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Irrational Games Is Shutting Down – A Message From Ken Levine


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. BahamutBBob says:

    Well, it looks like I’m probably not going to play a game directed by Ken Levine again. Infinite was a letdown, and what Indies try to do usually doesn’t interest me.

    Huge emphasis on probably and usually.

    • JeoWay says:

      Infinite was a let down? Are you high? Have you played the game?!

      That was one of the best games I have ever played… maybe it was because I played it on PC and not with a controller with horrible graphics. Anyhow, the story is one of the best out there

      • Minimur12 says:

        I played it on my PC (laptop) with my DS4 and I couldn’t get into it, my brother bought it on steam so I had a go of it, couldn’t get into it unfortunately

      • xPreatorianx says:

        JeoWay – I own a pretty nice gaming rig as well but I played Bioshock infinite on 360. It is an amazing game so I have no idea why that dude called it a let down. It is easily one of the best games I’ve ever played!

  2. PCGuy says:

    Another reason I never became a game developer/programmer. Just not a steady/solid career. Sad how successful Irrational got to be yet is tossing away some obviously very good talent.

  3. shapeshifter says:

    This is sad just coz bioshock infinite was not upto the mark of the previous games in the series isn’t a reason to give up
    They could have just started afresh with a newer game with a better storyline

  4. DarkenLX says:

    im kinda confused so does that mean no more bioshock?
    i thought 2k games owned the rights to it. even if they are just the publisher if the studio that designs the game shuts down and the head dev abandons it the publisher can still claim rights to it. for instant Halo MS did not really own the rights to halo when bungie was making it contrary to what MS wants people to believe bungie held the rights until MS didnt want to play fair because bungie was goning to make it no longer a xbox only game. (SEE After Page break What would happen if this happened) so MS absolved/bought out bungie of any Rights and Shut them out of any more halo games and created 575 Studios or whatever the flip its named.
    (Dead Consoles Tell No Tales)
    What would have happen if halo actually Made it to other platforms/consoles? Well For one Xbone may or may not exsist simply anyone that usually buys xbox is really just waiting for halo as xbx does not really have solid exclusives like halo they are shat compared to halo. and for ms to no longer have what no one else does well demand for halo is so great if you dont need an xbox to play it then why buy one thus ending the xbox.. fact is halo its like life support for xbox.

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