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Why isn’t there a 3.10 Vita Firmware yet?


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  1. solidsnake says:

    No. They have just finally realized that they are wasting time and energy in worrying about these things and have given up. Just like how they fought with the original psp hacks until it didn’t matter anymore.

    • Thrawn says:


      Yeah think so too, and also since the release of the PS4, the whole of sony’s tech R&D and software personnel is focused on the PS4.
      The vita is practically a finished product which won’t get much more features and lets be honest, the vita in its current form does not have to many bugs left in its firmware.
      So it is somehow understandable that their attention shifts to the vitas ,bigger ,better ,MORE SELLING and much more powerful brother, the PS4.

    • NakedFaerie says:

      No, they will fight with all they have till the very end.

      Think about it, it takes them a few weeks to patch 1 exploit. This time they have 6 to patch. The 5 games and TN-V itself.

      There is also the Vita Slim so the hardware is now 2x. They have twice as much testing to do.

      And as you said the PS4 is coming out on Japan so I doubt they will do anything till at least just before that release. Maybe the day before or the actual release date will be the earliest of a new Vita firmware.
      But as its working with current PS4s There isn’t really anything for them to do except patch the exploits which are useless really. The exploits dont harm the Vita, all it does is let it run homebrew and that can only lead to better things.
      How many jailbreak features on the iPhone were added to the official firmwares? Many.
      How many PSP homebrews were added to OFW? a few that I know of.
      There are even a few homebrew things shown in Vita firmwares so they cant say homebrew hurts its what the people want so let it happen and watch them add those features.

      $ony are always fighting a loosing battle. Look at what happened with the PS3 and OtherOS. They said they will never remove it and they did. The next thing CFW comes out and OtherOS is returned. THEIR LOSS. If they didn’t take out OtherOS to start with the PS3 would to this day be unhacked.

      • fate6 says:

        OtherOS is an excuse and the little mishap with a set of keys means it doesn’t matter if OtherOS was removed or not

        BTW how many people actually use OtherOS? enough to warrant its upkeep? The answer is no but just like always the end user only thinks abut themselves without realizing that somethings are done for a reason

        • svenn says:

          I’m not so sure, OtherOS was the reason people really started looking at it. Saying that linux doesn’t work on a machine, where it previously did. Is asking a street gang if they play still play with there batmans at evening.

          Just google around where hackers have put linux distro’s on. Even on my Kobo e-reader someone made a distro work … an e-reader.

    • Kei says:

      What a narcissistic response… As if FW updates are ONLY meant to block our measly exploits. Very self-centric indeed.

      Now let’s face it, the Vita homebrew scene is not very exciting at all. I’d say 85% of those that have Vitas already own a PSP, and those paying attention to the Vita homebrew scene already hacked the *** out of their preexisting PSP. Doing old tricks on a new machine, big deal… If anything Sony is making a penny or two off the sudden burst of PSN game sales after every patch.

      In other news, PS4 + Vita = remote play. So bring it on Sony!

    • lolwut says:

      they don’t have time to fix vita because they working on codenamed PSP3 firmware now.

  2. paul says:

    They daid big things were coming to the vita this year. They mentioned more then just vita but i think this is a sign.

    Also i bought indie bundle with atomic ninja in it. On its release in december and it still doesnt work. Wow

  3. franz says:

    well the ps4 link app is there and all are working fine tn-v and online works who wants another useless update anyway

  4. PlaGeRaN says:

    Why the rush? Besides, they could be compiling a list of possible exploitable games and patching them in v3.40 or something of that nature. Rather enjoy the exploits while you can instead of worrying

  5. Simone says:

    It would be nice to use two PSN accounts on PS Vita at the same time … …
    each time to use a secondary account on PS Vita … you have to reset the console and watch the entire video presentation …!!!

    How App:
    -An Ebook Reader
    -Facebook Chat

    On the Browser:
    – Have the features (Copy-Paste) …!!!

    Wololo .. what do you think of my suggestions …!!!

    • italkgame says:

      Actually, when switching accounts around you don’t have to watch and wait for the entire (welcome) video to finish.

