Heads up. God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition ships with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate link)

Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? More inFamous Screenshots& Gameplay, South Park: The Stick Of Truth Intro, And March’s PS Plus Games! (Rumour)


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. Catbug says:

    Yeah! I’m proud of my nation’s powerful butts 🙂

  2. RP says:

    Four characters on screen. Bah. Dragon Force for Saturn has battles with 202 units on screen simultaneously. Two hundred and two. That’s two commanders, one on each side; and up to two hundred soldiers, one hundred for each commander.

  3. Hazer7 says:

    There should’ve been a hands-on video with PSnow section.

    BTW I got 70

  4. mma jedi says:

    So, were those PS3 titles that beta played on Vita? Think the Vita will be able to play Ps2 games with Playstation Now also? Starting to think it’s gonna be badass for Vita only players like me…also you’ll be able to download & cloud play, yes?

  5. joshua says:

    i only had a score of 40.
    and wow 4 characyers on screen you can play 2 to 3 people on a damned graphing calculator game by now ffs… advanced my ***…

  6. Ricky D says:

    Those times listed for the Playstation Now beta tester are just plain ***. Time isn’t measured that way. It’s not measured in a base 10 system like with money. Here’s what would make more sense with the standard of minutes:seconds like the entire world uses

    Dead or Alive 5: 51.10 = 51:06
    Disgaea 4: 47.12 = 47:07
    Papo & Yo: 43.10 = 43:17
    Killzone 3: 53.49 = 53:30
    Darksiders II: 50.53 = 50:32
    MX vs. ATV: Alive: 48.15 = 48:09
    Ninja Gaiden 3: 50.89 = 50:54
    Shatter: 39.77 = 39:46
    Shadow of the Colossus: 53.98 = 54:00
    Puppeteer: 44.16 = 44:10

    Seriously, can we stop dumbing everything down or trying to give better looking results by fudging the numbers? Does the 39.77 they have listed for Shatter really look that much different than the 39 minutes 46 seconds that it actually is?

    • soulrazor says:

      what makes you think it is minutes and seconds and not seconds and mili seconds (the thing that makes sense with that representation)

      from another source :As reported by DualShockers, the loading time for each PlayStation Now game clocks in at just under a minute.

      The exact time for each of the PlayStation Now beta games are as follows:

      • Ricky D says:

        It could be nanoseconds for all it matters – time is not measured that way. It’s just a marketing ploy to make the times seem better than what they are

  7. Ricky D says:

    meh, goofed the time on Papa & Yo – shoulda been 43:06

  8. BahamutBBob says:

    Minimur, how do you do an HD remake of an already HD game like Tomb Raider? Seriously…

  9. Draven says:

    You’re aware that the EU PSN IGC is not the same as other regions, right?

    You’re aware that Wololo.net isn’t just a European website, right?

    Sloppy work this time. Very sloppy. Focus, before you post. Remember that you’re not only writing for a European audience.

    • Minimur12 says:

      I did make it clear that it’s the European only content, but I posted this because it is a rumour which has been leaked, not the official announcement. If the US lineup was leaked, I would’ve posted that, if the Chinese lineup was leaked, I would’ve posted that as well, but japanese news like that obviously doesn’t always make it over to US, if you have a website that posts japan’s gaming news, besides the shambolic Kotaku, I’d be VERY grateful!

      but anyway, I do know it’s not just an EU website, I’m in UK, Wololo lives in Japan, people form all over the world thanks to google auto-translate! 😀

      going foward, if you can suggest anything to make my weekly update seem more broad (in the sense involving every region) please let me know so I can do it 🙂

      I’m sorry if you thought it was a bit sloppy and unfocused.

  10. QBowd1087 says:

    I got 215 😀

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