Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f is coming to North America and Europe in March!

The Z

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21 Responses

  1. Baka Hito says:

    Already got my physical copy a year ago but i might buy it again to show some support :)

  2. BahamutBBob says:

    This is great news for people who like this series!

    Unfortunately for me, I have no desire to play any of them, so I’ll have to sit here with Shahid’s indies that don’t interest me either. :(

  3. jd20dog says:

    danm and i spent $90usd to import the jap 2 years ago….
    though i wish the ps3 version would drop from $50

    also hope this dosnt go the way of most other music games in the us with really *** american music….

  4. Edzo says:

    Unfortunately I don’t need a 4th copy of the game. Should of released simultaneously with ps3.

  5. fate6 says:

    I do hope we get a physical release but if digital is it well at least its better than nothing >__<

    Still happy to see Miku outside Japan ^__^

  6. Godoka says:

    Finally, I bought my 2nd vita for this =)

  7. quicksort says:

    I wish the Limited edition Miku White ps vita came out here in Europe too :(

  8. Conjo says:

    I hope to see more beatgames on Vita

  9. Nazar_Ops says:

    Honestly I wanted to pick this game up, until I Heard that there will be no physical format for EU. So I will probably skip this.

  10. Thrawn says:

    S*it, now I almost regret selling both vitas… ;|

    I still have the project diva f cartridge lying around (nippon import).
    Well, will need to ooze the pain with a round of Project diva F on my ps3. :)

  11. asd says:

    vita so less greatgame almost form ps2 and 3

  12. Godoka says:

    have you played the game? it is quite addicting. And his English seems to be better then yours. Also why would he need to speak English if this is a Japanese game?

  13. sch says:

    … uh… says someone so much more profoundly useless that he resorts to faceless trolling on the internet…

  14. The Z says:

    You sound upset, mate ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  15. chris-miller says:

    no, its not but i’ll let you enjoy the d*ckriding though.
    btw, i wasnt complaining about the game itself.

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