      I used to switch between EU and US accounts using to memorycards. To save some time in this tedious process simply insert the memory card as soon as the video starts.
      A message will pop up telling you the system needs to restart. Press ok and presto, you just skipped the interest video.

      Mind you, I could be bad for your system to jack in the memory like this but I think the risk of breaking something is really small if there at all.

    • Epoke says:

      If you want a quicker way to do it, to skip the video presentation. Insert or pull out back in the memory card, or put-in one. A small windows will pop-up and asking to reboot, then reboot and you boot directly on the menu. That’s what i always do it’s faster.

  6. Deroad says:

    Why the heck they do not implement multi-user support?
    i want to use my JAP & EU account together.

  7. NakedFaerie says:

    Yea, multiple accounts would be the best.
    My daughter would love to play the games on the Vita on her account but as they are from my account we cant do that. And I would like to play some multiplayer games against 2 Vitas and as they are both on the same account that cant happen.

  8. theknox1992 says:

    the last exploit was a pretty penny And sony is using that as an oppurtunity to gain some mor cash, prolonging the inevitable update becuase of its temporary high peak in demand, …best sellers of the month are usually the exploited games…

    • dmaskell92 says:

      Your logic is flawed. If all Sony cared about was money, they wouldn’t have pulled a exploit title like FIFA 11.

      • theknox1992 says:

        not if they have true control over the exploits and i think they do they know their console and could probably find exploits at a more efficent rate than we can…searching through the highest costing games and “leak” the info and ultimatley exploit the exploiters…last two exploits were both expensive AND consecutive titles …coincidence isn’t considered …removing the game is probably; precaution for more exploits on the same game , standard procedure,and/or to reduce suspicion of this …”flawless victory” (round 2)

        • jake says:

          The *consecutive titles* bit was actually posted by someone here on wololo. If you find an exploit on one game, you’re more likely gonna find another one from the same developer ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Frank says:

    Full support of remote play between PS3 and Vita. If they are able to do it with PS4, why not PS3 ? ๐Ÿ™ When they released the Vita, they said it would be able to remote play PS3. I bought it because I wanted to play my PS3 games everywhere in my house. I know they are able to do it for more games… Let’s go Sony ! Do it !

    • dmaskell92 says:

      Could be due to the fact PS3 only has 512mb of ram, or that PS3 is 8 years old. Remote play sucks anyway! It seems decent in hindsight, then you notice there is input lag, and *** picture quality over the internet. Maybe it’s improved on PS4 I really don’t know. I have a hacked PS3, meaning I have a wider variety of games that can be used with remote play, and it’s frustrating more than it’s fun.

      • The PS3 does NOT have 512mb of RAM, the Vita does. The PS3 is not more powerful than the Vita in Multitasking but only in graphics comparison. The PS3 has 256mb of VRAM and 256mb of RAM. The Vita has 512mb of RAM and 128mb of VRAM.

      • fate6 says:

        Remote play on the PS4 works perfectly since the PS4 was designed with it in mind while it was added on to the PS3 for whatever reason

      • gunblade says:

        Weird so I jus tought to hook my ps3 WiFi antena to input into a network WiFi entender and route the Ethernet port to the ps3 and ps4 idk wy. If Ur ps3 hacked can’t u guys run Luther is and download steam is and well get a Nividia shield and well remote play with a Nividia shield I think the games probly be limited not sure well assassin creed black flag need like a dual core with two gigs so u might need to upgrade the ps3 ram thinks it’s ddr two though assassin creed black flags Dr3

  10. J says:

    They’re not in a hurry because they know it doesn’t matter because none of these crappy exploits do anything that affects them except play old PSP games.

  11. salvador34 says:

    if it takes too long then we need to find another exploit to our vita.

  12. Vaericke says:

    I really think Sony has given up. Actually I was actually hoping that they will not pull out fifa 11 but they did. I really think that they have shifted their focus on the PS4 scene for the moment and maybe for the rest of the years to come. I could be wrong, this is just my opinion.

  13. the pit says:

    ps vita 3.01 firmware do not have strongly support for surf internet. Many times delayed the load web pages

  14. zeek says:

    Take your time Sony!! Please update in May.. I just want Borderlands 2 and God of War collection on my Vita and then I’m good for a couple of months. xD

  15. Zik says:

    I think they’re holding off on the update until the slim hit the market. That probably when they’ll release the update.

