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Minimur12, WTH Happened This Week? MGS V Next Gen Comparison, Upcoming PS4 Game Reveals Leaked, And Cranky Kong Takes Over Twitter!


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. Carlos

    IDK, that new Deep Down trailer kinda left me with a meh feel for it. And I was pretty damn interested with the older teasers. Doesn’t look as dark an eerie as it did before.

  2. BahamutBBob

    I quite enjoyed the Rock Band games, even with all of the problems I had with faulty peripherals.

    I will be very excited if/when the FF7 remake is officially official. Unless it’s iOS/Android only like the FF5/6 remakes -_-

    • Minimur12

      Oh no! Don’t you dare even think about that!

      Don’t get me wrong, I love Guitar Hero on my PS2&3, but once you’ve finished playing with it, the guitar is just going to be sitting there doing nothing, collecting dust.


      • Thrawn

        U Draw tablet anyone? XD

        Got another one for ya:
        BALANCE BOARD! HAH Take that.

        • Minimur12

          Udraw tablet, haha

          but to be fair, the Wii fit board (if thats what you’re talking about with the balance board) took off pretty well, I certainly know quite a few people with them, so that was reasonably successful, but Udraw?


          • Thrawn

            Yeah I meant the wii board.

            You know, the udraw was successful on the wii but when they released it on the ps3 it took a dive and took THQ with it XD.
            Since then they never surfaced again.

  3. Acid_Snake

    Ground Zeroes, and MGSV in general, is gonna suck, this sums up what the series has turned into: pew, pew, bang, bang, kaboom. They should rename it to Metal Theft Hunter V: The Phantom Ops Declassified.

    • APC

      You should definately leave your opinion aside. It’s the internet, you could as well shove it down your ***. The MG franchise might have taken a different path in MGS4 , but you are still judging a game that hasn´t been released yet. Yeah, probably it wont be a Stealth Action game as they call it, but it might as well be a great game. Give things a chance, people like you are the rewason why the internet and the world itself has become a huge pile of ***.

      • Acid_Snake

        I don’t need to play the game to come to a conclusion, anyone with half a brain, something you blind fanboys don’t have, can see how freaking deviated MGS5 is, and although it started with MGS4, that game still had a Metal Gear feel, it was with Peace Walker where it started definitely lost its Metal Gear identity to become yet another shooter.
        – No health bar or hud, but rather regenerating health, does that sound familiar? that’s right: Call Of Duty.
        – Open World, because every *** game in this generation has to be Open World, there can’t be any diversity, no: Open World.
        – Same lame *** cast of characters that NOBODY liked from Peace Walker.
        – Lets copy-cat Splinter Cell instead of us being the ones to set the canon in stealth games.
        – Big Boss now being called Punished Snake = lets continue to throw the game’s main theme down the players throat instead of doing it subtlety like in MGS2 and allowing them to draw their own conclusions.
        ALL of this can be seen in just the trailers, no need to play the game to come to this conclusion. Although tbh, it does seem TPP at least tries to go back to the roots, just adding Open World (which I still don’t like, it doesn’t fit a Metal Gear game), Ground Zeroes is otherwise crappier and shouldn’t be sold at 40€ on next gen when the difference is barely minimal, 30€ maybe. And let’s not forget that GZ is still a glorified demo being sold separately when it shouldn’t. Was the Tanker Mission of MGS2 and Virtuous Mission of MGS3 sold separately? NO, it was part of the same package, this itself proves how Metal Gear has turned into a milk cow rather than a game being passionately made by its creators.

        • Amnos Adikos

          There’s a reason Acid Snake doesn’t exist in the MGS series, there you have it! 😛

          Relax,man! And if you don’t like the game – just imagine Metal Gear ended with MGS3!

          You don’t have to play a game you don’t like – just because you hate open world or whatever doesn’t mean everyone else is supposed to as well.

          I understand that games are changing, but you need to keep in mind that the gaming industry is a business – look at how *** up Resident Evil got – In my head, Resident Evil 3 was the last real thing – everything else is just a bad dream, but that’s just me so I don’t explode about it.

          Anyways, if you don’t like the game – just don’t play it, or better yet, please make your own Metal Gear game and share it with the world.

          Because while you’re complaining about how much the new MGS is gonna suck, guess who’s counting those dollars raining into his bank account! 😉

    • Carlos

      While MGS IV did indeed shift drastically in playstyle you cannot honestly say Kojima didn’t deliver in terms of content, story, and usual mindfrak like the previous entries. Which to me are far more important than its gameplay (which was still good).

      And if the Red Ban trailer is any indication, this will likely be the darkest, grittiest, most satirical entry yet.

      It feels as if you allowed your annoyance for a change of gameplay to overshadow the series’s other major components.

  4. Pirate Cat

    Minor correction, according to GS it’s actually an unknown resolution being upscaled on the PS3/360.

  5. asd

    Dose any news about vita hardware hacking coming out?

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