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PS Plus: Free, Unlimited PS+ On US Store? Also Three Free Months of PS+ For All New Users! Games Include Soul Sacrifice, Resogun And More!


Technology is cool

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  1. italkgame says:

    If I recall correctly the guy who tried this “first” immediately contacted PlayStation. They told him there was no data of him stacking the PS plus subscription. And he later found out his account only had a PS+ subscription for a month.

    • fatman01923 says:

      I don’t know why people rat themselves out. Its a very grey area but I would have just kept quiet(also not over do it by making ps plus last until 2035… 4 to 5 years would have been a little harder to sniff out from the crowd then say 21 years membership in my honest opinion).

  2. Raymond says:

    Here is what happen to me a year ago

    I made a Japanese account and had it for sometime and when I check on Ps+ they gave me one week of Ps+ and Idk how but I was surprised. And now I cant find that happening again.

  3. Lemski07 says:

    I want one till 2035, Im 45 yrs old that time lol

  4. aksk says:

    Stein’s Gate is free!!

  5. jeje says:

    hahah need to charge my ps vita

  6. akram says:

    Do l have to get a ps4 to excute this expoit??? 0:)

  7. asylum says:

    this work with ps vita too ?

  8. Sky Yuki says:

    No this won’t work for ps vita
    There’s no free trial for ps vita 😛

  9. janrei says:

    some on lend me your account >:D

  10. Galford says:

    lucky luck boy

  11. ShineAqua says:

    Of all the things that need a ninja release…

    • NoSpam says:

      With the latest ninja releases being tanked by kids who want to seem cool I’m not surprised the latest ‘exploits’ are being kept private.

      • DarkenLX says:

        its not that people/kids want to seem cool they try to blackmail sony with the info or try to get something for free ((Wait Oh That’s right Homebrew Full PSP In vita for free via exploit…. )But They Want Vita Mode Exploit.. Go Ask Your Buddy Sony For It Then Kids and leave our exploits alone))by offering this info or just like to compensate for thier short comings (Yup I just took it there So Sue me) except they 1. Have absolutely no effing clue what the Frack they are doing. 2. Due to no. 1. they just fail at life and should have a Broom handle placed you know where. because of this Sony promptly takes the info these ppl give them bends them over a barrel and A#$%^%ks them then does the same to us.. Why? its Sony Need i really say more?

  12. flick401 says:

    No, I agree I have been banned recently from Sony and because I was using the same account including my unexploited PS4 my ps+ account is gone together with the season pass i purchased and all hopes of getting that account unbanned. Since my phone is Sony too. It was affected as well. Moral of the story. Dont be a Sony fanboy cause this is what happens.

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