    Once they do, bye-bye homebrews, unless someone is able to do a full update like PSP did, then I might consider staying behind, but unfortunally, Sony, like their history in their ps3, probably going to make Vita hard to hack, which meant no homebrew that will remove the unwanted apps.

  16. xXToYeDXx says:

    Me personally I would love to see an overhaul of the UI. The Smartie icons are played. I would prefer a more minimalist UI so that more system resourced can go toward running software. That’s not to say the minimalist UI should discard features, it’s just to say that existing and potentially new features don’t need “Smarties” to function. The current UI makes it a pain in the *** to check trophy data, check messages etc. Everything open up in a seperate app that has to load. I’d prefer a UI much like the PS4s where everything loads with the UI and therefore is snappy.

  17. ghack says:

    You know what i recommend to anybody to download all the games that you have on your vita (including psn games)and transfer them to your computer and also make a backup of your exploit game (you never know what can happen)so when sony releases an update and you wanna play a game thats on your download list but you dont have access to download it you already have it in your computer and the other reason i did it is so i can have more space on my memory i deleted games from my vita that i dont play that much and then i have space for more homebrews and psp games(backups) and then lets say you wanna play a game that you deleted from your vita but you dont have access to psn bamm you just transfer it from your computer

  18. NNNRT says:

    Sony are putting new ideas in the Vita firmware every time, so maybe this time they’ll wait for them to become a valuable bunch then release the new firmware.

  19. Nazar_Ops says:

    Maybe they stopped caring about the VITA? Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the reason. VITA isn’t Selling well.

    • gunblade says:

      Well since I got my vita but probly getting anahder one I still Have to get a chrome book and a android tablet with quad atom…

  20. svenn says:

    It is rather curious indeed; Fixing the bug that made the exploit possible would be trivial, once its on the open.

    Though it might be a PR thing, to let it drift for the time being; publicity about a “hack” fixed on the Vita might not be best for customer trust.

  21. jake says:

    Lol guys ๐Ÿ˜› Anyone know if it’s possible to stream your PS3 to your local network and essentially play it on your ps4 browser with no lag? (Using the PS3 or PS4 controller perhaps)

    Less clutter, I doubt PSnow will have all the games I don’t have and have the games I do have for free.

  22. ffgamerguy says:

    Sooooo does this mean one more game exploit form 3.01.

  23. lolwut says:

    i guess comment section got crazy everytime i’m here

  24. mangosteam says:

    whew i really wish they dont update unless there’s an actual new features and i can still buy the new games without worrying firmware restrictions of the game, so i really hope 3.01 remains atleast until ffx hd is release hehe

  25. gunblade says:

    Still got to get a new vita and a ps4…

  26. Chaosruler says:

    God… I beg of you…
    PS2 VC, PS2 VC, PS2 VC
    how many times I need to repeat that for it to happen? ๐Ÿ˜›

  27. mosi says:

    more controls on video player, like android mobiles. seeking and controling vol and brightness with touch screen.
    instagram app.
    a better download manager. is so basic atm.
    a better browser.

  28. Hellbelial says:

    I will love to see a better camera resolution i mean come on my mom’s phone has 1600×1200 and vita has lower res camera with bigger screen,what the ***?.And talking about exploits maybe is not worth that much,i have 3.01 like everybody else but the 3.01 exploit have many crash games on psp,silent hill origins and valkirye profile for example,just when you almost finish the damm game it crash.In VP it crash with the common error C1-2858-3 wich it pop up when you reach in some point of the game,and in SHO it crash almost at the end of the final chapter,when you solve the calendar fish puzzle,now tell me,what other games that we like will crash at the very end?.

  29. Hazer7 says:

    They are patching every last exploitable game there is-

    You guys should distribute or even advertise as many as you can.

    -I’m not a double agent.

  30. APRON-MAN says:

    THANK YOU SONY for not patching the exploits yet

  31. Chris says:

    a different interface or some newly designed icons for the homescreen would be great!
    Or maybe downloadable designs ayyeeeeeee!!

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