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Does Borderlands 2 Vita deliver or will it disappoint?

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  1. dgh says:

    Vita = frame drop

  2. Obito says:

    Maybe they should make games for Vita, not games for PC for Vita. Like, for example, a Kingdom Hearts Vita-exclusive.

  3. know1 says:

    I got the Japanese version just last month with the 64 gb card.. (only shows up 59 gb btw) I love it its lighter & thinner… idk care about the screen or the other bs… I’m *** it will only hold 100 games… but I am *** about the vita tv. .. I can’t read Japanese so I’m stuck with it

  4. inujuli0 says:

    I think vita can have the same graphics that some pc games, but I think the developers do not try to make it so (to make games faster vita).
    sorry for my English ..

    • JeoWay says:

      The PS3 can barely play games that have PC quality at 30 FPS. And that GPU has around 200 GFLOPS of GPU performance. The Vita has around 30 GFLOPS of GPU performance.

      Meanwhile, the PS4 has 1.84 TFLOPS of GPU power (Around 1,840 GFLOPS)
      Along with my PC with a Radeon 7950 has around 3.00 TFLOPS (Around 3,000 GFLOPS) of GPU Power

      Soon, my PC will have 5.06 TFLOPS of GPU Power and around 20 TFLOPS when I completely get it finished

  5. Tnutbutter says:

    The more games the better. So what if the graphics are not on par with its counterparts? I would prefer to see another AAA game rather than another indie game because I have enough of those.

  6. Charles Fasano says:

    Already Pre-Odered this game for my Vita. I like that I don’t have to start from scratch if I don’t want to as this game will support Cross-Save. Makes modding the save on the Vita a reality since I can mod the PS3 save a d import to Vita.

  7. jake says:

    What the vita needs is Full-Blown Titles FROM 1ST PARTY!
    Indies are getting old (and make a joke out of the vita)
    Third party games suck (COD Declass, burning skies… yeah)

    The only games I’ve bought are exclusives except for Fifa Football – Oh, and the only difference between Football & 13 are the price!!! $20NZD vs $79.99?

    I’m not a sports gamer (my first sport game actually) but it’s still unreasonable for guys like me who are new to genres (and don’t read reviews, i do tho)…

    Tbh Sony started ripping people off as soon as the PSPgo came out…

  8. sfdgsfdgsdgf says:

    Borderlands 2 will not be a system seller…its just a port of a game that thousands of people have already played to death on other consoles, why buy it again?

  9. lolwut says:

    yeah, but not as bad if they put it on 3DS

  10. johan says:

    Seriously. 1 its portable. 2 it IS playable because physical buttons 3 Uncharted looked really good and I havet got any frame drops. the PSVita is the most powerful handheld system out there and If the games isn’t 100% perfect who cares. I have both Xbox 360, and Xbox1 but cod ghosts have huge frame drops on both PS4, PS3 X1 X360. It’s all about coding. (look trough the hybrid scope on various maps and you’ll see) I want more great games coming to the PS vita.
    And this year, FFX FFX-2, Borderlands2, & mine craft that is some great games.

  11. Darth_Vexen says:

    I sooo want this, and I already finished every. single. mission. on the PC version. But Borderlands 2, on the go, on my Vita… ***, yeah.

  12. RPRezo says:

    Seriously? Comparing Borderlands 2 to Resistance Burning Skies and Call of Duty Declassified? Why? Borderlands 2 is a PORT. Want to know if it will be a good game? Go and play it, dude.

    Even if it will be a so-so port, it still will be a portable Borderlands 2. Nothing more, nothing less.

    And considering Sony that this port is coming from Sony themselves – It’s nor really about third party support either.

