How to Disassemble Vita Game Cartridges, by Yifan Lu


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  1. Nazar_Ops says:

    It is nice to see that the hackers are making some bit of progress with the VITA. And I love these articles. Dem circuits.

    I wonder if this will lead us somewhere.

  2. jake says:

    I know no one knows this probably but I ask since meh,

    But anyone know what type of format PS Vita memory sticks are in ie FAT32(ofc not but an example anyways, probably sony made their own format for their own memory sticks).

    Also what pin layout does the Vita mem stick have in common with any of the others? Is it a Micro SD, meaning it won’t be recognized physically (due to its shape it wont get in) but digitally, if someone were to *wire* the micro SD to the vita and format it, would it work?

  3. Epoke says:

    I wounder if one day we could..
    Exp : If we are able to dumb the game from a cartridge and put it back. Could we put back another game instead ?

  4. nik138 says:

    If its a NAND then yea it will allow Read RW .However if its got some sort of security to authenticate (which im sure it does Sony has learnt from its mistakes :)) Then writing back to it will just make it useless. But im sure u already knew all this .

  5. Shapeshifter says:

    Looks like the cartridges insides a poorly built (last pic) literally glued together and stuff

    • Hellbelial says:

      Not to mention that is not best than Nintendo 64 because you put the game and play,this is like a pc game,put it inside vita and “Install instead of just play?” thats ***,then why bother to get that you should better download them from store.

  6. JCseto says:

    We want HDMI tutorials!!!!

  7. Riku says:

    This is really interesting, but what I really hope is that we’ll see some progress on the memory sticks. It would be great if more companies could produce them and force sony to price them more competitively.

    Of course I don’t know much about them so I’m not sure if it’s something that’s already doable just not legal but eh

  8. Tnutbutter says:

    Can’t wait til emulators can be used on it. I wouldn’t mind having a portable n64, ps1, and ps2 and original xbox if possible. With the vita’s processing power it might work out.

  9. kinglizard says:

    I cannot wait for a native hack. It seems that the software is far from being hacked, I think that someone should attempt to make a flash card sort of cart that could play homebrew and/or backups

    But its probably unrealistic to hope.

  10. nevercall says:

    are those memorycards write protected?
    or can we copy and put back another file on it?
    if yes, how much storage each card has?
    a lot of vita games data weighs around 800MB to 4GB+…

    • shapeshifter says:

      Of course it has write protection,there was a video of a few people hooking it up to their raspberry pi and arduino boards but could not read it let alone write

      • nevercall says:

        some vita games save files are located on vita game cards…

        if what you say is true? does that mean there’s a separate storage for the save files inside that tiny card?

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