New emulators for PC… [Including PS3 & Xbox 360!!]

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  1. So one day in about three years time the pc will be a all-in-one gaming machine. Nice.

    • lolwut says:

      with a lot of bugs and spec requirements LOL

    • Stranno says:

      No. PS3 emulation (i mean, real emulation) is almost impossible right now.

      The problem is the Cell architecture. Its VERY hard to emulate multiple CPUs and making them work together.

      Just take a look to DICE (not battleshit related), the discrete-logic arcade emulation project. Its requeriments are much higher than arcades 10 years ahead (10 years if no 20 years).

      You can lie yourself but there will be no PS3 emulator in near future. At least nothing playable. Nothing even like the XBOX emulators.

      • Dexter says:

        or just admit that you dont know everything? I am a computer hardware engineer major, and there is more then enough technology to emulate the cell cpu in todays line of pcs. Its not as hard as most assume if done right. And i personally doubt he plans to emulate the cell but build a decoder in the emulater that allows it to ran.

      • klepp0906 says:


    • 110706 says:

      Yea 3 years it’s alot.

      But hey if someone have a close friend, which also happens to be a multi-billion dollar millionaire sheikh, where for him a few dozens of millions is like 10$ for a normal person, then someone should ask for a few millions, gather a highly skilled developement team and start making the ultimate PS3 emulator or X360 :))

  2. Galford says:

    3 years sure is long wait for us

  3. IoKaze says:

    It’s gonna take more than the today’s latest i7 processor (or Xeon) to emulate the ps3’s Cell Processor and Xbox360’s PowerPC processor… but in three years I would probably be wrong haha

    • klepp0906 says:

      Wrooooooooong. Sigh. Let me guess, your repeating what the 15 year olds on various forums are repeating?

      Pro tip, be a leader. Don’t be a sheep. Think for yourself. Do your own research.

      Today’s pcs are very much capable. Their is already a ps3 emulator out which gets a few games “in-game” at satisfactory framerates and it’s so early and unoptimized it’s almost unfair to even mention it or call it an emulator.

      Naturally when these things launch the guys who chirped about it being impossible are the first in line to use it and never show their face again to admit how silly they sounded.

      Then again, their are people still going on about how the iphone can’t emulate the ps2 as I’m playing peacewalker with 16x af, 4x aa, 2x texture upscale, low latency audio, and 3x resolution (with Vsync on and fps capped).

      This is on a 5 not a 5S and with the 6 dropping within a month – I just /FACEPALM.

  4. Caio says:

    >implying Moore’s law will still be valid in 3 years

  5. mma_jedi says:

    Future, come forth and bestow even more cool..future stuff.

  6. nevercall says:

    so what’s the minimum requirements? 😀

    • 110706 says:

      – Intel Skylake CPU with PCI-express 4.0. (Volta could use PCIE4.0 too).
      – Volta GPU with stacked DRAM (1tb/s bandwidth) because GDDR6 wont make a big fuss this year. It’s definately end of the line for GDDR memory.
      – Probably Hybrid Memory Cube. Micron’s DDR4 ram will be the last itteration, while HMC, which is made by Micron too, will take over after DDR4 dies.

      By 2017 everything listed above should be released and some components even mature well enough.

      Guess this should be enough for PS3 and X360 emulators.

  7. nevercall says:

    why is my comment getting replied to someone elses comment? :C

  8. M says:

    By using gpu power with gpu API like Cuda and Mantel ps3 xbox 360 emulation is possible.

  9. whiteassassin97 says:

    GTA 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. zorak_torok says:

    Been a long time since I have heard emulation news for pc… heck, the big sites like and quit updating a few years back… one of which is even down now. Ecolisis is no more, chankast hardly left the ground and dolphin comptibility was that of UltraHLE. Im glad to see something stiring in that scene however I can not host 8-48gig roms for ps3 like I did with dreamcast and others…. However, if I can use my mk arcade stick again in three years i guess Ill go get some nitrogen tanks so my overclocking wont burn down my house.

