New Giveaway: Private Game Exploit to 5 Random Winners


I like beer.

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223 Responses

  1. vampirovic says:


  2. salvador34 says:

    oh yes….
    please join only the one’s who don’t have exploit like me…
    because last time the expoit (to be announce, then leak) is too high price for me….

  3. abdou005 says:

    Good Idea ! but please pay attention to leaker Acid_Snake.. you will maybe lose another game exploit in this firmware…

    Thank’s for you understanding 😛

  4. italkgame says:

    Very nice giveaway and a great incentive for all to participate and abide by the rules of the scene!

  5. dboyz says:

    LOL guys, you ain’t supposed to post here, it’s in the forum

  6. dagoar says:

    Hiiiii!!! I want that xploit! I lost the megamix one because of the QSP bug!!! :(

  7. Epoke says:

    LOL at people saying here.., that proves they haven’t read the thread..

  8. Caio says:

    I can’t wait to see the horde of teenagers who will go posting around on the internet claiming to have won this prize

  9. Nick says:

    HI, I am ready gonna do my best not to miss this.

  10. Nick says:

    Hi! Not going to miss this one agian.

  11. BahamutBBob says:

    It’s kinda funny how people read long enough to know they need to say “Hi” but somehow skip over the link to the forum thread.

    Thanks for doing this, wololo and qwikrazor.

  12. Paulson says:

    hai…wolooooo 😀

  13. AssasinSpike says:

    Hi, Hola, Bonjour, Konichiwa, Privett,

  14. brian brazil says:

    Hi TN-V ! :)))

  15. jose d says:

    tachannn¡¡ Cartoon_Comic_Zelda_Link_Dark_99023_detail_thumb.png

  16. K_SpEcIaL says:

    There is any deadline ?

  17. Kravenbcn says:

    You think this will remain private after delivering the prize? I don’t think…

  18. SonicTH says:

    HI, just a question: Do I need a US account? I’m from México and If I win… (please I hope)… Can I get the game with my Latin America account? Thanks.

  19. Souf says:


  20. Joggle says:

    you guys fail at reading comprehension.

  21. Bentaleb Hamid says:


  22. tenzin says:


  23. tenzin says:


  24. Mathew_Wi says:

    Say hi on the /talk post, not here.

  25. swordofasingletruth says:

    Whoah @djais was all that really necessary

  26. Draven says:

    What is the contest end date? Just wondering how long it will be running for. Thanks!

  27. xoombie503 says:

    Wth??? How did that happen

  28. Zakaria el Bouchahati says:

    Hey heeey c:

  29. Enlai R says:

    HI Just trying to play some psp games.

  30. Enlai R says:

    I am from jamaica.
    Saying HIIIIIIII

  31. ThexXxXxOLOxXxXx says:

    Hi السلام عليكم!

  32. Ricky Voung says:


  33. Eric says:

    hejsan! från sverige!


  34. icyheart says:

    Hi make my Happinness

  35. Kelvin C. says:

    Hi! Meet laser bear!

    ก็็็็็็็็็็็็็ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ก้้้้้้้้้้้

  36. Jose Alvarado says:

    Hi! love your website, check it every day =)

  37. sam2u22000 says:

    man i hope i get this the first time after i used vitaftp it crashed and i lost all my psn games *** and like before i didnt backup up my bought psn games i thought the psp emulator couldnt crash the vita? well i beg to differ it crashed and corrupted my games and asked me to redownload every game i tried to run vitaftp needs to be tooken out and rewritten i got like 12 games to download and 101 megamix aint on there anymore this is very upsetting i had it since christmas tried one homebrew and poof it sc*** me over

  38. wontek says:

    hi, we are fans over at wontek. love the site and the cause.

    • wololo says:

      I am concerned by the reading skills of some of our audience right now. Thankfully lots of people got it right and went to the /talk thread. Consider it as Darwinian selection at this point 😉

  39. Pospa says:

    Your work is awesome.
    Good Luck and congrats to lucky winner. :)

  40. JJ says:


    I don’t always make a meme,

    but when I do, I don’t use a picture.

  41. zzaw says:

    i got auto update my fifa 11 ,, now my exploit is not working .. any way to fix ..
    i have no update . :((((

  42. johan Johansson says:


  43. John Maru Quiring says:


  44. U2 says:

    I spent $30.00 on FIFA 11 but only good for PSP! I thought all the one who bought FIFA 11 & 12 will have this one last chance, don’t you think?

  45. whitest0rm says:

    when is the draw going to be? soon or like in a weeks time? :)

  46. Dominik says:

    If someone won the competition and patched his vita, can someone Share it with the other people? Would be cool if someone pm’s me to my Email lolmir//at//

  47. SOTD says:

    Hi there :) thank you for this!!!

  48. Richard Cepeda says:


  49. Jair Ivan 1 says:

    Hello c:

  50. Micha Werrij says:


  51. ricardo says:


    not sure if a joke counts, but worth a shot
    what do *** horses like to eat…?


  52. clowread says:

    hi hi!

    (>,”)> ps vita<(',-.”)> exploit <('',<)
    `(^_^)' horray!! '(°_°)`

  53. deo says:

    Hi, idk if I could win.

  54. Christian Hollifield says:


  55. Gio says:

    Let me just say, Hi there!!!

  56. awalsh053 says:

    Hi love the site

  57. Mcnolimits says:


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