  13. shapeshifter says:

    Are some of u psyched? Ps4 ,ps3,xbox 360 and xbox one can’t compare to PC graphics and u want to complain abt ps vita graphics with respect to pc!! With all due respect I as a pc gamer (and a part time console gamer 😉 ) am impressed that a portable device like the vita can play such stuff and might even buy one despite me despising consoles for their limitations but on the go , the vita is certainly a killer console provided it gets proper updates,apps and games

  14. muna says:

    It will be *** like every other vita game. The only game worth buying is killzone, true masterpiece but *** single player.

  15. boi says:

    instead of porting year old games that everyone played, we need to actually localize good games like tales of hearts r and the new digimon game

  16. tokia says:

    im fine on ps one games.

  17. You said “boaderlands” you meant “borderlands”

  18. svenn says:

    Well, Borderlands isn’t played for the grafixs per cé, its cartoon style, so it not that big dealbreaker. The argument for lower CPU is not valid, I mean you don’t need 1080p on your VITA eather … It should be good. Point.

    I always said I’d buy a VITA if borderlands 2 came out on it, I tend to keep that promise. Though I will wait to see the reviews …

  19. ryker says:

    i wont to see a ps3 vs ps vita

  20. Vitality says:

    Gravity Rush has some impressive graphics. So, I expect Borderlands 2 is probably look similar since both games have cel-shaded style of graphics, only matter is hopefully that Borderlands 2 runs smoothly without sluggish frame rates.

  21. isaac says:

    yeab killzone mercenary vs borderlans 2

  22. ME says:

    I really hope Sony keeps the mandatory updates up. That way I save cold cash for college, useful for tomorrows dog eat dog world . Evidence even nowadays. Save…Rather than blow it quickly on some video game. This TN-V… is gold. I would grab the game but know it won’t even be possible.

  23. Mavo says:

    Borderlands 2 on Vita will be quite cool. But in my opinion, shooters are not the best choice for a mobile console. They should port games like Sonic or The Cave to the Vita – that would be best for gaming on the go!

  24. Sky Yuki says:

    The border is too strong on vita version
    I wish they could remove it
    (I played borderlands 2 on pc with no border)
    These border aren’t GPU friendly
    No border will make graphic even better (use GPU on something else other than border)

  25. Sky Yuki says:

    There won’t be big frame drop with that gravity rush graphic

  26. KabukiKid says:

    I actually appreciate some good FPS games on the go. I like a few BIGGER games on the go, as well as the little bite-size mobile games that most seem to prefer. Honestly, I would love for something epic like Skyrim to somehow be ported to the Vita. I would buy that in a second. One game that I keep holding out hope for seeing on the Vita is Okami HD. I also think that the touchscreen would work nicely with doing the brush strokes in that game.

    • fate6 says:

      Good to see im not the only one wishing for Okami HD ^__^

      Tho unfortunately its one of those games that the people that have played it tend to love but most just don’t care for it at all

  27. sathriel says:

    Was Resistance so good on PS3? Because the rest of those mentioned are following in their PC predecessors’ footsteps. Each and every FIFA and Madden are rehashing what came before them and each and every Call of Duty (except maybe Black Ops) are doing the same while also getting worse and worse.

    Ports are fine and all but for system sellers VITA needs its own games. Think GoW: Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta. But Sony seems to not care much.

    As far as Borderlands 2 go I don’t know. Killzone: Mercenaries has shown that good FPS is possible on VITA so let’s hope Borderlands will keep up the trend.

  28. gamerb0y says:

    more exclusive games for vita not port from other systems. I already have this for ps3 with all the dlc. is vita already dying? or already dead…

  29. gamerb0y says:

    how about a final fantasy VII remake for the vita.

  30. g says:

    with all6 dlc, makes you wonder.

  31. Vedzone says:

    I can’t wait for this game i liked it on the consoles and would love it on the move.

    Concerning the state of the vita in western regions, all you need to do is look at what the vita is getting in japan and realize that the vita is loved by everyone in that region because of all the exclusives it has this is something the west needs to do and sharpish either localize the games or bring out games that match them in quality.

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