  11. Sintinall says:

    As soon as I read the title, I thought to myself: Why would any straight minded PC player want a barrel bottom console game? I don’t find there to be enough console exclusives to do this and besides, PC can and usually run 4x better graphics, the games are complete (no console limitations/downgrades), and the fact that you can mod makes the idea of console seem like a joke. Now before I get labeled as a PC elitist: I own an Xbox 360 and have an extensive library of titles across many genres. I also have a nice selection for PC/Mac. I like lounging in the livingroom but the computer content is hands down superior.

    • zorak_torok says:

      You made some good points but most people I know couldnt tell you what dir /p /s super*.smc does so unless I want to play with myself (shadup) I have to conform. Having a base hardware wrap sheet does help developer get more out of less hardware for the price in the long run. That computer that runs equal to ps4 would cost you (just a guess) 1500 bucks atleast and to surpass it to that 4x mark would require monatary upgrades later down the road when deveopers are actually making use of it.

      • shapeshifter says:

        absolute *** why would the ps4 cost $400 instead of $1500 then like u suggest??
        It might have an impressive DDR5 memory but we haven’t reached the limit of DDR3 ram yet let alone DDR5
        Ok the DDR5 ram is for the gpu also but while that’s great for graphics the rest of the hardware,read the cpu/Apu whatever is essentially dumbed down with restrictions and stuff unlike its pc counterparts… To top that off ps4 runs orbis OS which is a freebsd based OS which makes it worse to port games from PCs despite its x86 “dumbed down” hardware
        So it wouldn’t be very difficult to make an emulator for linux or Unix based distros
        Xbox one on the other hand has a windows 8 based kernel and “dumbed down ” x86 hardware so it’ll be easier to make an emulator for that than the ps4

        • zorak_torok says:

          Companys take a loss on most hardware designs to get your money via prepherials, games and services. Many people bought the old ps3s to use other os because it was way cheeper than a pc for what was inside… The is military actually used this method as well, beleive it or not. Other than obvious hacking reasons, this is why it was removed….. besides, try to buy a computer with the same output and see for yourself.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      if by computer content you mean the same old multiplayer FPS, then I guess it is superior in that.

    • klepp0906 says:

      Their are tons of console exclusives that are absolutely amazing and well worth playing on the PC. Their are particular genres of games that are completely MIA on the PC because they don’t play well on the medium.
      Not to mention how bad the medium as a whole is doing. It’s seeing less and less games each year. If you don’t play RTS, FPS, or MMORPG, theirs nothing on the PC for you.

      This is coming from a major PC enthusiast :p

      And their are tons of ps3 “roms” already out there. You guys are killing me with your misinformation. They’re not called “roms” however they’re images and the root of the ps3 has long been accessed.

      You don’t host entire blurays you host the link to the tracker and use magnet/torrent/etc to download them p2p.

      Wait until the next gen disc drops, it’s going to be well over 100gb.

  12. dmaskell92 says:

    I bought a decent PC instead of PS4. Its a no brainer which has more content. Master race lmao.

  13. genr6 says:

    please update this kind of article, i dont wanna miss this historical moment hahaha

  14. BahamutBBob says:

    3 years is an awfully long time to wait. If only we had something right now that could play PS3 or 360 games, that would be dropping sharply in price very soon…


    • klepp0906 says:

      It won’t be 3 years. It wouldn’t be 3 months if their were more people working on it. The people that have the knowledge are few and those who have the knowledge AND are willing to do it for free are even fewer.

      Naturally those who fit the bill only work on it here or there in their free time so it’s slow moving. I recommend a kickstarter so some of these guys can get paid for their time and devote more time to it.

