with my vita pch 1001 wifi, everything’s fine.. and now that i have flappy….. errrrrrrrr.. trolly bird, life on the go will never be the same again.. hahaha.. by the way thanks for the mention wololo.. ^_^

  10. BahamutBBob says:

    I didn’t play the original, but I have played the MMO version which IMO is hilarious! flapmmo.com

  11. Sky Yuki says:

    God playstation mobile is not available in asia

  12. Devin Smith says:

    Instead of paying 1.99 just google Flappy Bert…Yes thats supposed to be BERT
    Apparently Sesame street couldnt resist.

  13. David says:

    And why should you play this *** while you own a vita?

    • :V says:

      Did you forgot Vita is for indies and *** games mostly?

      • Michael says:

        are you really that ignorant? the Vita has great games.

      • Hellbelial says:

        I agree with you and the uy below,because vita is now like a wii for family XD,altough,of course there are great games like mk,blazblue,injustice,uncharted,dj max,killzone,ninja gaiden and others just to name a few but most indies and baby games like mmmmm,legos for example,flow or whatever the name is and other ***,you just need to know what to pick.Of course we need,tekken,splatterhouse,god of war (not the first game in HD of course) we need 2 psv versions,fatal frame with motion camera like the *** game invizinimals or whatever,clock tower,a new silent hill like old style and many others like kingdom hearts and crash.I hope Sony lift their *** and put them to work because vita is a shame for us.

  14. EmoryM says:

    I hate cash grabs and clones, this is both.

  15. poec says:

    Pfffffff Flappy dodge for the win

  16. Artmazr says:

    Gameplay of Trolly Bird here: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V13SpQipHOI&quot;

    Lemme know what you think. Are you going to buy Trolly Bird?


  17. Zik says:

    O_o why? you can grab this for free. just google how to jb your iphone or how to install 3rd party apps on your phones.

  18. vegeta says:

    no and no.

  19. NNNRT says:

    Such a *** game which I don’t see “addictive” at all got more popular than games like GTA V or any other game available on many platforms, & in less than a month. I’m sure half of the people playing that game haven’t heard of GTA, NFS, CoD, etc. That *** game immediately comes to Vita. But games we always wanted on the Vita, particularly on PSM, never come. Like where’s a Super Mario clone or something like Temple Run or Doodle Jump etc? WHERE’S GTA?! How much did we wait for Angry Birds & Fruit Ninja to come to the Vita? Why did Windows 8 have everything from its first year? I know it depends on the popularity of the platform & difficulty of porting but companies should think, just think. Alright I think I’ve rambled enough here so I’ll ***. 😛

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