  15. TS says:

    There is one ps3 simulator that can run commercial games (however only a few). Found it on a Chinese forum and it looks pretty legit. The post basically states that their emulator is still under development, no download provided for the moment, but they expect to release it by next year. The only game which runs perfectly is God of War: Ascension; other games may have issues like A/V sync and poor frame rate.
    There are several screenshots posted, follow the link if you are interested

  16. Darktbs7 says:

    Sounds interesting, perhaps in 2 – 3 years ill have a use for all the ps3 games sitting in my shed >.<

  17. MUD says:

    Is there even a original Xbox emulator that plays Xbox games?

    I love emulator’s cant wait to see how far these go. 🙂

    • klepp0906 says:

      No. Their is, but it’s half *** so to speak. Development was stopped ages ago due to a plethora of reasons. Bad games, superior consoles/emulators etc.

      It’s not hard to find w a simple google. Turok your heart out :p

  18. AlexAltea says:

    Huh? This isn’t breaking news… Short Waves and PS3F were released two months ago. The development of Short Waves started even more than a year ago. Xenia began its development in the end of 2012, afaik.

    Btw, guessing how much time will these emulators need is just nonsense. You *can’t* simply know that, even if you are the lead programmer.

    PS: No mentions to RPCS3. 🙁

  19. Quade says:

    Am I the only person who noticed “the same person who developed the Sega Saturn emulator for PC.” ?

    Lol.. It’d be nice to know who. There’s more than one Sega Saturn emulator.

    • shapeshifter0100 says:

      There are literally thousands of console emulators for each older Gen console on pc right upto ps2(which only has two known emulators AFAIK)
      There are 3-4 emulators for ps3 and xbox none of which can run commercial games…….yet
      But by the looks of it the ps4 and xbox one will get emulators faster than prev Gen ps3 and x360
      Especially the xbox one given the fact that it essentially runs a windows kernel with added security on x86 hardware
      The ps4 runs orbis OS which is a freebsd based OS and has even more security and will be tougher to emulate coz it runs freebsd and uses DDR5 ram (tougher to emulate I guess)
      ^^correct me if I’m wrong I won’t mind :))

      • reaper527 says:

        you are making a flawed assumption that x86 means something will be emulated quicker/easier than non-x86.

        the original xbox still doesn’t have a viable emulator for it (no, cxbx isn’t a viable emulator) while the ps2 and gamecube both have relatively advanced emulators at this point (as does the much newer psp).

      • klepp0906 says:

        Wrooooooooooong . No need to correct you, google can do it for you.

  20. Mcjigger says:

    Maybe…buy a PS3

    • shapeshifter says:

      I have a ps3 along with my gaming beasts unfortunately
      My ps3 has ylod however owing to a burned out blu ray drive
      consoles suck except for the ps2,psp and ps vita

  21. Hellbelial says:

    3 years!!!? i have a ps3 already ha.

  22. shapeshifter says:

    But the ps3 and x360 were great consoles but the hardware issues were too bad
    I’m better off with my $1500 gaming laptop and accessories
    Intel i7 3630qm
    8gb ram
    4gb gddr5 graphics
    Quad booting – win 7,8 , ubuntu 12.04,elementary OS Luna
    FHD screen
    Can play skyrim maxed out 😀

    • reaper527 says:

      you are comparing a $1500 laptop to 8 year old consoles that can be had for roughly an eighth of that price (heck, you can get BOTH the consoles you mention for less than a third of that price).

  23. anon says:

    w007. cant wait to play Halo 3 and MGS4 on PC. Serve MS right for never releasing a Halo 3 PC port.

  24. psvitajunk10 says:

    @wololo Please make a tutorial how to start Xenia? I install the Visual Basic Package but it tell me again that Error “VIS10…..Tools environment variable”

  25. psvitajunk10 says:

    Its usefull to make mods for games

  26. BMW says:


  27. Doğan says:

    Console fans always said that its impossible to emulate ps3 ever. I always said it will be possible soon. Cuz I’m playing with ps2 emultor for years. I’m playing nintendo on my pc too, I’m playing all android games on my pc too.

    Of course a pc is all in game machine if you want to.

  28. Aneudi says:

    Can I use the PS3 XMB in one of those emulators to transfer PSP/PS1 games?

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